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Stress Begone!

There’s nothing natural about living a life filled with stress and anxiety, having feelings of despair or depression, and needing pills to tranquilize yourself. Agitated thoughts that produce high blood pressure, a nervous stomach, persistent feelings of discomfort, an inability to relax or sleep, and frequent displays of displeasure and outrage are violating your natural state. Believe it or not, you have the power to create the naturally stress-free and tranquil life you desire. You can utilize this power to attract frustration or joy, anxiety or peace. So if it’s natural to have feelings of well-being, why is it that we seem to experience so much “unwellness” and tension?

The truth is that there is no actual stress or anxiety in the world; it’s your thoughts that create these false beliefs. You can’t package stress, touch it, or see it. There are only people engaged in stressful thinking. That pesky ego is at work when you’re experiencing stress or anxiety. We speak of stress as if it were present in the world as something that attacks us. But the stress in your body is rarely the result of external forces or entities attacking you; it’s the result of the weakened connection to Source caused by the belief that ego is who you are. You are peace and joy, but you’ve allowed your ego to dominate your life. Here’s a short list of stress-inducing thoughts that originate in your ego self: It’s more important to be right than to be happy; Winning is the only thing so when you lose, you should be stressed; Your reputation is more important that your relationship with your Source; Success is measured in dollars rather than in feeling happy and content; Being superior to others is more important than being kind to others.

You aren’t your work, your accomplishments, your possessions, your home, your family…your anything. You’re a creation of your Source, dressed in a physical human body intended to experience and enjoy life on Earth. This is the intention that you want to bring to the presence of stress—your personal intention to be tranquil. Stress and anxiety are choices that we make, ways that we choose to process events. Each day we have hundreds of opportunities to shift our thoughts and align with the Source that intended us for lives of joy and peace.

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Monica says:

The first sentence says it all. It’s not natural to be stressed. I have recently decided to focus on living in peace and tranquility.

parvin says:

Correction to first part of my comment: We have to experience different” feelings” to improve our personality in different aspects.

parvin says:

In any new emotional involvement we add new concept in our previous knowledge of feelings. You not only grow up in enormous variety of emotions, but also you improve your esprit to the eternity. You must pass each stage to reach the new one, do not not stop at each stage even it is pleasant.

parvin says:

We have to experience different …..to improve our personality in different aspect. If you do not have experience in happiness, anger, jealousy,frustration and….how you can talk about them, or help people who are suffering of stresses in tough conditions.

Diana; Fitness & Wellness Coach says:

Thanks again Dr Dyer for your inspiring words; Yes, we should thank our source every day for being in this word, for our experiences; this should be a daily routine. And take away those ,non healthy thoughts, that drives us to wrong roads. Life is sooo beautiful to waist it.
Big Hug :o)

Heather Dipre Hamilton says:

I have spent a good part of my 35 years stressed and anxious. But in 2000 I was given a cassette of yours for Christmas. Instantly, it was like I was “remembering” something that I didn’t know I “knew”. I felt instant relief. It has taken much studying and immersing myself in your books, but I now live a more peaceful life.Thank you!

Trish says:

How do we start to change when we have been so anxious our entire adult life…? The hardest thing for me is talking to ease the stress…any suggestions?

catherine says:

thanks so much for this reminder for me to be connected to my limitless nature of peace and joy. you’re awesome Dr. Dyer!!

anna says:

Kalinitka Dr. Dyer,
I have done your three part series “The Shift” until I almost have it memorized.
I still find myself falling on my ass (I can swear cause you did on your CD’s) insert huge smiley face here.
But your thoughts keep bringing me back more quickly now to who I really am.
Thank you!

Rai says:

Thank you for your inspiring work! A family friend was recently diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer and the greatest help I feel I can give is inspiration. I truly believe she will recover because she has the gift and ability to heal herself and in the process inspire others.

Jacques says:

Awesome advice! Thank you so much, Dr. Dyer!

Mucunda says:


Mucunda says:


Helene Sinclair says:

Thanks to many of your books and writings, I have successfully changed my thoughts and changed my life! Thank you Dr. Dyer and I look forward to hearing you speak in January at the I Can Do It Carribean Cruise!

MariaJosep says:

Thank you, Dr. Dyer. I love you!
El Senor te bendiga y te guarde, te muestre su rostro y tenga misericordia de ti. Te mire benignamente y te conceda la paz. El Senor te bendiga, hermano (San Francisco de Asis). NAMASTE.

Mike says:

What’s a good way of thinking to shift from the stressful thoughts of, “I have to put food on the table for my family, even though I have no job/income?”

Michael says:

Stress, anxiety, and memes begone! Let us stop Edging God Out.
Thanks for the good words, Doc. This came at a good time for me, when I was nervous and anxious about some upcoming days with my employment. Namaste, good Dr. Dyer.