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Who Is John of God?

There is an extraordinary gentleman on the planet by the name of John of God. I recently had the most amazing experience with him. I sought his help for a second time for my excruciating neck pain that first arose just before the taping of my newest Public Television special, I Can See Clearly Now.

This healing took place remotely while John of God was at his home base in Brazil and I was in my hotel room in Carlsbad.

My friend Reid Tracy came to visit me just after my “spiritual surgery.” He was astonished to find a large scar on the back of my neck. Two weeks later, the scar was gone.

One of the things I admire about John of God is his simple message: “I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in His infinite goodness permits the entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s Divine hands.”

I have come to a place in my life where I have a mind that is open to everything. I invite you to experience this man’s work through my own personal story below:

Who is John of God?

It is the spring of 2011, and I have lived with my diagnosis of cancer — leukemia — for almost two years. I have been a patient of two oncologists and getting my blood tested for my white blood count on a regular basis. I’ve been following the eating protocol outlined and monitored by my friend Pam McDonald, who is a practicing nurse-practitioner and an expert on alternative medicine. I have stayed away from Bikram hot yoga for the past year on the advice of my medical doctors. I’ve been practicing the Excuses Begone! paradigm on a daily basis, and I’e included my diagnosis of leukemia in my lectures as an example of how I’m dealing with this situation in my body. ABC World News picked up on this story and aired a national segment on my leukemia diagnosis that ran on the day after Thanksgiving last year.

I hear from Dr. Rayna Piskova, an eye surgeon who has a practice in Madera, California. She tells me, “I am making a second trip to Brazil to see John of God. I would very much like you to come as well, I can’t emphasize enough how important I feel this is for you.” A man who goes by the name John of God has been treating people for over 40 years in Abadiania, Brazil. Millions of people from all over the world have come to this small village to receive treatment from this simple man whose surgeries are done by entities who enter his body.

Preparing for Treatment from John of God

I plan to join Rayna on her trip, but decide not to because of my looming writing deadlines. Yet she is on a mission for my healing and makes intricate arrangements for me to have a remote healing experience. She tells me that she is almost possessed, so certain is she of my need to experience the Divine healing offered only by this one man in the tiny town of Abadania. Via FedEx, she forwards blessed herbs and blessed water along with instructions for me. She instructs me to take the herbs, dress all in white, and have my photo taken from four different angles for John of God to see.

After e-mailing the photos, I’m told that the surgery is to be conducted on the evening of April 21, 2011—which happens to be the date of my mother’s 95th birthday. I go to bed as instructed at ten o’clock Wednesday night, sleep in all white clothing, drink the blessed water, and meditate peacefully.

“I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in His infinite goodness permits the entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s Divine hands.”

The Day After My Surgery

In the morning I awake to a phone call from Rayna, who’s also having surgery simultaneously with John of God in Abadiania. She informs me that I need to go back to bed and sleep for the next 24 hours, and treat this remote healing the same way as if I’d just had my gallbladder removed by a local surgeon. I hear Rayna’s pleadings to me—however, I do not listen. I feel fine and have no memory of anything taking place during the night. I decide that I am going to go for my normal 90-minute walk, and perhaps the entities were unable to locate me for any kind of healing because John of God was in Brazil with a seven-hour time differential. I walk out the door but get no more than 500 yards before I collapse!

I need the assistance of two of my children to get back to my bedroom. They help me back into bed and that is where I stay, sleeping for the next 24 hours—just as Rayna had instructed. I am fatigued and feel exceptionally weak. As the days pass I take on flulike symptoms, cough up phlegm, and am only able to eat a bit of soup. This is my condition for a full week. No exercise, no swimming, no walking—simply detoxing from something invisible that I do not understand.

My Follow-up Treatment One Week Later

Rayna tells me by telephone that on Thursday, April 28, precisely one week from the remote surgery, I am to go through another remote procedure called the removal of the sutures. There are no sutures, of course, and there wouldn’t be any for a healing of a blood cancer. Wednesday night, April 27, at 11:00 p.m. (6:00 a.m. on April 28 in Brazil) I take my designated blessed herbs and drink the water blessed by John of God, and I go to bed clothed in white. I am weak and a bit emaciated from not having eaten any solid food and being quite sick for the past week. I awaken the next morning feeling very different than I have ever felt before.

The first thing I discover is that my brand-new wristwatch has stopped functioning. This is strange because this is a precision instrument that’s guaranteed not to malfunction or ever lose time. I walk out of the bedroom to greet my son and daughter and am overwhelmed by feeling profound unconditional love for both of them. I reach out to hug them both and tell them how much I truly love them. Sands and Serena ask me, “Dad, have you been doing drugs? You have no pupils in your eyes, and your left eye appears to be scratched.”

I feel like I am pure love. My plants are pure love. The ocean is calling me to come swim in this liquid love potion. My children look like angels to me. I feel strong, hungry, and totally blissed out. I have no idea what took place in my bedroom last night; all I know for certain is that the world and everyone in it feels very different from anything I have ever experienced before.

