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Store Up Virtue, Not Stuff

You’ve often heard me say that the Tao is filled with paradox. In the 59th verse of the Tao Te Ching, for example, we find what looks like the paradoxical idea that a no-limits life begins with self-control, moderation, and thrift. Living in thrift and moderation means being in harmony with the world through your generous nature. Be one who accumulates a warehouse full of virtue by living in accordance with the Tao. When virtue is what you have to give away, you’ll naturally be more moderate, humble, and less demanding. Feel joyful knowing that the example you’re setting is helping others make the right choices, too. Practice living without limits by gathering virtue.

For years I practiced gathering virtue without realizing it. I sent hundreds of thousands of books to individuals and organizations at my own expense, getting into the habit of beginning each day with this act of love. I spent a great deal of time giving away much of what I earned, almost all of it anonymously. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was doing was accumulating virtue, or what I facetiously call “God points.”

I then found that not all of my life was to be peaks and mountaintops. Yet when I succeeded in getting out from under what felt like a mountain, I was virtually unscathed. This is because I was so deeply rooted and firmly planted in the Tao that my original vision was to be a lasting one, impervious to external circumstances.

Change the way you look at your life by moderating your ego. See yourself as a being who gives rather than collects, and live on what you need rather than practicing conspicuous consumption. You’ll begin to see that your purpose has more to do with Tao consciousness than ego directives. When you moderate your demands and use only what you and your family require, you’ll gather virtue points by serving rather than accumulating. Lao-tzu reminds us that this is “the secret of long life and lasting vision.”

Make a commitment to gather five virtue points today. Imagine how the Divine Source must be operating in order to maintain the creation cycles of life, and do five things that match up to it. Pick up a piece of someone else’s trash, which is an example of excess; anonymously give a gift to someone in need; or perform any other actions that help you accumulate virtue and remain deeply rooted in the Tao.

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Rebecca says:

As a former compusive “collector” (of too many types of things to list), I can say how freeing it is to what is popularly called “downsizing”.. I had previously thought I needed to learn to let go of the need for the stuff, THEN let go of the stuff, but getting rid of all the stuff, got rid of the need for it,


A challenge would be to practice virtue on those who harm you, or try to. You build up gold bridges to your “enemies” , that`s really a virtue, isn’t it? Good work, but they continue to show up. Maybe the bridge?Anyway, healthy and great amounts of divine sense of humor will come to you accross the golden bridge. God laughs with you

Siddharth Bhaiyaji says:

Namaste Dr. Dyer, Your movie ‘The Shift’ has been a Great Motivation and leading to a Shift in the life of many members in our Organisation. We are doing Satsang daily here in Aligarh, India. Thank you so much for motivating us and uplifting our Souls. Our Positive IMAGING- Being in your company here in India.

Julie says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer, espically in these tighter economic times its a great reminder that less is actually so very much more! – Julie

anna says:

Dr. Dyer,
Just a simplistic little note to tell you how very loved you are! Reading your words, absorbing your humble gifts, I am touched by God to my very core!
in the Desert of Phoenix

MariaJosep says:

Gracias por estar ahi

Pratik T. Dabhi says:

You are a blessing, such a blessing! A living example of the Tao.

catherine says:

Dr. Dyer, I have been reading your books for about ten years now and love this opportunity to be with you online. Thank you for helping me move forward in my life. catherine

josher says:

Finally have the oportunity to say hi and thanks to you Dr Wayne Dyer. I happened to see you on tv about 5 years ago and since then i’ve been following your teachings, you will always be there in my mind, hope you can read my message
thanks again

Diana, Health Life Coach says:

Dr. Dyer as always: Words of Wisdom. The more we give in all aspects, the more we grow as human beings. Collecting is cluttering our world, giving is expanding it. And is always what we collect on the inside not on the outside; as you always thought me. Thank you :0)

Jim says:

I developed a family/friends blog from Dr. Dyer teachings I have used for a year now. Can visibly see life changes – friends (they definitely changed) and the way I approach others. It includes monthly theme, daily affirmations, intentions, mediation/prayer focus and thought patterns to use in the rebuilding of my thoughts. Advise it for you.

Helene says:

I would love to send you a copy of the book I contributed to (or perhaps I can give it to you in person when I attend the Carribean Cruise and hear you speak in person). Thank you for continually sharing your wisdom Dr. Dyer!

Vikki says:

Thank you.

Joao says:

Hello Dr. Dyer, thank you so much for your words, lately you dont have the idea how your lessons have impacted on my today life. The idea of serving is something that sometimes is not so easy, but I must say that I am doing my very best to everyday ask myself how can I serve.

may God be with you always.

Joao from Salvador Brazil

Jacques says:

Good advice, Dr. Dyer! It reminds me of something I heard once before that said, “the more I have, the more I can give away. The more I give away, the more I have.”

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

Wonderful message, simple and easiily do-able, and the beginning is to, in your words, “See yourself as a being who gives rather than collects.” First be, then do, you can know you’re on the right track through your feelings; being in harmony with God is to feel peaceful.

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

I “recycle God’s blessings”. I’ve never been one for material possessions and choose to own very litte. I give away the gifts God has given me: knowledge, wisdon, talent, etc. Professionally or personally, if there is a need, I honor it seeking nothing in return. No hidden motives. Pure Love. The Blessings always return.

Dennis says:

Lack of self-control, over-indulgence, conspicuous consumption – all harbor an underlying belief in scarcity, engendering a “get-it-now” mentality.


Mucunda says:

I can write orthographical sign , sorry

Mucunda says:

great as you are ever time you express
Knowing others is intelligence knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.
Tao Te Ching quote