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Here’s How I Write

My latest book Excuses Begone was written day by day—every day from February 1st to October 2008. My inspiration came from nature in the most beautiful way. Before beginning each new chapter in the book, I would drive 35 miles east of where I live on Maui and then hike over an incredible number of rocks and through trees for about two hours. There’s a place where a 50-foot waterfall drops into a pool, surrounded by guava trees covered with guava fruit.

Here I would stay right under the waterfall and just let the water cascade down on my head. In the hours I spent there, everything I needed for my next chapter would appear. I didn’t have an outline or any organization—just a beautiful, blissful place in the rain forest. It was almost as if God wrapped his arms around me and said, “This is what you’ll need for the next chapter. Just be at peace.”

After a couple of hours of being out there in nature and finding my own nature, I would come back and sit down to write and everything just flowed so easily and so beautifully.

That’s how it works when you follow your bliss. Everyone says, “That’s crazy—you have to drive 35 miles and hike two hours and it’s so isolated out there.” I wouldn’t even begin to know how to start a new chapter without making conscious contact with God.

That’s my way—it’s not the way—it’s just my way.




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Robert says:

Found my 1st Dyer tape,since had them all. Bought new shoes to go see him in Houston, he came on stage barefoot. I know the magic/miracles of being In-spirit, and what happens when I am not. Each of our waterfalls has to be within us. Family, Careers, the economy, Condition of our Planet,Loneliness, all things that pull our focus from what we know.

Terry Elkins (whyguy) says:

I really need to find that waterfall. The shower just ain’t doing it for me.

Mona (Bear) says:

I find my art in my garden swing. When I lie there pictures just pops into my mind. Nature has always been a source of power for any moment in life. I am so grateful for all my senses. Would love to go to Hawaii someday. Thanks for sharing. Bear hugs.

Rebekah says:

What a fantastic example of how we all are connected- with the Earth, animals, and eack other! I live in Hawaii also and can understand the inspiration, comfort, and simplicity that enfolds when you become one in a quite place outside you’re back door… Mahalo for the timely reminder!

Marc Meyer says:

Dear Wayne,
Have made a fairly successful living as pianist for 27 yrs; going thro some hard times now. Was feeling sorry for myself until I heard about “Blind Tom”, a blind pianist and slave who’s master never told him he was free so he could continue entertaining his guests!

Nancy Hall says:

Thank you for mentioning how you write-this gorgeous place you were visiting sounds Heavenly…God’s arms. I felt at peace reading how beautiful it is. I often try to write but am not in that place of soft peace and can see why things might not flow so well! Your tip was a gift of In-Sight. Thanks Wayne. Blessings to you!

Annemarie Maguire says:

I strive to implement many of the thought processes he recommends into my daily living. I have just read his comments on today’s economy – and realized that I have been thinking very similarly for the past two years, without being aware of Wayne’s ideas on the subject.
Namaste Dr.Dyer.
– Annemarie

Joanne Chemin, Edmonton, Alberta says:

Wayne…miracles happening. Just like I told your audience tearfully in S.F., I am ordinary, why me? My time has come. Long day yesterday, pile of money and cheques on my table and I drifted to a sound sleep knowing IT IS ALL is unfolding, as it should. I am so excited! July 11. Thank you my friend and God Bless,

Eddy says:

It’s utterly impossible to help that which isn’t, endured by someone or something that isn’t, in a place that isn’t, in a time that isn’t. There may seem to be “those” that argue with this but starting with what you are, indeed as what you are, it makes absolute no difference at all. Reality IS NOW. NOW is eternally NOW.

Jean says:

I love each book , cd, and DVD that Dr Dyer has produced. He’s such an inspiration! What an eye opener with the latest book, “Excuses Begone”. Can’t wait for the next book. I like to get the cds and the dvds as well as the books. When’s your next movie, Wayne?

