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Finding Peace In The Spiritual Marketplace

Spirituality & Health | December 2005

How do committed healers and teachers keep their intentions pure?

It’s my effort and my goal to live as close to God realization as I possibly can—oneness. To have conflict, you need two-ness. You need two people, two ideas, two things that go up against each other. I don’t go up against anyone or anything. I feel very connected to the Source from which I emanated—a source of endless perfect abundance. I just never got separated from it, so I’ve always known that I am that, and it is me. This is something that’s with me wherever I go because I never doubt it. Thinking in terms of conflict or being conflicted about the abundance that has come into my life is just not a concern of mine.

I don’t believe that I am famous, because fame isn’t located in me. Fame is located in other people. Fame is a component of the ego. The ego says, “I am what I have; I am what I do; I am what others think of me.” I try to live in a spiritual consciousness, which says that who I am is a divine creation of the Source that lives as a divine creation of Source. When you stay in that awareness, then you create what I call the power of intention. You create the ability to be just like God. We came from love. We came from kindness. We came from joy. We came from perfect abundance. If you see yourself that way, then you’ll attract that into your life. If you see yourself needing to have other people love you and care for you or buy your books or whatever, then you’ll attract lacks, shortages, and needs into your life, and I don’t have any lacks or shortages or needs. If people only knew who or what is with them, in them, beside them all the time, they would never worry about anything.

Reprinted with permission