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Just Say No to Turmoil

I am often asked, “How do I know whether it is my ego or my higher spirit beckoning me at any given moment in life?” At any given moment, you are choosing between two pictures or evaluations of yourself. Your choices include the one offered by your soul, or higher self, which I think of as the voice of God, and the one offered by the ego, or your false idea of yourself. The answer to the question above is, “If it brings you a sense of peace, then it is your higher self at work.” Your higher self is always nudging you toward a resolution of the conflicts that you experience in your life, so that you will have room for serenity and harmony. If you are living with inner turmoil, continually quarreling with yourself and feeling anxious and fearful, then you are allowing ego to dominate your life.

In every moment, you have the option to choose peace for yourself. Your false self thrives on inner anxiety because that is what it thinks it needs to stay alive. Ego promotes thoughts like these: I cannot be happy or content; I must be a bad person; If I am feeling peaceful then I will simply vegetate; I must constantly look at how others are living and performing in order to assess my value. The ego wants you in a constant state of turmoil. It convinces you that if you are not always on edge, you can’t grow. Keep in mind, though, that experiencing this inner turmoil is a choice you’ve made to allow your false self to dominate your life. When you make the choice for peace, you are literally allowing the Divine into your life. And rather than vegetate, you will discover that you can be busy, purposeful, blissful and still have peace. Just knowing that peace is always an alternative is a significant awakening. Replacing the turmoil you feel is then a simple matter of allowing your higher self to take over in any situation where you are about to allow turmoil to enter. Your ego will push you in the direction of the fight. You must be ready to see it as it is about to happen and invite your higher self to send your ego a not-wanted-right-now message. Know within that you always have the choice. When you opt for turmoil and anxiety, you allow your ego to take over. You can instead be a home for peace.

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Nancy says:

I like what you have said in the past about EGO – “Edging God Out”… so true! Living in peace is what our society is looking for but so hard to attain! So much involved in working with self before we get to the PEACE!
It’s an investment in SELF and letting go of the SELF….

Renata Trento says:

Dear Dr. Wayne, I have been fighting with my ego but I am learning with your books.
I think it is important find a place inside us that have peace as you said, and stay there.I love you Dr. Wayne. Thank you for giving the world your best! God always bless you!

Mohan KG says:

Your words are timely in my life as I look for a job. Being at peace with one self needs the qualities of “abandoning the ego”,” having infinite patience” and “complete surrender of oneself to God”. This is what is keeping me in a positive frame of mind – thank you for being there for us and thank you God.

Rachel says:

I have just discovered you, Wayne Dyer! I already have 6 of your books…truly life-changing…books that you wrote in 1978 are still so relevant and powerful. You are amazing!

Patti says:

Insight comes at the most appropriate times. I have been known to have conversations with my Higher Self. Thank you, Christopher, for sharing truth. I am reminded of the mirror that others are for us. I have much to share with the world through books and music (Practicing Zen)

Christopher Wayne Richards says:

The more I let go, the more comes to me. If I come from a place of non judgement and non reaction, I feel no tumoil only residual peace. If I accept the world the way it is then, the way of the world is acceptable. The Spirit can resolve any situation if we are aligned with it. This is ancient wisdom for daily practice.


Right now, at this very moment I come to thank you. A turmoil is going on, and your words have simply driven me to the place I choose to be. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

Dina says:

I want my niece to experience inner peace. I purchased your book 10 secrets for success & inner peace for her. She is 13 under a psychiatrist care & is unable to go to school.She is very overweight and is getting bullied at school. She is not one to open up to others. Can you recommend any other reading that would be age appropriate for her?

Mohan KG says:

So true Wayne, the eternal quest is to get rid of our ego and thanks for helping mortals like me to learn this. The path to peace is to forget the concept of “I”.

Christopher Wayne Richards says:

Saying no to turmoil is a great daily spiritual practice. I have to be constantly aware of what is driving my actions. I have learned that any thing done in peace produces peace and anything done out of anger, frustration or revenge perpetuates life draining ego dominance. I chose peace. Thankyou Dr Dyer, god bless.