Joanne Chemin, Edmonton, Alberta says:

Extraordinary, I’ve given all my money away and am now in the process of giving my “stuff” away too. I have seen too many miracles around this “giving away” that I know this to be true. I will see you in Alaska,July11.
I don’t know how I going to get there but I will. My time has come and EXCUSES BEGONE! God Bless.

Kathy Wigley - Cove, Arkansas says:

I discovered you today, Sunday, June 21, 2009 on the TV and reinforced the way I have been going about changing my attitude with the issues in my life of blaming others, making excuses, recognizing my gifts from God, making the most of my passions and giving back to my community as the 10% tithe of the gifts God has given me. You are inspiring!

Emrick says:

Thanks for your wonderful stories and speeches. You gave me the inspiration to go for my dreams. Since I have been watching you and reading your books, my life has been transformed. I am also a writer and had a writers block. This is surely not an accident, but a divine synchronicity.
Peace, Happiness,
Emrick, BestYourLife

Ray Normndin - Irvine, CA says:

I am 47 and just sold my first screenplay. I am grateful to Dr. Dyer’s continuous pursuit to deliver messages that change lives. I am on fire inside and I want to share my successes which are pouring into my life at an insane rate. As soon as you take EXCUSES BEGONE to heart,,,it will ALL change…I PROMISE.

David says:

Thanks Wayne, I was asking the universe this week as I was getting frustrated on not being able to write, I ‘found’ your blog by ‘accident’ today and it answered my question.
The more I let go the more I get.

Namaste, David

Ginny Jackson says:

I”m 52 yrs old and I had no idea what would happen to my life when I purchased your first book Your Erroneous Zones when I was 17 yrs old. . My life has been transformed it all began with your very first book and continues upward as I read all your books. Excuses Begone is Excellent!!

Christie Bachelor says:

Dr. Wayne Dyer is the man! He has come along at the right time of my life and that is no cowincadence! Spelled wrong! I am wishing to go to one of his seminars and see him in person! I am 38 and not to old to learn all these things! True inspiration-he is

Sabine Price says:

Dr. Dyer’s books and insights have been part of my life for almost 30 years to include Your Erroneous Zones (the first of his books that I ever read, and what a difference it made!), Real Magic, and Inspiration.

Janette Payton Austin says:

I ordered the larger package from QVC and know this will help keep me motivated in all areas of life. Thank you from the depths of my soul!

Janette Payton Austin says:

We have a LOT of your books and CD’s. I am an artist/high school Art teacher. I had been planning and researching a series of books for young teens for years but had written only snippets. Yesterday I wrote the first few pages of the first book.

Doretta says:

I enjoy your writings.I would be on this page for hour if I would list the many blessing you have given me through your PBS specials.My latest blessing/challenge from you was in practicing Bikram yoga.Listening to your audio book ,I was challenged to give my all to the Fixed Firm posture.Last night I did it for the first time.Camel is next(Smile).

Adam Curriere says:

It’s my belief the Veil responsiple for my lack of recognition comes from my excuses, ,,, my ego. However, one can contemplate that our maker whom allows the possibility of freedom of choice is partly to blame as well. (Faith). Thank you Dr. Dyer. May you stay connected to God’s conscience so you may write again.

Adam Curriere says:

Well it is my tesimony that Dr. Dyer is an awesome inspiration of helping us remember what we have always known from the very depth of our eternal beings. Truth. If we are of Deity, than we know all things, we are all things, and we can do all things.

Adam Curriere says:

That a divine, all knowing, all loving surpreme God is our heritage? That we came from a pre-mortal realm to a mortal realm? That our goal is to return back to that perfect source from where we came? Every lecture or book I read by Dr. Dyer make absolute sense to me. Is it because I am learning something for the first time?

Judy says:

I had to smile- You were on PBS this evening. The story about the disappearing vitamin pill: I used to do that, too, until I found out it’s just the way my resident bodaich amuses itself. The more I’d hunt and stress, the more he’d enjoy it. Just take a deep breath, do something else, and he’ll get bored and put it back.

