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Trust Divine Order

Think about all the people who share the stage with you as you move through life. Can you affirm that everyone you need shows up, and that they’re perfect in every way for whatever needs you have at the time? In this intelligent system that you’re a part of, everything arrives from the field of intention where the infinite, invisible life force flows through everyone and everything. This includes you, and everyone else as well. Trust in this invisible life force and the all-creating mind that intends everything into existence.

I suggest that you do a quick review, and note all of the people who’ve shown up as characters in this play called your life. It has all been perfect. Your ex-spouse showed up at just the right time—when you needed to create those children you love so much. The father who walked out on you so that you could learn self-reliance left right on time. The lover who abandoned you was a part of this perfection. The lover who stayed with you was also taking his or her cues from Source. The good times, the struggles, the tears, the abuse—all of it involved people coming into your life and then leaving.

This is your past, and whatever your energy level at the time, whatever your needs, whatever your station in life, you attracted the right people and events to you. You may feel that they didn’t show up when you needed them, that in fact, you were alone and no one showed up at all, but I urge you to see it from the perspective of all of life being in divine order. If no one showed up, it was because you needed to handle something on your own and therefore attracted no one at that time. Viewing the past as a play in which all the characters and all entrances and exits were scripted by your Source and represent what you attracted at the time, frees you from guilt, regret, and even revenge.

As a result, you’ll go from being an actor who’s influenced by others playing the roles of producer and director, to being the writer, producer, director, and star of your glorious life. You’ll also be the casting director who possesses the ability to audition anyone you choose. Base your choices on taking the path of no resistance and staying harmonized with the ultimate producer of this entire drama: our universal all-creating Source.

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Vicky says:

talk about divine intervention. I so needed to read this tonight right now. I felt like you were talking right to me. Thank you.

Amy says:

this is a great thought. I’m currently experiencing a lull in work after being self employeed for a year. Whilst this has brought a lot of anxiety and pressure I’m seeing it now as an opportunity to take the quiet time to refletc on the future direction of my choices. Fantastic.

maria says:

What an amazing way to see life!!!I have never thought about that …wow!!!I kept on reading it over and over again and thought about all the people who have entered and left my life…It comforts some negative thoughts and feelings
for some and for some things /people that are to come and leave!
thank you 🙂


nick says:

Dr Dyer, “The Shift” blessed me so in return I have a recommendation of John Piper’s Desiring God conference which I think really keys in on how true joy can only be found by sharing your joy in God with others.

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

My favorite Bible verse affirms your statement, Jer. 29:11 I know my thoughts and plans for you… Truth is validated by two or three witnesses, the collective life experience of the teachers who’ve gone before us bears witness that there is a Divine influence we can trust.

Jared Akers - SpiritualZen says:

I’ve witnessed these encounters (or lack of). My ex filed for annulment when I was in a rehab for alcoholism; setting in motion events that led to my bottom. With no one to save me, I had a choice; life or death. I learned to drop ego long enough to experience a power greater than myself. Thank God I chose life; thank you, thank you, thank you 😉

Ricka says:

Dr. Dyer – I know this to be true in my life, but can you teach me how this can be true for people who suffer greatly during man-made catastrophes? I’m thinking of events like the Killing Fields in Cambodia, like the current events in the Congo, and like the thousands of child sex slaves all over the world. Thank you.

Nayia says:

As always, Wayne, your teaching is a powerful manifestation of the Divine. It is the guidance and confirmation that I asked for. God bless you.

Lori Lennox.. says:

Indeed. Thank you. Happy Valentines Day!

Kathryn says:

Wow. I just finished “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” last night and I was so moved…..so incredibly moved. And this blog post is so beautifully written, and such a powerful message for everyone. You continue to do amazing work Dr. Dyer, thank you so very much. My only decision now is which book of yours will be next…..

Kenneth says:

Looking back at all those people who have crossed my path in life and thinking about why they were there at that particular time fills me with awe and inspiration. Thank you, Wayne, for helping me to see life more clearly, for helping me to realize that all the beauty, happiness and love in this world is not elusive.

Sue Roskos says:

Happy Valentine’s Day Dr. Wayne. Words can’t begin to express the bliss to be kissed by my Creator. My husband has tried to explain the glow that surrounds my face to me. What a gift to be OPEN to the Present. What can I do to help you? Feel the Spirit in Peace and Love!

Rita says:

My daughter and I are homeless, my health is giving me fits, and what’s left of my family has decided that we are not worth helping . . ! All the help we (my daughter and I ) have received has been from complete strangers who came into our life at exactly the right time and for the right purpose. Thanks, again!!

fleur says:

Thanks…..yikes…I have that lovely feeling of being ready (and excited) to stop waiting and take on the writer/director/producer role for myself

patti says:

Love this… so true, sitting here thinking about my trip here in Palm Beach I am on now. Funny how true, when we got stuck in an elevator last nite between floors and all the people who showed up to help us 🙂 and others

Luke says:

Sometimes it’s easy to see why people come into (or out of) our lives. Other times it’s difficult. That’s where trusting in God comes in. Like the saints of old, we must have faith when things don’t go according to plan. Thanks for sharing a very good blog, Wayne.