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Watch Dr. Dyer’s Excuses Begone! PBS Special – June 2009

Airing June 1, 2009 on Your Local Public Television Channel

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

At such an important time in our world where many people are forced to recreate themselves and re-evaluate their priorities, internationally renowned author and speaker Dr. Wayne W. Dyer boldly tells people to stop making excuses and start living the life of their dreams.

In his 35th book, Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits (May 26, 2009), Dr. Dyer tells readers to ask themselves, “If no one told me who I was, who would I be?” By identifying 18 of the most common excuses and providing an accompanying affirmation, Dr. Dyer claims now is a time of immense opportunity to change life-long thinking patterns and access new levels of success and happiness. “The most common excuses I hear are: If I changed, it would create family dramas…I’m too old or too young…I’m far too busy and tired…I can’t afford the things I truly want… It would be very difficult for me to do things differently…and I’ve always been this way; it’s in my DNA. I know people believe these statements are true, but in fact they are just excuses,” says Dr. Dyer.

Excuses Begone! is also the subject of Dr. Dyer’s 8th national public television special, which began airing nationwide June 1, 2009. Dr. Dyer has raised millions of dollars for PBS television through his PBS specials over the last decade. Catch Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS throughout the month of December—check your local listings for air time.

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