R. Sean McLaughlin says:

I hope that many more inspirations will come to Dr. Dyer and he will help thousands of people as he has done in the past to find their center, their life, their true love and their place in this vast universe. ‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.’ (2 Timothy 1:7) Hugs to all, Sean

R. Sean McLaughlin says:

There is no question that everybody writes in their own way and gets their own individual inspiration. I used to live in Costa Rica and I found a delicious solitude and oneness when I went into the rainforest and just say there (sometimes getting bitten by bugs but, that’s life… :>”).

ELENA Dominguez says:

Beloved Dr. Dyer, When I have the honor to be in your audience on Sept. 30,2009 I will define that hours like The Most Important Hours of my entire LIFE I WANT TO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART ! GOD LOVES YOU, I will kiss your feet with the perfume of my gratitude tears, if you allow me Jesus will smile ! Elena Dominguez, Albany

Sandra Cox says:

Dr. Dyer,
Last night I purchased your latest book. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of and that is living in the “now”. Your words have always resonated with my soul and I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the beautiful light worker that you are.

Christine says:

I love your method and agree with it. Thank you for your books and your PBS specials. Everything you talk about is very true and makes perfect sense to me. I’m currently in the middle of “The Power of Intention”. I recently saw you on PBS and bought your new book. When I feel fear, I remember “Let go and Let God.” Thank you for that.

chantell says:

Many Mahalos, Dr. Dyer for your teachings. I have been following your teachings since 1996, and feel so fortunate to have found you. We have met in Chicago, you have a wonderful aura about you. You signed my orange juice bottle 🙂 Look forward to taking your October class in Maui. (Yet another excuse to travel to the islands).

love ya!

Juracy says:

Thanks for your inspiration. When I had the honor to meet you in San Diego (I can Do It 2009)
I felt your good energy just flowing and transmitting powerful kindness. Thank you for sharing.
From Ensenada in Baja California Mexico

Shawn says:

Wayne, thank you so much for doing what you do, your teachings have been helping me emerge from darkness and through the toughest times. I have been motivated for about a week to read/see more of your work, I looked for you tonight and there it was on the Tv schedule, starting in 15 minutes tonight 😛 I guess thats the power of intention.

Nancy says:

(We’re only allowed 350 characters. Ugh…)

BTW, my cousins very probably went to Denby with you – Shirley & Nancy Parry. I would have gone there if I’d stayed in Detroit longer, but I was moved across the country at 12.

Nancy says:

Excuses Be Gone on PBS was great. I got The Shift. Sorry but it didn’t change my life. Old concepts for me. The characters just needed to be aware they had other choices. I’m desperate to change my life – not unaware that I have choices, just lost. You stressed being of service – I’ve always helped others, but things never just came to me.

mariangela says:

hi excused I don’t speak to me English…but I like as the books of DYER…shortly me impegner to write to elect in English OK? You kiss Kisses Kisses


mariangela says:

tutto meraviglioso….al dr Dyer un abbraccio grande grende!!!

Dennis says:

Great post, Thanks posting 🙂

Suzie says:

I watched Excuses begone last night on PBS and I can’t wait to order the book. I have a life time of meme in me that I want to get rid of and never alowing them in again. Verbal abuse as a child leaves marks. Thanks Doc

Lynn Morris says:

I just wanted to tell you that I am a 57 year old kindergarten teacher. I have been following you for a couple of years now. I have your children’s books and I share them with my class at the beginning of the year. I just read your new one to my class last week. Thank you for sharing your love and teaching!

James Lemaster says:

I recently watched your show entitled Excuses and loved it. You mentioned that you had recently sent your son on a trip to Indonesia. Is it safe for Americans to travel there? I take a cancer drug called Gleevec that is very expensive. I was told that it can be purchased in Indonesia much cheaper.

