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2016 Hay House World Summit

May 7, 2016 - May 26, 2016 Online
May 7, 2016 - May 26, 2016

Join us for 20 days and enjoy 100 lessons and 16 feature-length films to help you along the path to your best life.

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This year marks the fourth annual celebration of the best listening experience you could wish for—an array of choices and all of it available completely free. You’ll be able to enjoy 20 days and 100 lessons to help you along the path to your best life. Sit back and get ready to open your heart and mind to the most amazing collection of interviews and conversations yet with some of the most inspiring authors, thinkers, shamans, and pathfinders on the planet today.

The new 2016 World Summit will have wonderful interviews on a variety of topics, including healthy eating habits from the lovely Joy Bauer and manifesting motivation from Brendon Burchard. Wayne always loved listening to the inspiring story of unconditional faith from the amazing Immaculée Ilibagiza, and to the heartfelt humor of his dear friend Dr. Christiane Northrup, including her sound advice on living and feeling younger every year.



There are no accidents, and as you choose among the rich variety of lessons from the world’s most loving teachers, trust that each message you need to hear will show up just in time. These wonderful messages will help you open your mind to an array of possibilities in your life. Of the 29 years I’ve been with Hay House, I have discovered much about unconditional love and infinite miracles created around Divine love. This event will offer many opportunities to soak up the knowledge and experience from these amazing authors and speakers.

One of Wayne’s favorite parts of the summit was the multiple inspiring and uplifting movies—some new ones and some old favorites. We’ll be showing his wonderful film The Shift, with its message of being true to your dharma, your passion, your Divine purpose. Another movie that has great meaning is My Greatest Teacher, the dramatization of his life-changing experience looking for and ultimately forgiving, his long-lost father. Those are only two selections of the many truly enjoyable and enlightening films included in this year’s Hay House World Summit.

The guidance, inspiration, and insights packed into these 20 days of the Hay House World Summit will amaze and delight you. It’s a chance to enter the hearts and minds of some of today’s most admired teachers and find out how they discovered the miraculous Divine connection in their own lives. I hope you’ll be joining us!

Wishing you the Best,
Reid Tracy

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Marianne Williamson
Wisdom from a Course in Miracles
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Deepak Chopra
Who Am I?
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Brian Weiss
Meditation, Past Lives and Relaxation
Meditation and Mindfulness
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2016 Hay House World Summit

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