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Are You a Writer?

People ask me about writing all the time. How does it work? How can they get their message out to the world? On the recent Hay House I Can Do It cruise, I spoke to the Writer’s Workshop which was one of the programs given on the ship. What a great group of eager, empowered, and energetic people! I told them that it all hinges on what Abraham Maslow taught me many years ago when I was a young doctoral student. He told me to put forth what I wanted, my work, my message, and then detach from the outcome. This is true for any life work because the work itself must be what is satisfying and fulfilling for you. Writing is challenging work because it’s so easy to get consumed with how it’s going, what’s going to happen to it, who’s going to like or not like it. You want to get all of that stuff out of your head and just let the work flow. If you incarnated to be a writer, if that is your passionate calling, then you’ll be getting messages from Source, from Spirit, leading you in that direction.

If you are thinking these thoughts and being guided to write, remember that you incarnated to be a writer, not necessarily an editor. Your first job is to write and not to apply a critical eye to your work without first letting it pour forth. Writing is like anything else—the more you do it, the better you get at it, the easier it comes and the less concerned you’ll be about what’s going to happen to it, where it’s going, what it sounds like, whether it’s right. After my four decades of writing, I have a practice that works beautifully for me. I just let the ideas flow through my heart. I don’t write with a machine. I write with a pen and a paper which is what is most comfortable for me. I just let it flow, and I have a wonderful editor who’s been with me for 32 years. I let her take care of all the details.

To get started, forget the details and let your ideas come out on paper. Get your passion on the paper. Let the passion that you feel come through. You won’t be able to stop and it will be the best writing you ever did. Detach from the outcome. Forget about whether it’s going to get published, whether it’s good or not good, whether it’s the right thing. There is no right in this. Let it come; be an instrument of flow. It’s the practice that makes it work out. If you told me you had a lousy backhand in tennis, wouldn’t I tell you to go out and hit 1000 backhand shots this week? Keep doing what you love to the best of your ability. Stop judging and get out of your own way.  I always tell audiences when I talk about writing: Writing isn’t something I do, writing is something that I am. I am writing—it’s just an expression of me. Is that how it is for you?

P.S. If you

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anvesha says:

Thank you so much wayne,,

Caroline says:

Thank you Wayne, this is everything I needed. I am a writer! I now realign with my true gift. Much love and support to all who write Cxx

Jackson Dunes says:

My PUG AT THE BEACH book series came about as a direct result of a desire to encourage play as a nurturing act for myself. It’s that intention of creating from love and play which resonates with people of all ages and that’s where I am of the most use – to illustrate that we each can create our own best lives through play.

Lakshmi says:

Dr. Dyer, you’ve been the one who inspired me to write, and I named my blog, from your book. Thanx.

Neville says:

“Within his pages, he found those frequencies in the world where he loved everything and everyone in it and the fate of the page was his doing and its whiteness his rescue, and he could not help but smile at strangers who walked by his table and those were the folds in the universe where his whole body buzzed and it was not from the coffee.”

helene says:

The reminder to detach from the outcome is exactly what I needed. I began a journey away from a lucrative career to one I’m passionate about over a year ago. Frustration builds as months pass waiting for my practicum, which is out of my control. Ceasing to worry about the where or when frees me to attract the perfect practicum to me. In gratitude,

Chris Oldcorn says:

This is so true! If you are meant to be a published writer, it will fall into place.

Donna says:

Thank you. Lately I have done nothing but worry about book sales and reviews and basically drain the joy from the process. I found this post just when I needed it. So cool. Back to writing for the joy of it…

Erika says:

No matter how much I use a computer, the inspiration flows so much better with a good pen (yes, i have favorites) and paper. I go into my state of flow and I dont even know what I’m writing sometimes. Thanks Dr. You alway Rock! 🙂

Elizabeth says:

I love that you write with pen and paper! That fits somehow. Thank you for telling us this.

David says:

I’ve started writing recently. I’ve been writing about developing the Feel Good Tracker iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app. It turns out the writing has become a “Feel Good Activity” that I track!

kathy says:

30 minutes ago, I was watching your DVD, “The Shift” and I filled to overflowing with the desire to write. Tears brimmed, heart raced. Afterwards, I linked to this blog for the 1st time. First thing on the screen was, “Are You a Writer?” The question flew right into my heart, like a Cupid’s arrow and the answer was, “YES.” Namaste, Dwayne

Ray says:

Dr. Dyer, my question regarding the profession of writing is, in your opinion, when does borrowing from the works of others become plagiarism?