Ramin Bidar Sefidi says:

dear master DR.wayne w.dyer

can i want you a request is it possible that i broad cost your lecture

to persian for first in iran i am grateful from u.

ramin bidarsefidi,from iran-tehran

Doug says:

I saw the special “Excuses Begone” on PBS and felt reconnected. I was studying Emmitt Fox several years back and was very familiar with metaphysical spiritual teaching. Dr Wayne really simplify things and I feel I need change. I will be getting back on the beam. Thank you!

Michelle says:

What I got the most out of from watching your No Excuses program was to focus on positive thoughts at bed time. I am determined now to focus on positive thoughts, on knowing that somehow everything will work itself out, as it always does, so I can have “sweet dreams.” Thank you for this insight.

Bryan says:

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us. Keep posting such nice post. Thanks again 🙂

cathy says:

Ive just started reading your book Excuses Begone, im hoping this will be the beginning of my life changing, im so over the thought processes i have and the abuse to my body and myself and my mind

Mondi says:

…Another question, Do you Love your body? How do you want it, to serve you in life? Then serve it, it will show you the path.When thinking of habits you do not like might help if, metaphorically, keep it outside your body when you think of it. Dont give it name it is factor outside of you. Do not own unwanted habits. All the best.

Mondi says:

Wayne, if I qualify, may I add something regarding your comments on 6/02/09, you asked 4 collaboration and encouragement. ….I love my freedom and because of it any unwanted outside factors ( excess of any kind) that plans 2 entangle me or my time, I reject. Think of all it takes away from u (2 B continued)

Mondi says:

Thank you very much. It is incredible what you noticed. That is my MEME which keeps me from allowing my life to happen. I will put your suggestion into action.

Wayne G. Fennimore says:

Mondi, you sound GREAT! Your mind may be working overtime to convince you IT is you. Relax and HAVE your mind (obviously a good and strong mind), but don’t let your mind have YOU. Examine your thoughts, and think, “If my thoughts are my mind, who’s examining the thoughts?”

Patrick Stanton says:

Watching PBS & saw the segment with Dan. Wow! I know a man like that. He broke his neck & was told he would never walk. 2 yrs later when I met him he was walking, driving & piloting his plane. Once he was late for dinner & when I asked why he said he had trouble tying his shoes. I asked him why not loafers & he replied: “that would be too easy!”

vivian says:

I am still reading the book because I like to take my time really absorbing the messages. I connect with the love that comes through in each one of your books and that is very inspiring. I am very grateful to you, Dr. Dyer.

Mondi says:

…disappointment and at times feel I have been cheated by the universe…I am again looking forward but 4 the 1st time battling mistrust in law of universe, fear of failure, I am being doubtful? I am sure there is something that I did not do right and trying 2 correct it. However I would like to know what your opinion is of situation like this?

Mondi says:

…looking for my purpose in life, yet going through series of unexpected results, finding myself in 40s and have not experienced the pleasure of many blessing that I expected to have (granted they were not materialistic or superficial they were all basics of life)…All have left me with a sense of disbelief,…(2 B continued)

Mondi says:

…Of any negativity around me, if any. I have all the love, supports and determination, There r thousands of factors in my life that I am grateful yet my excitement from the result I expected 2 get have been extremely short lived and rare, I find myself in the perpetual recovering mode, adjusting myself. So far I have managed,(2 B continued)

Mondi says:

Dr Dyer
I am about to finish your fascinating book, truly it was hard to leave, at times I did, just 2 have few hours 2 let my brain settles the information.The way I understood my past… that I grew up with great values, very similar 2 what U suggest. I have always lived with passion and great hopes, worked hard and oblivious. (2 B continued)

S Harris says:

I watch the PBS special the other night and I cannot began to say how informative Excuses Begone is. It really made me take a look at myself.

