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Best of Hay House 2013 World Summit – Dr. Wayne Dyer and Reid Tracy Interview

I Can See Clearly Now: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in conversation with Reid Tracy

Best of Hay House World Summit 2013

Oct 12–18, 2013

Enjoy this special bonus video as a sneak-peek of the powerful transformative discussions you’ll find at the Hay House World Summit

Longtime fans of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer have often heard him refer to how he and Hay House President and CEO Reid Tracy speak on the phone almost every day.

For the first time, you can listen in as they discuss a wide range of subjects, including a sneak preview of some of the stories from Dr. Dyer’s NYT Bestselling book I Can See Clearly Now. Sharing the concepts of “listening to your excitement” and learning to listen to the higher part of yourself and allow it to guide you to manifesting the life you are destined to lead, Dr. Dyer gives insight into the unseen forces that have affected his life.

Dr. Dyer shares his views on the importance of having a secret garden—a place where you can go to get away from whatever you’re doing in order to gain perspective and calm—and how we all have more than the physical body we inhabit. We all share a divine and invisible intelligence. No matter what’s happening in our lives, we’re being divinely guided.

If you’re ready to align yourself with your highest calling and manifest the life you desire, this interview will give you the tools to guide your journey.