Esther says:

Writing a blog helped me get over perfectionism. Check it out!

Ruth says:

Sometimes with writing; always with regards to music. I love how this thought pattern is applicable to all of the arts.. I also have noticed how the familiarity of self-sabotage is so inviting. Something to change.

kathryn says:

I feel called to write, but I can, at times, get lost in the world of ego and get bogged down. Thank you for saying it is not something I do, but something I am.

Diana says:

I am a writer who Is embarking on my first journey to get It started. You have been my Inspiration since I was 17, now 52. I am praying I can get the funds together to go to the writers workshop, take the trip to Europe, or attend a seminar In CA or Hawaii & hope to actually meet you.You Inspired MY WHOLE LIFE. Bless you, you have an AMAZING SOUL!

Stacy says:

Born to be a writer and not an editor… I don’t think I realized that until just now… super AHA moment. THANK YOU Mr. Dyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dj says:

As you have done for years……..cleared my thoughts and freshened my spirit. Thank you very much.

Rev. Catherine says:

Hi Wayne! I love that you wrote this, its something I’ve been struggling with for so many years. I keep hearing Spirit whispering -WRITE. I always find solace and inspiration by what you write, so glad you are here! I was so pleased to meet you in 2008, as it was one of my wishes I manifested. It was indeed a highlight. Blessings and Namaste!

Daniella says:

You’re one of my inspirations!.’Its never too late to create a happy youth’.I went sick for 5 months now but never been so grateful, calm and so complete.Started my blog Life is a gift, it didn’t killed me but It made me stronger and therefor I’m grateful every day!Thank you, be blessed .

Dana says:

I love this man! It’s true. There are times when you just go with the flow and you get the best results and as you keep on writing, your skills will definitely improve! Thank you Dr. Dyer!
Infinite Love

Beth says:

When people ask, how did I come up with my ideas or where I get my inspiration, I simply explain that “I” am not writing. The ideas come as I write from somewhere outside of myself. I write when the Spirit is with me and do not stress when it is not. I know it will be with me again. They are my meditations and help me strive for balance!

Diana says:

You are always there when I am in need of solving any dilema. When I need somebody to help me go through any path that I want to acomplish, you Dr. Dyer are always there. These days I was debating that I need to start writing my knowledge, and judment is the first thing that stops me, and voila, here you come with this blog. I Love you :o)

richard says:

Having read many of your onederful books I now have my book being published by balboa press, goes for publishing next month. Success in my hands, Being Rich is about my transformation over a period of 5 years to find my own peace and freedom having been born with short arms.

Thank you


Cyndi says:

What a blessing! I have been writing my own blog now for about six months. I recently was asked to contribute to another blog and have been giving writing serious thought as my life’s passion. Seeing the snippet of this post on Facebook today led me to this blog entry and I am taking it as another confirmation – I am a writer.

Donna says:

Amazing! I recently realized that I was born to write and I came across this blog “accidenty”. My dear friend has agreed to let me record her stories of when she use to breed champion horses. I am very excited about my new journey. Thank you.
~ Donna Marie

Jennifer Swan Hopkins says:

Sweet, affirming post revealed to me after just seeking insight. I am, and have always been, Writing. It is my most pure essence, round and whole. I’ve sometimes thought that I am a channel, words simply flow. I’m in the middle of your Excuses dvd’s right now. Love them, and you. Thanks for sharing your many gifts with us! Blessings, Jennifer

Pat says:

I have always wanted to be a writer. I do find that I get in my own way. I am a perfectionist so my writing to me has to be perfect. One time, I just wrote. When I read back what I had written to my surprise it was almost exactly perfect. I kind of “lost” it and did not continue with but if I every am able to do it again, I willl have a book!

Kirsten says:

Beautifully said — and a wonderful and timely reminder! Thank you Wayne for your ever flowing wisdom. I am a Writer because I feel most connected to Source when I have pen to paper. I write from the Heart every time, knowing that I am a conduit for Spirit and Source to shine through….I appreciate your reminder to let go of the outcome. 🙂

Sean says:

I was a little about writing… then I started a video podcast on Spirituality and Inner Peace.

It just passed Eckhart Tolle’s video podcast to now be the #1 video podcast in ‘Spirituality’ on iTunes. It’s called I AM Spirituality.

