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A Simple Experiment

There is no greater power in heaven or on earth than pure, unconditional love.  The nature of the God force, the unseen intelligence in all things, which causes the material world and is the center of both the spiritual and physical plane, is best described as pure, unconditional love. This God force is the oversoul to which we are always connected because we are localized extensions of that force.

I suggest you embark on an experiment in which you practice only unconditional love for several days. Vow to yourself that you will only allow unconditional loving thoughts to emanate from your consciousness. Make an intense proclamation to live unconditional love. During this time, refuse to have judgmental or critical thoughts. In your quiet time, think only peace and love. In all of your relationships, think and act in only loving ways. Extend loving thoughts and energy wherever and whenever you encounter anyone or anything. Become unconditional love for this period of time.

By pouring love into your immediate environment and practicing gentleness in all of your thoughts, words, and actions, your immediate circle of friends will begin responding in a whole new way. This act becomes expansive very quickly and you can radiate this love to your whole community. You become detached and loving toward all. You are not loving the hostile acts of others, but you are loving the spirit that is blocked in those who are harmful and unloving. When you can live this way and reject all thoughts and actions that are not of an unconditionally loving nature, you will experience the essence of your spirit and discover how to overcome limitations in your life.

What can you expect as you practice a few days of being total unconditional love? If all of your meditations are devoted to love, and if you pour love into every single situation and every single person you meet, and beyond that to everyone on the planet and to the infinity of the universe, you will feel yourself becoming a different person. You will sleep more soundly. You will feel at peace virtually all of the time. Your relationships will be more deeply spiritual. You will begin recognizing the “coincidences” of your life with greater regularity. Your thought forms of unconditional love will begin to produce what you desire without your even being aware of how it is happening. Your dreams will be more intense, and the vision of your purpose will become clearer.

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Natalia says:

This is the greatest experimen ever! The more love I feel inside the more of it I emanate around changing my own life and being of everything around me. I’d love to translate it for Russians (of course with the link).

Kelvin says:

Those saying “I am using this technique…” will enjoy the experience because they used words that brought their intention into the present…which is where life happens…

Kelvin says:

I know who will find success and truth in this experiment and those who will struggle…those who state: “I will try this….” will find it hard as their intention through their words is that it is something still to be done…

Rajasekhar says:

Thanks Dear Wayne. These words have filled my heart with peace. I will strive to do what you say

Victoria A. says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for this simple, yet profound reminder to be love. When I practice being love and send love to everything and everyone, I feel elated. It is a great feeling, and people seem to respond to me in a very different way.
Thank you again for everything you do.
Much love.

saanika says:

You have touched my soul in so many ways. I now consciously replace judging thoughts with sending love to that person.I want everyone I see, touch or come in contact with today to get a positive gift. I have a blog where I try to help people by sharing what I have learned from teachers like you.

James says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for all you do. I want to go to Tampa I Can Do It, just deciding between going for whole weekend or just friday. Thanks again.

Jan Johnsen says:

such a powerful message…I create gardens and fill them with love…of course, the plants are already doing that but I add the human kind into the mix. Serenity in the Garden.

Marijana says:

Dr. Dyer, just want to wish you a nice trip to Europe. I am moving in July to Croatia.(back to my roots was born in Siroki Brijeg, close to Medjugorije) thanks to your work, I am holding on strongly to my vision of a happy life closer to my family. I

My love and prayers to you,

Jan says:

After reading Dr. Dyers’ books for many years and practicing, as best I can, the principles he recommends, II have made my motto in life to “DO EVERYTHING WITH LOVE.”

Birgitte says:

Thank you for the reminder and inspiration. As always I experience devine timing when I read your words. Lots of love from me to you.

Ximena says:

I’m going to do it, I promise you. Thanks Wayne.

Kenneth says:

Judgment of others closes doors and causes the judgment to be blown back into our faces. Non judgment opens doors and invites understanding and acceptance. Non judgment is a large component of unconditional love. Thank you, Wayne, for all you do.

Mitchell says:

Thanks Wayne. I gave this experiment a try. It worked pretty well. My dreams are more intense, more memorable, and I do feel more peaceful. I also found that when not judging people, especially in the midst of conversation, the conversations are all enjoyable, even the ones that seem to be annoying. Thanks for the guidance, I will keep it up.

franchesca says:

I find it so hard to bring the right thoughts to my mind when my emotions take place being unloved and in a need for this love from a man, from need to be in a healthy caring relationship , dating falling in love too fast in the worng man having so much pain in my heart i cant take this pain any more.

Kim says:

I seem to forget and then I am gently reminded that there are no accidents. The timing of reading this blog “A Simple Exeperiment” is perfect. Thank you for providing possibly one of the most important mesages I may have received.

Ali Mohsenian says:

Whole word is created by LOVE. So human being as a small part of nature is created by love too. If we want to act in loving ways we should first deny ourselves because a person who is not in love always thinks about his benefits. As Juliet said to Romeo “deny your name”

Ali Mohsenian says:

Dear Dr, Wayne
Thank you indeed for your wonderful post.
Saadi, one of our celestial poets said, “I am glad from whole word because whole word is glad from GOD, I love whole word because whole word is from God”.

bridget says:

This is an area in my life that needs major work, that’s for sure. I find myself frustrated when practicing exercises like this one. But, I am determined to continue to heal my life and become who I want to be. Thank you for your devotion to helping people heal and live more fulfilling and purposeful lives! Your words truly are inspiring.

Xiomara says:

In this thought I live: GOD IS LOVE, LOVE IS GOD, LOVE IS ME, LOVE IS YOU. It’s good to hear that I’m in the right track. Thanks.

Lane Mayhew says:

Thank you for your blog articles: “Seek the light” in 2009; and “Being Peace”, “A Simple Experiment,” and “Forgive Yourself,” which I read tonight. It has been a long year and a half. I am glad I am back in touch. It feels like a warm, soothing shower that’s running deep within me.

Penny says:

Simple, I love it. You’re a darling ;D

Karin says:

Instead of asking for this and that (the material stuff), I now just ask to be an instrument of divine love and to show me the way. It is true that when you focus on this other divine treasures are sure to follow: one of them is contentment. Ah… God gives us so much, so many gifts we have already. Love to all…..

Lauren says:

Thank you once again for your amazing words. I look forward to meeting you in the future and to continue to learn to become more loving. Sending you much love & hugs 🙂

PeaceLover says:

A fabulous reminder.Thank you.I do my best to keep awareness on unconditional love but sometimes I slip into unconscious realms and forget.Also, I want to practice unconditional love for myself too.I started to use the affirmation”I honour the Divinity that resides within me” “I honour the Divinity that resides within you” worldpeaceisinevitable.

Jussi says:

Thank you for your article Wayne! I am ready try. I’ll try to love everybody and everything uncondinationally, first for one week. I’ll tell you what happened.

Rev. Joseph Wadas says:

I encountered an angry customer at a restaurant who was berating a worker. The worker apologized profusely to no avail. The angry woman wanted to stay angry and was surrounded by negative energy. I inserted love and peace into the situation, the negative energy immediately dissipated. Unconditional love is the love from our Source. Namaste!

Karen says:

Thank you for the help in realizing my true vision and purpose in life.. Hugs.. 🙂

Phil says:

Wow, So simple yet so hard sometimes to do consistantly. I’m marking my calendar to remind me, having my cell phone alert me, whatever it takes to emphasize this important life lesson day after day! Thanks so much Dr. D!