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Let Us Bring Light

This month you’ll have the opportunity to read a mother’s story that will both break your heart and lift it up with love. Scarlett Lewis’s book Nurturing Healing Love is not a story of rage and revenge as one could well understand in the face of such a horrific experience as the one that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School where Scarlett’s little boy Jesse was senselessly murdered. No, this is truly a love story, a story that clearly sends the message that love itself never ends and that it is our destiny as a people to learn and apply this lesson even in the face of circumstances that are beyond comprehension.

When tragedy strikes, our first human response is to react in anger and with rage in our hearts, to attempt to end such dark behavior by throwing more darkness at the problem. Yet our rational minds tell us that reacting with darkness in the form of hatred and madness simply expands and multiplies the darkness. The only answer to so much darkness is to bring light. As Saint Francis of Assisi reminded us, “Where there is darkness, let me bring light.”

Scarlett, in writing this book and sharing the lessons of her bodhisattva son Jesse, is asking all of us to bring our own light to the omnipresence of darkness in our world. She asks us to see that love itself is the way forward, reiterating what Jesus taught us: “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This is the only solution to the kind of darkness that brings such violence.

Scarlett Lewis has faced the ultimate darkness. She has shared, from a deep place of truth within, the agony of losing her Jesse at such a tender age. She has shared her very personal journey back to living and teaching how to become instruments of love.

One of the greatest lessons of my own life was learning to turn the inner rampage of hatred and anger toward my own father for his  reprehensible behavior and abandonment of his family into an inner reaction more closely aligned with God and God-realized love. I came to understand that my father was one of my greatest teachers, and that he played a part in helping me do the work I was destined to do. He gave me the opportunity to practice turning hostile thoughts into thoughts of forgiveness and love.

Loss and hurt make for a strange and painful journey indeed, as Scarlett knows so well and writes about from a divine place of truth and passion. She has come to know and teach the eternal truth that whatever the problem, no matter how severe, love is the answer. This is the message of all of our great spiritual masters.

They taught that enlightenment does not bring love; rather love itself is what brings enlightenment. As the 16th-century metaphysical Christian mystic known as Saint John of the Cross once reminded his followers, “Where there is no love, put love, and you will find love.” This is Jesse’s instruction to Scarlett and to all of us as well. And this is precisely what I felt as Scarlett’s poignant words infused me throughout my reading of this beautifully honest book.  Her message is a reflection of Jesse’s life. It is what I humbly attempt to live and teach. Where there is hatred, change the thought. Where there is no love, we must put love, and then surely we will find love.

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MARY says:

Hi Dr Dyer, I am back again. I meant to say in my post yesterday that I am bringing a group of friends from Australia to your Maui Seminar next year including my husband and son that is on the road to recovery from his drug addiction. You have inspired my son greatly and myself! Just can’t wait to meet you! Love, Mary

MARY says:

Hi Dr Dyer, I am so inspired by you. I am planning on coming to your next Seminar in Maui January 2015. You have helped my son overcome his drug addictions. I love you and thank you for being in my world. Much love, Mary

Larry Powell says:

These healing words are restorative. You are one of several authors I have followed for years and who inspired me to write my own book, “Life’s Little Book of Survival Quotes.” Thanks for so many years of guidance and wisdom.

Diana says:

I wish, I wish I could meet all of You, humble regards, light and love from Sweden.

Becky says:

Please pray for my grandson.

Duddi says:

Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer, for your book, about not being manipulated… I read it 20 years ago (I live in Denmark)
-and you change my life… Ever since, I learned to take care of my self and to love my self… I thank you for that…
You are my greatest inspiration..


Duddi <3 <3 <3

Mark says:

Dr. Dyer, 30 years ago you came into my life to help with your book “Your Erroneous Zones” it helped and I loved it. 30 years later I found your book “Inspirations” in a Goodwill store. It helped again, and now I understand how this book came to me! Thank you Dr. Dyer.

Armando says:

Gracias, gracias, gracias te amo

juan bule says:

Dear Dr. Dyer
Thanks for being the Being of Light and Joy you are. When St. Francis of Assisi, St. John of the Cross or Saint Germain live in you all remember who we are: Oneness. As Santa Teresa de Jeus said and you remembered: “anything goes, God does not change, only God is enough ..” Thanks from Spain.
Your Brother
Juan Bule

Eva says:

Your words are healing my soul. Thank you!

John Chega says:

As a senior citizen that just suffered a major heart attack I take the risk to contact you. I have written a book about homelessness which has been my situation for over half my 61 years. I have been reading your books and listening to your tapes for years and they have given my joy and inspiration. Thank you!

zahra says:

thank you Dr. Dyer! Your articles are great. I repeat your words with myself to be calm. You are a source of energy for us. Thank you again.

Cloris Kylie says:

Beautiful post, Wayne. I’ll have the pleasure and honor to have Scarlett as a guest in March 2014 on Magnificent Time, my blogtalkradio show. She’s an inspiration. Many blessing to you!

Leslie says:

Thank you Wayne for sharing inspiration, encouragement, love and light. The reminders are always perfect for me and resonate on a very deep level. Wishing you an abundance of blessings and divine essence of love in every breath. Namaste.

Gian Paolo says:

Your message will help to Influence the Universe in such a Beautiful way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless his Mom, family and friends.

Gian Paolo Pizzuco (Psychic love and life Kasamba)

Gian Paolo says:

Thank you Wayne, those words have brought tears to my eyes. It is incomprehensible for me to understand such pain, thought I know something about loss and pain.