Wayne G. Fennimore says:

I just viewed your PBS presentation: Excuses Begone! and realize that I have several memes that have kept me from developing a program from my experience which allowed me to instantly cease out-of-control drinking! I thought I’d put this out there to ask others for encouragement, even colaboration to make this a reality.

Joanne M. Smith says:

My creative process comes as naturally as waking up; however, I never know when it will come. Not something I have been able to turn on, or off. “Excuses Begone” reminds us the mental viruses infecting us all can be eliminated. After the PBS viewing I wondered where I would be without them! I have a very blessed life. Still . . .

Liz says:

I know the place on Maui I believe you are talking about! The best day of my life was spent hiking to that waterfall with friends; then we floated on our backs down the warm, lush and beautiful tropical river below. I often go back there when I need a meditative place to go! I was very inspired by the PBS show last night – thank you!

Jay Jacobs says:

We just watched “Excuses Begone” on PBS last night and we’d love to do a feature about it in our magazine, “Mental Messages.” It was wonderful! And I couldn’t help feel a connection to our magazine title and what you shared about meme’s. [Me]ntal [Me]ssages.

willo says:

I am 41 yrs. old and never been happy with my life and always wanted to know my purpose in life, well I left my husband 10 moths ago and started listening to your CD Power of intention. It was the most amazing thing, I finely found peace in my life. You are a GODS gift. You are in thoughts at all times.

Georgia says:

I finally committed to wanting to know abundance, challenges and opportunities that come with “my intention to live my life on purpose.” Thanks for reminding me to grant myself permission to give me the deepest love, kindness and grace with selflessness and servitude. I used to call this serendipity, then irony and now only destiny!

Aikidolphin says:

In 2006, my graduate adviser refused to let me write my thesis on how memes have been passed on through literature! I was infected by memes when I read “Metamagical Themas.” I disagree that clinical depression is a meme. It’s akin to saying a diabetic has no excuse… I argue that “excuses” and “reasons” are not the same thing. Great lecture!

David McGlone says:

I watched your program this evening “excuses begone” and I was absolutely astonished. I can relate to your friend who was badly burned. What he said was absolutely true. I am hearing impaired and have a cochlear implant, and I play the guitar so I can relate to him.

Thank you

God Bless You,,,,,Charlene says:

When my son was having a difficult time with life I shared your writings with him. He was reading your book Change Your Thoughts…, in Aug’ 08 when he was killed in an industrial accident.The day before Rob died,he shared with me how content with life he was from reading this book.Thank you for giving my son peace in this life..

Paulette says:

Thinking of my time in Maui resonates daily in my mind. It definitely was a quantum moment for me. Your teachings keep me motivated on a daily basis. You are a great teacher. Namaste

Teresa says:

Excuses Begone was awesome! I knew it would be…can’t wait to get the book. Dan Caro gave me chills….I cried every time I watched it. Dan Caro has so much joy inside him….it seemed to ooze out. Wayne, thank you!! You constantly insipire me!!
P.S. Come to Nashville!

Vicky says:

Hi Wayne!

I watched the PBS Special yesterday of Excuses Begone. I had been waiting for it and I wasn’t disppointed, in fact I think it is some of the best work you have done. It is helping me with overcoming some thought patterns. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope.


Christine says:

As a Christian, I believe the spirit of God can take us where we need to be. I am wondering if you believe in Jesus as savior. I have been reading Joyce Meyer’s book “Never Give up” and she speaks about the power of our thoughts,trials, and of course “never give up”. What is the difference between what she preaches and what you have to say?

nimesh says:

“You want power you will never get but leave the want of getting power or anything and you will get more than expected”.

nimesh says:

I will explain it in a way that in my past relationship I left the expectations and was just with her and loving her but after 2 years I found that she has married to somebody else and even not want to see me again. I know I don’t have much pain but still I would like to ask you as Sant Ramdas said..

nimesh says:

Dr. Wayn.
I am from India and and I would like to say you thanks for your great thoughts.you are now in my favourites list.You say “Live without expectations and things will automatically come in life more than expected.How we can relate this to in our personal / love life.