But I still have to write the script. 😉

Deborah says:

I was just thinking of what to write about- It wasn’t a coincidence that I was led to your blog about writing! I used to say touch the brush to the canvas-the painting paints itself, in this case put the pencil to the paper- the words write themselves.Blessings…

Sandra says:

Dr. Dyer’s article offers one of the best advice not just to writing but to just about anything in which we are engaged in life. I am glad to know that Dr. Dyer did not offer a set format to writing but instead allowing the Universal Intelligence to work us which is what I did when I wrote my first book.

Joshua says:

I’ve often thought that “writers’ block” is the result of ones obsessive meddling.

Donna says:

The best writing that is ever done, doesn’t have to be published. Writing a thank you note to a friend or a letter of encouragement to someone going through tough times may be the best use of one’s writing skills. ~ Donna

Midge says:

I read your book Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, my life has improved dramatically! Recently I published my FIRST children’s book! I’d love for you to see the book…. check me out I want proceeds of this book to help us realize a no kill animal shelter in my community.

LINDA Amato says:

At 59 years of age I self-published Making Believers “connect to the Light within…” I am thankful for all Hay House Authors for their guidance.

LINDA Amato says:

I can proudly say I am a writer. In 2003 I read You Can Heal Your Life and changed my life. In 2004 I became a Reiki Master, in 2005 a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and in 2010 a self-published author of Making Believers “connect to the Light …”. I thank all Hay House Authors for being my guides on this amazing journey.

Christian says:

I have written a children’s book that was inspired by listening to Dr. Dyer. My dream is that he one day might read it. I am enjoying the beginning process of creating query letters for literary agents. Thank you Dr. Dyer for the inspiring words!

Glenn says:

I raced in the Iditarod in 2006. If could do that I can do whatever I set my mind to. But money and time were barriers to living my dreams.My book is how I made a milliondollars and finsihed last in the Iditarod. I’m at 893,000 dollars now so It’s time to get going on the book. Thanks.

Patricia Rodriguez says:

Dr Dyer,
I think I’m begining to feel the “shift”. It took me so long to understand what were you talking about…and tonight, just like that, it’s happening!
I’ve spent the past 10 years worrying about money, bills, the future…that I forgot how to be happy.
I want to enjoy life again…and money is not the answer.

Damien Foran (in Ireland) says:

Amazing timing – I have just started to write about my own experiments with Growth. Very inspirational article – very powerful as always! I have 3 questions I would love to ask you – to get your answers would be very powerful. How can I contact you to ask you these questions – can you email me?

Uaris says:

I have started writing just recently and earlier I couldn’t imagine I would have a passion for that. My life has changed since I started on-line meditation with Indian guru last September. I started writing then and it is beautiful when you just write about who you are now and how you are experiencing the present moment of life.

Teresa says:

My fear of what people will think has kept me from just writing for the love of it. It blocks my creativity. I have participated in NANOWRIMO for years, but never complete it because I get so bogged down on making it perfect instead of just writing like they say to. I need to just go for it and write from my heart. Thank you!

Dustin says:

I have never considered myself a writer but it has been something I wanted to do for a long time, especially lately. Reading this article at this time confirms to me that I can do it. Thanks Dr Dyer!

Lara says:

thank you, thank you so much, i am more inspired than ever, Love to you. oxox

Normand says:

Am I a writer ? Never tought one moment that I would be one. Went through a lot in my life and with your help, your books, it finally cliked. Trying to live my life connected to the Source meditating and reading every morning. Now,I have this idea that pops into my head for a book. I feel I’m guided and going forward with the project Thank you.

Shilpi says:

As I look around for publishing options – sometimes i naturally feel attached to outcome. I know that the right person is going to do the job —however the burden of why its not happened so far, why not effortlessly continues to haunt me.

If you are reading this, I would appreciate a response 🙂

T.D. says:

WOW! Absolutely amazing! Once again, Dr. Dyer, I am inspired by your words. This latest blogpost spoke to my
soul. I am writing my first novel and had become distracted, as you stated, with editing my writing. What a jolt this post was. I have stopped being an editor and am focusing on who I am, a writer. God bless.
~ Tim ~

Sunil says:

I recently wrote a book myself and really got consumed with how it’s going, what’s going to happen to it, who’s going to like it or not like it. However, your inspiring message has come at the right time giving me hope and inspiring me again to continue to do what I love to do. Thank you, Dr. Dyer

Nancy says:

