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Go With the Love

I had to smile at Abraham’s response to the scary rollercoaster of economic news people are facing these days. “Chill out and go to work!” It’s a great way of reminding us to take a deep breath and focus on what’s really important. Here’s something to think about: There are no times of financial crisis. It’s just the way the world is, and you always have a choice about how to react to it. Don’t listen to negative news and don’t be consumed by the worry, the fear, the anxiety, and the anger. Go within and know that you don’t need another penny to have a fulfilled and happy life. To believe that you need what you don’t have is a definition of insanity, according to my friend Byron Katie. Go within your own heart and don’t allow yourself to be brought down by the negativity.

There are only two emotions—fear and love. Go with love. Love yourself, love God, and know that you have within you the capacity and the power to weather through all times, not only to weather through but to make them work for you, and to turn them around. If enough of us begin to act and believe and live this way then negativity and fear will no longer be part of our consciousness. You can live peacefully even when there is tumult around you. Just know that you have the power to weather anything.




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Terri Powell says:

I love that Abraham segment. Here’s a channeled gem from ‘The Wonders’ on How To Live Spiritually
1) Love and appreciate yourself 2) Be honest with yourself 3) Express yourself truthfully 4) Know that you are abundant 5) Remember humor 6) Don’t forget to choose. Signed God, AKA The Wonders Imagine if humanity chose to live by these!

Judith says:

I have seen life changing occurrences and have been grateful for all of them. I would like your guidance on love though, I have found my soulmate, however, obstacles have been in our path and now one is his own negative thinking. I just want to feel love always, but the hurt continues…

Pam says:

I’m glad I found this sight. I’m trying to stay connected to love during my deep grief since our son was stillborn in April. It’s so challenging these days to stay focused on love and the positive after experiencing the loss of our baby and knowing there will probably never be a child in our future to parent. I’ll keep trying.

Karin says:

Hi Wayne,
The following is a quote from the book The Wisdom of Yo Meow Ma, “When you run from what frightens you, remember that the higher you climb, the thinner the branch.” Fear does work this way. I love your Excuses Begone book, now I say and think of positive affirmations just before I sleep. It works!

Lupita Villalvazo Fallin'asleep :) says:

Hey Doctor Dyer! I did it! I’ve been listening the 1am to 1:59 am Show at
http://www.hayhouseradio.com. here in San Diego
2:12am. I visualize myself dreaming all about this country
after THE “SHIFT” we are going to realize with THE POWER OF LOVE.

Lupita Villalvazo Fallin'asleep :) says:

Here in San Diego, California 11:40pm. Trying to stay awake for listening
Dr. Dyer EXCUSES BEGONE at http://www.hayhouseradio.com 1am. Because it’s all
about GO WITH THE LOVE…then lovemyself as a Temple of Holy Spirit, I will listen
the Recorded Show tomorrow. I am a hostess of God, therefore, time to sleep.

Lupita Villalvazo says:

And the book is with Power of Intention of serving as a channel of God Love to more and more brothers and sisters. BROTHER SUN AND SISTER MOON remember that one? I love it! WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD with You in It Wayne! Thanks God for Wayne and Co. (including Hay House Family)

– Lupita Villalvazo

Cheri says:

Wayne – Your books are so inspiring to me. When I was young I was drawn to Erogenous Zones – I couldn’t even understand it but I was drawn to your energy! Your books lately have really spoken to me on many levels. Specifically, the sound meditation helped me to release and sell my house in a crazy market. Thank you and God bless!

Kathy says:

Yesterday, I found a kitten behind a store. It was a drop off. It had a wound on its head and infection running down it’s face. I nursed it overnight and took it to the vet this morning. My friend asked me, “how do you always find these poor animals?” Is there some type of energy in this? Can a hurt animal “call” me to it?

God says:

I love you Wayne.

Lynn (K TEACHER) says:

I am beautiful inside and out. I am intelligent without a doubt. I am the best me anyone can be but most of all, I have high self-esteem. I can be anything I want to be. There is nothing too high for me to achieve, and
the best person in the world for me to be is ME!

Brian D says:

nice post friend. You have really made good point about love. Thanks for such wonderful post 🙂

Angie says:

I am so happy for healyourlife.com Wayne we are so excited to have you blogging and on twitter. We will have insight everyday. Love is an amazing word that means so much! I love this blog, it has really helped me through my day.

pipeline says:

Cuando cambia la forma en que ves las cosas.. las cosas que ves cambian. Wayne gracias por todos esos mensajes inspiradores que nos ayudan en nuestro camino espiritual.

Susan says:

Raquel – Thank you for the reminder – I tend to focus on others souls wanting the light I see to come out of them – however – I am a child of God and know that I must Let To and Let God!

Namaste Raquel!

Raquel says:

Sue- Walking away from a person (friend) in a time like this…is a loving action to YOURSELF. Know that you are a being of perfect love. That is all that matters.

Sue says:

Yes, LOVE is all but upon my mother’s death I asked a “friend” to be there – she didn’t show when asked- she screamed in a phone ” I don’t love you ,do you hear me” I forgave her and I love her yet she has been cold since. SO LOVE means I have to walk away? Does LOVE mean leaving others who need it? How is walking away a LOVING action?

Alina says:

Your advice is astounding! It’s like dropping our ego while dancing with Nature. Your position on being the glass and allowing the Universe to do its miraculous work sounds like a flow of endless blessings 🙂

Kim says:

I’m just beside myself with excitement that there are blogs to read from you! I have been following your writings and television specials for 4 years now and this is just a delightful addition to the inspiration that you instill in me!!!

dave says:

Hi Wayne – I found a site that shows every Twitter post containing the word “love.” I see that URLs aren’t allowed here, so I’ll just mention the creator: twistori. It’s like a real-time international love letter to the world.

Sally Saunders-Przybil says:

Take a Walk of Faith. Choose to be at the center of a miracle, like being in the eye of a storm. Don’t just see the glass as ‘half-full’ or ‘half-empty’–be the glass….know that you are the glass..and let the Universe fill you until you are overflowing.