Mondi says:

Dr dyer
I am able 2 bring what I put my mind into. I get the most amazing guidance through my dreams 2B aware,I do my best 2 grasp the gifts received, Yet it vanishes right before I even know it. It has happened 2 many times now confused about my purpose in life.The harder I try the worst it gets. How would you advise considering excuses begone.

Mondi says:

U R A GIFT. Anytime I search 4 an answer, you have a book that explains my circumstances. In the past few yrs I have, struggled w/great confusion+conflicts. Knew it has 2 do w/my disguised habits did not know how 2 bring all factors together 2 resolve them.Unaware of your book,I saw it sitting on my couch, My Mother got it as a gift.

shannon says:

What an awesome way to write!

Ali says:

Darn you Wayne Dyer! I was PERFECTLY miserable believing my choices and chances in life were limited and dull due to an abusive childhood and lack of education. Your words and lack of room for excuses leave me unable to sit and stew. Now I have to move or I’m only failing myself. I’m afraid to move and afraid not to.


Linda says:

Dr. Wayne – you’ve been inspiring me since the first time I saw you on PBS ten years ago (Ten Secrets for Success & Inner Peace). I encourage everyone I know and meet to discover your philosophies every chance I get. Congratulations on your Ten Years with PBS and a very heart felt Thank You!! I will be watching!!!

INES says:

Thanks Wayne. INSPIRATION is the better book that I has readed. It join with my universal essence.
I live in Argentine South American. Thanks Thanks Thanks .-

Paulette says:

Dr Dyer You have always been a great inspiration in my life. I just wanted you to know that the hot yoga that we attended with you in Maui was awesome and we still talk about it. I wanted you to know that I have put that disease at rest and I’m so thankful to you for helping me get through it. You told me I would and I truly believed it. Namaste

Lori says:

I often wonder if you are aware that you are one of the greatest teachers of this age. Your books have taught me so much, and the truth rings in each of them. May God bless you for your work in healing the planet. You are loved.

Janis says:

I was so excited to listen to your Excuses Begone Audio Book. I was part of the audience last year in Maui and so enjoyed listening to your words again. You continually pick me up when I’ve fallen and get me back on track. You are truly a wonderful human being and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Janis says:

I cannot wait to read your latest book. I have all of your works and you truly inspire me even during my darkest times to keep moving forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ronald Sorenson says:

Thank You,
There are no words to tell or thank you enough so just grab on to that possitive flow of energy called LOVE, thanks Wayne.

Ron Sorenson
The A.D.D. Poet

Michelle says:

Thank you so much for sharing your Music over the years…It has enriched my life greatly. I am a painter and find so often that conscious contact with God through nature ( God’s living painting) opens up our spirit to the fluidity of divine inspiration. Thank you for sharing your artistic process.. : )

Les says:

Wayne! My friend I have never met! I want to thank you. So much of what you share in all your books are basic truths that help us to remember, that WE are the reason WEllness is possible. Just keep on doing what you are doing. Even on days when everything goes wrong, do the right things anyway. You are never alone! Cheers friend!

Maire says:

Hi Wayne,I have made a vow to follow my intuition and finish my first book at the beach.I sent you a copy of a book my teenage son wrote along with some other interesting writings from him. I thought you would find it truly amazing. There is such a connection here. He always says “there are no excuses” I love synchronicity! …Namaste

Stacy says:

Yea!It is finally May 26th! Every morning after my morning meditation I would ask my husband “what’s today’s date” and he would reply “it’s not the 26th yet honey”…today he said the same thing out of habit I suppose and I replied…oh but I think it is! Ahhh….I just love your books Wayne!! Have a beautiful day…

Priscilla says:

Dear Wayne,
I first heard of you on the Ellensfans website, one of her fans mentioned your name and book that she had purchased: The Power of Intention. I purchased this book a few weeks ago and it has helped me immensely with my healing! thank you for the gift of YOU. Love and Light…

Tony. says:

Hi Dr. Dyer. Just to say I’m glad we ‘bumped into each other’ as it were. I have taken comfort and inspiration from your work and your friend Dr. Chopra’s work. I am in the UK and hope to see you in September. I enjoyed Ambition To Meaning too. It was well produced and bridged that tricky gap between enlightening and entertaining.