I so love and am inspired by your thoughts – it’s funny I did a blog radio show last week Heart and Soul and I said that I write hand to pen and on paper – I always write my blogs from my heart and it you are so right it does flow and flows like life itself….
In love and light to you,

Debbie says:

Wonderful words of wisdom as always. Thank you so much for the information in this blog. Take care.

joann says:

Something I tell myself when I write…. for just myself.
MY writing is my strength and my words are my power to change my world.

richard says:

First of all thank you for writing such inspiring books. Change your thoughts, change your life. How true. I am now writing my own book. A journey of my own transformation to find my own peace and freedom and loving myself just as I am. The more I surrender I feel more at one with everything. Thank you 🙂

Monica says:

You have inspired me. But I don’t want to be a writer, I want to be an editor! My job occasionally requires me to edit print that will be publicly distributed. I love doing it! I want to earn enough so that I could do it always. I will keep enjoying it because it will attract the opportunities and avenues for me. Thank you, Dr. Dyer.

Mary says:

Thank you – I have so much heart and soul in what I am writing about – the nature of the horse – but then get a bit hung up on duplicate phrases, punctuation, and just details. It is good to be put on back on track. Many thanks.
Mary Dixon

Ciara says:

Wow..talk about synchronicity…all day I’ve been feeling so low as I think maybe Im not good enough to be a writer after all…but I know it’s what I’m meant to do. Thank you Wayne xx

Leah says:

Wonderful words as always…I feel compelled to write every day whether it be by hand in my daily journal or on my blog leahzaccardo.blogspot.com. What you say is very true for me. I just write about whats in my heart, detach from the outcome and release it to the Universe .

Denise says:

Yes, Wayne, that’s exactly how it is for me! I love writing and I imagine that one day the blog entries I write will eventually lead to books and other written materials that bless billions of people all around the world. Thank you for sharing your insight on writing. That was very helpful and encouraging.

Anne says:

Wonderful thoughts. Letting go is an art as much of a science. Appreciate your words of wisdom and enouragement.

Miyuki says:

From the moment I heard you saying “writing isn’t something I do, writing is something that I am. I am writing – it’s just an expression of me”, I just can’t forget it. Not “doing” but “being”… Thank you so much, Dr. Dyer. Peace and Bliss for you!


Dear Dr. Dyer.
You were my most important inspiration for writing.
I wrote my book Never Mad Again that way, then I hired a publicist who turned out to be a Ghost Writer too, then she became my editor. I will be publishing this book with Amazon next month, in part thanks to you
I thank you for being my inspiration.
God Bess You
James Fontaine

Linda Wyatt says:

Thank you for your insight and igniting the spark to the love of writing. You noted that you write with pen and paper– there is an ancient connection of the hand to the brain, which is also why I always take notes and doodle as well.

pamela picard says:

Yes, writing is one of my ways of being and the way I express myself most powerfully. I am alive in my writing in a way that I don’t quite achieve speaking. I’m working on stage presence – breathing, being fully in my body, being friendly with the facts of me and at peace with my feelings. Thanks for being you!

Judi Zielke says:

Wow, awesome! THankyou for this. Just this morning I had my internal struggle about my writing and needed some support. This is just what the Dr. ordered. Pun intended, lol. Namaste Dr. Dwyer.

Stephanie Chandler says:

This is wonderful advice for writers. I am also an author of seven books and I completely agree that writing should flow. I think the challenge for most new writers is learning to tap into that flow to find your writing groove. But keep practicing and it will get easier. The satisfaction of completing a book is worth the effort!

karen says:

After starting my blog,I found that I was so wrapped up in the outcome&comments.I write because my life is pen to paper/fingers to keys.I must step back from the outcome& just write what I love,with love & practice! Just like MY backhand practice the technique&don’t watch where the shot goes, just get ready for the next one. Love – K

Tobie says:

Thank you! This is a timely reminder. I am a writer, I am writing. Yes! Those within the Creative Force are guiding me. Please visit my blog, Simple Gifts: Daily Meditations with Spirit. Namaste!

Joseph Wadas says:

We have all been so blessed with Dr. Dyer’s gift for writing. Thank you for trusting your Source, Dr. Dyer, and for letting the Source’s inspiration flow through you to others. Namaste!


I have asked myself this question often, & then I find myself digging through my 6 past journals, & my current journal. I guess I’d have to accept that I am and not judge my writing abilities too harshly. I am a creative writer. When the word come, I write; it’s that simple for me.