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The Secret Garden

When I was 10 years old, my mother remarried and she was able to reunite our family for the first time since I was a baby. My slightly older brother Dave and I had lived in foster homes together all those years.  There we were at last, all under the same roof again, my wonderful mother, my not-so-wonderful alcoholic stepfather, my oldest brother, Jim, whom I barely knew, Dave and me. We lived in a tiny duplex that year that I entered the 4th grade at Chester Arthur School. My teacher Mrs. Engel had a rule that if the class was quiet and well-behaved, she would read aloud to us from 2:45 until 3:10 when it was time to go home.  I took it upon myself to be the classroom enforcer and keep the other kids in line because I really wanted to hear that story. (Here’s where I first learned that I could influence people when coming from a positive place.)

Mrs. Engel was reading to us from The Secret Garden. Does anyone remember that classic children’s book? It was written by British author Frances Hodgson Burnett and first published in 1911. I loved being read to and I really loved this story about a little orphan girl named Mary. Mary goes to live with her uncle in the English countryside and, with two new friends, she discovers a lost rose garden that magically heals their lives. The Secret Garden is really about a secret place in each one of us—a place that we can escape to, a place where we can do anything, create anything we want for ourselves. We can make the world come alive, we can create miracles. I, too, had a secret garden that enabled me to deal with the instability of my life, all the places and people I had had to adjust to. I had some crazy experiences as a little boy, some of it abusive and nasty—some of it wonderful and great. I just kept getting new experiences all the time, but somehow I always knew that I could go within and get quiet and be and do anything. I think that knowing had something to do with the way my life has gone—writing 41 books, all about the power of the mind to enable us to be and do, to create anything we want for ourselves.

Whatever the divine power is that is moving the checkers of life around, it all fits together. That divine power saw someone who wanted to teach self-reliance and gave him a life as an orphan. I was also given a brother, older but smaller and weaker, who needed to be taken care of. This is how I’ve come to look at my life—the way all the pieces seem to fit together. I’m asking you to look at your life like this, too. Instead of looking  with regret, instead of looking with fear, anger, pain, and sadness, try looking at your life from a perspective that the whole thing is divinely orchestrated. It’s the most amazing shift.

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Vanessa says:

I’m reading Secret Garden now to my three children (5,7,9). Is Mary the inspiration behind the “You can do it!” workshops? We just read the chapter in which she repeats those words over and over to Colin. 😀

Don says:

I am still locating my transmission…thanks to your so well crafted owner’s manual, the likelihood of my shifting is increasing…

Gina says:

I just wanted to say thank you for making an impact on my life by sharing your word. I’m grateful to have read your works and look forward to more.

daughter says:

Need just to hear the tone of a Father
Thanks so much for being that voice

Alison says:

Thank you as always for what you teach us; a life changing illnesses closed many doors for me but opened yet better ones. I now know my life mission & purpose. I have a book to publish never before would I have been able to help others in this way. You reinforce this.
Alison (Sas)

Anna Sofia Marie says:

Searched to find your blog about your cancer. Nothing by you. Why are you not sharing your cancer story? In Hawaii, wearing white post your John of God journey, did he help you heal yourself? Did you rid yourself of cancer? Are you creating your healing from your secret garden? Do you feel your cancer is a divine orchestration?

Greta says:

Having intention to going in that direction but ever now and they some hidden demon of destruction -blame-shame -guilt-regreat- should-would-could pop along and being whise to see and accept well, everthing I need is on the way to Me!!!!!

Sonya Strong says:

Perspective is everything it changes you completely leaving you feeling joy, happiness, and gratitude. I’m on the joyful, happiness, and grateful bus and I can’t get off there’s no transfers or stops on this bus, it’s just the way I like it. 🙂 why don’t you join me…..

sonya says:

That is how I look at my life it’s quite amazing to see things come together, it’s magical. 🙂

babak says:

The doctor Hi Wayne Dyer
I’m Shavrty Babak from Iran.
My first book by one of my friends I met there is a spiritual solution to every problem.
I’ve changed a lot and you’ll find much devotion., And many books you read.,
Unfortunately, the economic situation in Iran is now possible to buy your books have helped me

PN Vijay says:

Wonderful piece Dr.Dwyer. Bhagvan Krishna echoes the same truth in the Bhagvad Gita when he tells his friend and disciple ” Nimitts Mattram Thava Savyasachin”- (it all happens because of Me. You are just a tool).
Dr. Dwyer you have been a greast strength for me correcting my Erroneous Zones with your Real Magic!

Jack says:

Wayne you write that you “go within”. How long can you stay within? How can I go within? Do you close your eyes and visualize mentally? I would like to be able to go within, do nothing and quiet the mind at any time and for however long. Any thoughts or comments? Thanks!

Dianne says:

I will be presenting your teachings at The International Primal Therapy Association Conference in Reisterstown, MD on August 20, 2013. So offen we Edge God Out in this type of therapy. Please send prayers of support. Thank you Dianne Arman, MSW (Wayne State 1977)

Sheila says:

Thank you Wayne….whenever I listen to you, I am inspired.

michelle says:

Secret Garden was my favorite childhood story. Each time I meditate I visualize the garden from this childhood book as illustrated by Tasha Tudor with the added bonus of fairies and angels. Thank you for sharing and making my trip to this garden that much more delightful….