I am in a state of ecstasy every day now since my “suture removal” experience several days ago. An annoying piece of litigation disappears, and all I feel for this seeming adversary is love. I walk and swim with renewed energy, a heightened sense of empowerment that I have never felt before in my entire life—and especially since the leukemia diagnosis almost two years ago.

A Week After My Surgery: My 71st Birthday

A little over a week passes, and it is May 10, 2011—my 71st birthday. I am in San Francisco to finish filming a movie titled My Greatest Teacher, which is about how I found my father’s grave site in Biloxi, Mississippi, and was able to communicate with and forgive him. I am in my hotel suite, sitting on the bed meditating in the early morning hours. Suddenly I’m overcome with a very strong sensation that I need to be an instrument of an outpouring of unconditional love.

I take a wad of $50 bills and head out of the St. Francis Hotel, and spend the better part of my birthday passing out love and money to homeless people. I give passionate hugs and listen attentively to men with no teeth who are as grubby as you can imagine. I reach out to little ladies who are inspecting trash containers in Union Square for the possibility of a prize in the form of an empty soda can or a discarded plastic water bottle. I don’t notice the filth; I see only the unfolding of God in these vacant eyes. And I am so in love with everyone I touch. I pass out all of the money and return to my hotel room and sit on my bed sobbing in gratitude for what I have been able to experience today. This is the most memorable birthday in my 71 years.

Twenty days have passed since the removal of the invisible sutures, and it’s now May 18. I am sitting in my meditation chair and hear a distinct inner voice say to me, Do not go for a walk today. You can now do yoga. I am visibly shocked. I have avoided this hot yoga practice under the advice of several medical experts for almost a year. I immediately get up and drive to my yoga studio on Maui and complete the 90-minute session, doing both sets on each and every asana. I’m a bit rusty, but thrilled to my inner core at being able to do what I love so much—90 minutes of intense exercise.

I am living my excitement and imbued with the energy of Divine love.

I Can See Clearly Now

As I reexamine the miraculous events that led to my healing with John of God and the entities that work through him, I can now see clearly a seminal truth. When we shift our energies to live from our original nature, and practice the four cardinal virtues outlined by Lao-tzu, which include: (1) reverence for all life, (2) natural sincerity, (3) gentleness, and (4) supportiveness, we align with our one Source of being and receive universal cooperation. These four virtues aren’t external dogma—they are part of our original nature.

I can see clearly now that my experience with John of God and the miraculous results that followed these strange happenings were all a function of my shifting to a more God-realized place in my life. The familiar message from the New Testament is, “With God, all things are possible.” That leaves nothing out, including healing an incurable disease.

Dr. Rayna Piskova’s insistence that I have an encounter with the entities via John of God was indeed a Divine intervention. It was connected to my adherence to the four cardinal virtues when I made the shift to living more and more from an Excuses Begone! perspective. I can see quite clearly that the presence of this leukemia was an opportunity for me to be able to teach, via my own example, how to live from a place of no excuses and Divine love.

Five months after my remote healing experience and the vitality I recaptured from the remote spiritual surgery, I was invited to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, to attend a four-day gathering where John of God was appearing in person. Some 1,500 people a day, dressed only in white, filed past him, and the entities performed various kinds of spiritual surgeries.

I was placed in the line with all the others, without any special priorities of any kind. As I stopped in front of this man of God from Brazil, I was only one individual in a long line of people. He looked up at me and said in Portuguese, “You are well,” three words that flooded me with tears of gratitude and deep emotion. Later, I sat in what’s called “the current room” at the invitation of John of God, and drank in the loving energy that permeated the entire conference center.

I have long held the belief taught in A Course in Miracles that there are really only two emotions—fear and love. When we are in fear, there is no room for love; when we’re in love, there is no room for fear. As I look back with a clearer sense at the experience I had the morning after the suture removal, it is patently obvious to me that those Divine healing entities placed a kind of enchanting love inside my consciousness, and by doing so there was no more room for fear. Never before had I known the feeling of love for everyone and everything that so drenched my entire being. Just the word leukemia is so loaded with foreboding that I must have internalized some of the disquietude associated with the idea of having cancer cells streaming through my blood.

I have always affirmed that I am a teacher, and this experience, along with so many other wondrous events, was given to me to use as an example to serve and support others. I no longer say, “I have leukemia,” which I said routinely during the earlier days of my diagnosis. Instead, I begin each day with the statement that the entities spoke to me as I stood before John of God: “I am well. In fact, I am in perfect health.”

The Sufis tell us that when we walk in the garden and step on a thorn, we must always remember to say thank you. For the thorn of leukemia that brought me closer to my own I am presence, and to the one Divine all-knowing mind of God, I offer a heartfelt thank you, thank you, thank you!

Update: Sept 9, 2015 > Wayne Dyer Official Cause of Death

We just received the coroner's report of Wayne's death and the report indicated that he did not have a trace of leukemia…

Posted by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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