Edward Saugstad says:

Perfectly and profoundly put! And as you said in The Power of Intention: “Connectors appreciate the world and everything in it”.

Joshua says:

Let me play devil’s advocate and suggest that turmoil is good when it exists in the right places. Turmoil created the universe.

Veronna Pomeroy says:

Dr Dyer, I am so grateful , your work has given me encouragement, and a concrete sense of direction, and I am eternally grateful for your purpose! When the student is ready…the teacher appears…you are one of my greatest teachers. I hope to meet you someday soon to say a heartfelt thank you to you in person. Blessings, Veronna Pomeroy, Stockholm

Dr Michael Taylor, M.D. - Australia says:

K & I agree. Seeing peace is complex and reveals the true self of conflict. Yet, the self needs to realize its true nature, how it has temporarily “adopted truths” which are not from Source, in order to heal. Healing is nothing more than releasing. That is the purpose of the self to recognize and heal … to become like Source.

Donna says:

I am trying every day to learn this , that the ego is all incumbersome to my heart and to my soul,I am working hard at it to let go my ego.
your books Dr. Wayne Dyer for they teach me so much,I wish I could get your DVD’s except that I dont have the resources for now,maybe GOD will provide them to me
God Blessings

Christopher Wayne says:

I am reminded every day of this. When ever I respond in ego I can feel my heart rate go up I can feel the anxiety of having to get back at somone or defend myself. I am learning that it is always better to take a deep breath and let God handle it. Often, the situation or person that trigers the turmoil will take care of its self.

Penny says:

🙂 Keyboards should have peace signs on them…I love you, your brilliant!

Joseph Wadas says:

To truly have real peace is to constantly rememmber the presence of our Source, within and around us. Since God truly IS in charge we can relinquish our ego’s need to control and dominate. To remember the intimate presence of our Source is to defeat any fear or turmoil.

Margaretha says:

Twice now I have been led to your books when I needed them the most. Thank you Wayne Dyer, thank you horrible cold for giving me the time and space.

Daniele says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for reminding us that we do have the choice to experience peace or turmoil in our daily life. By conciously and carefully chosing our thoughts, as you teach in your books, we can turn anxiety into a feeling of peace in an instant. Your words are a wake up call ! Thank you !

parvin says:

All our body cells have perfect harmony to help us live in peace and healthy situation. Nobody can disorder this harmony, but us. Even if we have health deficiencies, we would still be able to keep the balance in our lives. just believe it.

catherine says:

I am really trying to practice being peace. my mantra is ” I am devoted to Inner Peace”! It seems to be working. Thank you so much

Romey says:

Tena koe e te matua Wayne – thank you so much for these words – I am in a time of my life where I have just made a significant shift from living from the ego and always searching out issues or turmoil – to a place where I am so much happier and peaceful – simply by living with a “Let it be” philosophy.

Deborah says:

Wayne, Knowing peace is a way of life in a constant ebb and flow of life. Yoga and the beach are a great way to create peace for all the turbulence.I used to keep the book Peace is Every Step on my shelf, along with Spiritual Solution to Every Problem and many more!Blessings & Prayers

Dennis says:

No, I wouldn’t say the ego THRIVES on inner anxiety, but finds it an unavoidable consequence of its precarious belifs about its own nature. Anxiety-making attack and defense strategies are merely countermeasures.

John says:

Good timing on releasing your article..Just when I needed to hear this from you. Thanks again Wayne

Brian says:

Thank you Mr,Dyer, and yet again another time in my life where your words hit the spot !
Thank you Wayne, Thank you Universe, Thank you God !

Carmen says:

Great…but what can we do if our Ego has dominated ypur life for too many time and is very strong? How can we start to put it in the place that he must be?

hannah says:

Bless you wayne dyer, u’ve always given me inspirations

Mucunda says:

it is necessary to point out that the ego, is an archetype that is part of the structure, of the psyche (CG Jung), which is in direct relationship with our outer world, but the self, which should order the ways of the ego. I mean in this case, a well-structured ego

Mucunda says:

in my opinion, the sensations are completely different, I mean, those times when we make decisions, from the soul, or decisions that simply satisfy the ego.
good article Friend