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5 Astounding Recollections Of Heaven From Children

Editor’s Note: We are all deeply saddened by the passing of Dr.Wayne Dyer on August 30th, 2015. Below is an excerpt from Wayne’s most recent book, Memories of Heaven, which illustrates perfectly his belief in far more than just this earthly experience.

I have enjoyed a lifetime love affair with children, particularly newborns, infants, and toddlers. If a baby is in the room, it’s almost as if there is a magnetic connection that draws my attention and I must make contact. Being the father of eight children, I have spent countless hours simply gazing into the eyes of a brand-new arrival into our family. In these private moments, I often send silent inquisitive messages asking them to tell me about God and what the formless spiritual world is like. I have passed many, many hours of my life lying on the floor making direct contact with our new arrivals. I’ve long been fascinated by the fact that children just show up here with personality traits. I love to ask little toddlers who are only beginning to communicate with language to tell me what they remember.

I have asked adults from all walks of life to share the wisdom of their little ones, and I have included many of my own experiences with my children’s recollections in my new book, Memories of Heaven. I am more than convinced that there is much more to our lives than the few short years we are allotted here on Earth. And our young boys and girls are the ones who can offer us a glimpse into the unfathomable, infinite, invisible world that is for all of us to discover. After all, they haven’t had much time to truly forget.

My book Memories of Heaven is divided into 8 sections which beautifully evidence the existence of Heaven, Past Lives, Choosing Parents, Angel Stories and Spiritual Connections to Our Source amongst others.

Here are just a few of the thousands of stories I received from parents whose children are very much aware that they chose them.

One night at dinner, our younger foster/adopted son(he was around four years old) started talking at great length about his life “in the stars” and how he had all these brothers and sisters who lived there. He said he’d seen my husband and me from there and tried to get our attention many times but we never could see him, so he decided to be born through his mom so we could find him.

My husband and I were floored to say the least. I’d had a few miscarriages after my first son, so once my younger son told us what he’d seen, I knew his soul had been trying to come in through me even though my body was not able to do it.

– Melissa Held-Wegner
Longmont, Colorado

My son was around age four when we were playing our game of “I love you more because…”
I told him, “I love you more because…I love you beyond infinity, around the moon two times, around Mars, and touching every star on the way back to you.” Pretty great answer, right? I had him beat. Or at least I thought I did.

Very seriously, my son placed his hands on either side of my face, locked his crystal blue eyes with mine, and said, “Mommy! I love you more because I picked you while I was in heaven.”
Needless to say, he won the game.

– Shari Rightmer
Taft, California

At the age of five, my younger son announced out of the blue that he had chosen my wife and me to be his parents. Intrigued, my wife asked how he had done this. He matter-of-factly stated that while he was in heaven before he was born, he had been allowed to go through one door to pick his parents, and through another door to select his brothers and sisters. We were not churchgoers, and have no knowledge of his having obtained this idea from any external source.

– Robert J. Rinne
Orthez, France

My son constantly talks about how excited he was as a baby in my belly, waiting for me; how scared he was to come out; and how happy he was to finally see my face. I always thought he was being creative.

He had hearing problems as a child, which were remedied with a surgery. When he came out of the anesthesia, I sang to him. He grabbed my face, eyes wide, and said, “Mommy! Your voice is so beautiful! This was the voice I chose!” Again, I thought he was just telling stories, Hearing other people share their experiences makes me think there was more going on than I thought, though.

– Erin Michelle Threlfall
Brooklyn, New York

When my daughter was about three years old, she mentioned in a conversation that she liked it when she was in heaven! I was a little sad that day because she had told me that she wished her daddy was home with us, like other children (we got divorced when she was a newborn).

Then she said, “But that’s okay, because I knew it would be like this.”
I asked her what she meant by that, and she answered, “Mommy, when I was in heaven, I picked you. And I knew we were going to be alone, so that’s okay. Don’t worry, Mommy, I love you so much.” That was so amazing for me to hear.

– Elsie Farfan
Henderson, Nevada

Have a conversation with your children and ask them why they would have chosen you if they had that opportunity even before they were born. These kinds of questions can stimulate fascinating and compelling discussions that could lead to improving your relationship with your children, regardless of their current age. If you are the parent of a toddler, I encourage you to be open to anything that your child might say, particularly if they offer any clues that they remember being on the parental-selection committee while still residing exclusively in the world of Spirit.
I would encourage you to examine what possible motive you might have had in picking your own parents as well. At one time in my life I couldn’t have imagined why I would had picked my own father, a man who abandoned me as an infant, and who was an irresponsible drunkard who spent a great deal of time chasing women, stealing, and being incarcerated. I spent a great deal of my life searching for this man with a heart filled with anger and even rage.

However, it was at his gravesite ten years after his passing that I began to understand why I ultimately came to address my father as “my greatest teacher.” It was in forgiving him and overcoming my inner fury that I was able to align with my true calling. Perhaps, just perhaps, I picked my father in order to experience the healing power of love, and to become a teacher of higher consciousness, which includes forgiveness as a major tenet.


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