Courtney says:

Dear Wayne, you are awesome and im very encouraged every time I listen to you and thank you for the aah’s

Brandee says:

What a beautiful realization. Thank you for sharing.

Vicki says:

Frances Hodgson Burnett knew about Abundance mentality.

Read her other great novelette, A Little Princess. Little Sara Carew stays strong and loving against overwhelming odds and receives riches and friendship in return.

Adina says:

Thank you for being who you are Letting go to the belief we can glue pieces together in the way we want and believing that they will fit in the way we need; the ‘mission’ we’ve been given to accomplish on this Earth its ‘something’ I hanged on to while going through those sometimes very nasty, sometimes very nice experiences of my life.

Sridhar Laxman says:

Thank you for this inspiring and beautiful post

Karen says:

I thank you for this. You are right. Even in my supposedly responsible, adult life where one has to be okay it does indeed help to go within; to get quiet.. I needed to be guided to this blog in order to be quiet today.

karen says:

It certainly all makes sense to me on many levels. When I began to quit blaming others for my pain, and starting forgiving, my life radically shifted. We are after all, in this together…

Martha says:

f**k it therapy session, and we just had to roll with it! I have a priceless video of the shock n my eight year olds face, and then both of them getting into it!)

With love and gratitude

Martha says:

shelf shortly after reading Wishes Fulfilled and watching the live stream from San Jose. (You might get a giggle out of this….while we were watching that live stream, of course my boys came into the living room -it was up on our big screen- during John Parkin’s

Martha says:

I recently read The Secret Garden to my boys (8 & 3). I know I read it as a child, but had forgotten (or not understood) most of the story. Towards the end of the book my boys and I kept pointing out the “I ams!” To each other! Funny how we pulled this book off the library

Jessica says:

the Secret Garden was my absolute favorite book growing up – and I was a veracious reader! I’m so grateful that you made the connection for me today that all of us have a secret garden within that holds the power to heal. I had never realized why that book had a profound affect on me – now I know!

Adéle says:

It is with teers of Gratitud and Beautifull Divine Emotion that I’m Thanking you Dr.Wayne Dyer and Thanking Universe to teach me His perfect Love among His perfect Plan he has for each of us. I hope write you soon and have the honnor to see you soon.

Fiona says:

I loved your post on the meanings within The Secret Garden. It was a childhood favourite and just recently I re-read it with my daughter for her first time. Reading this book from a mature perspective revealed its wonderful messages about manifesting and attracting Life to you. Thank you!

Rosa says:

lovely “peace. i, too, look back on my childhood and began to understand, within the last 5 years, that this is the journey for my person… must travel. a lot more things are clear for me, now. one of the greatest was forgiveness. when i learned how to forgive my person, i have been able to forgive others. a breath of fresh air.

Cloris Kylie says:

What a beautiful post. It was only when I opened my eyes to the truth that everything is in divine order that I was able to see the obstacles in my life as blessings. Continue bringing your life to the world, Wayne.

Dr. William M. says:

Dr. Wayne, your words speak so true. When I look back at my own life there so many places where I wonder whether I was really controlling anything. Thank you for reminding me of that. You sir, are a gift from the divine.

Jodi says:

I can’t seem to get to that point of putting my past behind me. I’ve been conscious of this for 6 years now. The anger and pain are so great, how to just let it go? I will try to look at it in a much different perspective.

I love all your writings, they are so powerful.

Ian Peric says:

Thank you Wayne, It’s always so much more perfect than this mind could have planned.
There is a liberation, peace and strength that comes from flowing with the moment, and letting go of the need to do battle with what is. This knowing lets us ride with the opportunities rather than resisting them.

Michelle says:

Dear Wayne, the name of your teacher – Mrs Engel – Engel in Afrikaans means Angel. I loved the story of The Secret Garden, one of my all time favourites.

Denise says:

So true! It’s when we accept ALL the experiences in our life as valuable that we truly have stored up a treasure in heaven. One of my very favorite memories was when my English teacher read to the class ,J.D. Salinger’s book, “TEDDY”. The moment he realizes ,”it’s all God going into God”…. It is HOW YOU LOOK AT THINGS. =)

eleni says:

Wayne I have used your books as a resource of encouragement to re-fuel my determination to change my life by changing my thoughts..all I can say is it works..THANKYOU xo Eleni 🙂

Joseph Wadas says:

All of life fits into the divine plan. Thank you, Dr Dyer for reminding us of this. Namaste!

Anna (Portugal) says:

Thank you for this wonderful text… beautiful as all that you write. It made me remember my own childhood, where I also had a magic secret garden to get safe from my fears and from my loneliness. I wish you can go there and get cured from your disease very soon, because you deserve it and you are doing a very important job to all of us.

Cathy says:

A wonderful blog thank you Dr Wayne x