Allyson says:

I could tell so many stories about how my life has changed since I first became aware of you Dr. Dyer. I will just sum it up, though, by saying Thank-You. I am so very grateful that you are spreading light and love everywhere you go… your effect is immeasureable and I cannot wait to read your new book! Namaste!

L U P I T A says:

Sunrise sunsets Dyers knowledge
day n ight Ur Spirits nurture mine
Skyer songs in my soul. God THANKS!

L U P I T A says:

ENDLESS BLESSINGS!in front of TVwaiting4Ellen
I wish can tell Umy experience of ur PRESENCE IN MY LIFE.
my e-mail ITS in an INSPIRATION CARD I gaveU in S.D CONVCENTER MAY1-09
L u p i t a

Aron says:

I am 11 and listen to “The power of intention” every night to go to sleep. I also listen to it on long car rides and practice the meditations.

Bob Tucker says:

I am having trouble with correlating what you write in,”Manifest your Destiny”.such as, “God is universal intelligenceflowing through everything”and constant reference in, “A Course in Miracles”to, “The Atonement”. This suggests that God is indeed the stand alone Boss. Can you please advise?
Love, Light and Laughter

Susana says:

You’re just amazing. I hope I get to see you in September at “I Can Do It” in London. I’ve done my vision board for that.. I can’t wait to read your new book. I’m a bookseller and I get so much enjoyment from selling your books and chatting to people. “The Shift” is just amazing!! All my clients who watched it love it. Namaste

Nevenka Kurjakovic says:

Everything you say, I find to be exactly right on! That awesome bubble of abundance, receptivity, gratitude I was inside of visiting my daughter, was shattered when on my way home from the airport, a guy in a car in front of me cut me off and I thought “you jerk”! Simply that was enough to chase away the angels.

Nevenka Kurjakovic says:

There were many other miracles during the weekend visiting my daughter, that I won’t go into right here. The abundance of the Universe constantly barages us with blessings , we only have to be open to recognizing/acknowledging them.
Thanks for the validation!

Nevenka Kurjakovic says:

Dear Wayne,
I was thrilled to see your book last weekend while visiting my daughter. I had been telling her about my revelation “Once you have Intention, the Universe conspires to make it happen”, but I was having trouble explaining my truth. Then I picked up your book — a miracle — two hundred pages explaining my revelation!!!!

Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord says:

I love your process! From talks of yours I’ve listened to, it seems so “you.”
I’m halfway through writing my first book and chose one of our nicest libraries to do all my writing in. Every day I go there for a few hours, surrounded by some of the greatest authors ever known to man. That’s my inspiration!

Matt says:

Thanks for sharing Wayne. A power greater than myself is what has always brought me to write. I have learned a lot from you and I Thank You for all that you have done to share what you have. I’m changing and the best way to put words to it would be,”No matter what, I can choose peace.” That’s where I’m at, because of people like you.

Alina says:

Dancing is the most intimate self-dialogue. When we dance, we drop our ego and freeze the moment of time to be in the now. We move to the rythm of our heart while listening to the wispers of our Soul.

Alina says:

Your inspirational experience, Dr. Dyer, which came from being one with Nature, abundantly demonstrates how easily we can choose to return to the state of equilibrium and allow great forces of unity and creativity to flow through us unobstructed. Namaste 🙂

Thank you for being you!