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Who Moved My Checkers?

On June 26, 2012, I was pretty sure I was ready to retire from writing books. I decided I really could just swim, read, meditate, and that’s it—no need to struggle with filling those blank pages ever again. Summer was here and my children and their families were about to arrive at my island paradise for our annual Hawaiian holiday together. That was me talking to myself about my future plans.  But was I really calling the shots? What happened next was just incredible.

On June 27, 2012, I woke up and started writing. Something compelled me to start putting words on paper. I was writing about the significant events and the people and circumstances that have taken place in my life. I couldn’t stop the flow of words. They just kept coming.  The timing certainly wasn’t convenient. My kids had filled up all my living space and my writing space, too.  I had to rent an additional place to work—no easy matter when it’s summer vacation on Maui.  I had to keep writing and let the kids take care of themselves. They would say, “C’mon, Dad, we’re going to go on a picnic or swim or take a hike.”  I said, “You go ahead—I have to write.” And so my summer went. I wrote for 92 days straight and ended up with 144,000 handwritten words. These words were all about the events of my life that had turned me around or changed my direction. And I had to reach my present age to be able to look back and see these remarkable times for what they were.

Events that might not have made sense at the time can be clearly seen looking back for the amazing building blocks they were.  All along I thought I was making the choices, but all along there was a bigger pattern, a greater game that a hand larger than mine was playing. If life is a checker game, someone else is moving the pieces. It isn’t us. Don’t be surprised by amazing coincidences. There are no accidents. Consider, as I learned to do, the incredible interconnectedness of all of life.

My passion for putting words on paper last summer, exploring all the times, places, and people in my life, was an expression of my purpose, my connection with my Divine Source. I couldn’t not do what I was called to do. There is an energy taking care of everything for us. When you step into that place of alignment that is yours, you will be fully supported and it will be effortless.

So after thinking I was finished writing books, the Universe presented me with a new and totally unexpected one to be called I Can See Clearly Now.  It will be coming to you next spring from my heart to yours.

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Yvonne says:

On the verge of making sense of life…. Reading your words and living my curiosity to grasp a feeling of an unknown powerful strength… The path is being cleared and the heart and spirit are receptive. LOVE IT!!!

Ani says:

Bravo, Wayne! What an affirmation to where I’m at to hear from such a wise soul as yourself that it’s really possible to see clearly how our lives have made sense, how we’ve been led, how much rhyme & reason there is to all of it. Thank you for being YOU.

Danielle Quinlin says:

Thank you Wayne. A huge miracle has happened. I passed a very difficult test yesterday. I was really frightened..I left it up to the universe and took the test. Love is the way my friend. Thank you for your lovely work. It has changed my life. Respectfully, Danielle Quinlin

Deb says:

You always have such a unique way of saying things that I have already heard. I currently have writer’s block and need to just let the emotion come over and flow through my words to maybe make my own unique way of saying things for others…thank you…

derek says:

I feel as if I have known you forever. I have very much enjoy reading and learning your wise teachings as well as the many sages you quote for me to embrace. I wish all the best for you.

Thank you my friend,


fery says:

Hello doctor. I look forward to this book but I do not know when I’ll be hoping it’s not too late.

Chris says:

A few months ago I purchased tickets to the PBS live Taping of “I Can See Clearly Now ” so Wayne I will be seeing You in San Diego next week peace and Namaste Christopher McDonough from Jersey

Chris says:

Feel Like I AM at a tipping Point in my life as I look back on the last 4 plus years. A job that came to me thru a chain of advent that help me cope with the passing of both of my Parents in a Miraculous way. It seems to me that this wonderful job and opportunity will be ending soon, and that there will be some major changes happening.

Jenny says:

And.. I feel so excited by the synchronicities! The song that came to me when I finally tuned in to my angels/guides and sat to write my book was “Amazing Grace” which made me think of Skye Dyer, which led to me reconnecting with your teaching, Wayne, which has inspired me and led me here to his blog. How cool is that!

Jenny says:

Wow! Just days ago I felt guided to finally write a book about my life learning and story and how my personal growth journey has been guided by Spirit and my connection to Spirit. I just started a few days ago. Synchronicity yes! We are all connected.

Anne Severn Williamson says:

A dear friend just gave me your book The Power of Intention. I read Part III right away. Thank you so much for writing this! It basically summed up my whole life and provided great encouragement! I am really looking forward to reading the rest of your book.

Ramiro says:

Hi doctor!

Your books have changed my life and I’m sure the new one will be just as inspiring.

Shireen says:

I’m looking forward to another book. I love that inspiration is still flowing and that you have much more to say, because I have much more I desire to hear. So I helped move the checkers. 🙂

Cloris Kylie says:

As you always say, “It’s all in divine order.” This affirmation keeps me aware of my divine connection even during the hardest times. Blessings, Wayne.

James Fontaine says:

I loved all of the post, but mostly the last part about an Energy taking care of us and how it is yours when you are aligned.

God Bless You

gillian says:

Looking forward to reading this one. My affirmation is ‘ I can see clearly now’ so this is synchronicity!!!!

Marguerite says:

I can’t wait to read it.