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Praise For I Can See Clearly Now


For many years, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer‘s fans have wondered when he would write a memoir. After four decades as a teacher of self-empowerment and as the best-selling author of more than 40 books, Wayne at last created I Can See Clearly Now, the remarkable story of his life’s quantum moments and what they have taught him. Readers responded with joyful enthusiasm to the idea that life’s turning points and toughest moments can be used as catalysts for spiritual growth. Below are some press articles featuring I Can See Clearly Now:

Kirkus Reviews MagazineIssue: Jan. 1st, 2014. I Can See Clearly Now – A self-help guru’s reflections on how he became who he is.

Quote: “The author’s reflections on the twists and turns of his authentic life reveal the power inherent in each of us to have the same joyful existence.”

ORIGIN Magazine –  December 31, 2013. An Elephant Never Forgets

An Elephant Never Forgets

New Connexion Magazine –  March/April 2014. Seeing Clearly: You Have a Purpose in Life

Whole Living Journal –  Jan/Feb 2014. Divine Intervention by Tara L. Robinson


Whole Living Journal - Jan-Feb 2014