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Without a Doubt

Abraham Maslow spent a good part of his adult life researching and writing about the idea of self-actualization. He described the small percentage of people he called “self-actualizing” as living at the extraordinary level of consciousness. I vividly recall Dr. Maslow’s assertion that one of the highest qualities these self-actualizers possess is the inclination to be independent of the good opinion of others.

I’m deeply attracted to this idea of living extraordinarily—independent of the good opinion of others—stressing it in many of the books and recordings I’ve produced, starting in 1971. Dr. Maslow passed away on June 8, 1970, the same day I received my doctorate degree—I’ve often felt that in some mystical way, he was passing the baton to me.

One of Dr. Maslow’s most significant attributes of living a self-actualized life is self-trust. When you trust yourself to decide your destiny, you don’t allow externals to discourage or influence you. You have faith, and faith is attained through complete trust and confidence in the power of the one universal mind, which you are inextricably a part of. It is the God-realized you that placed the thoughts and feelings that represent your destiny into your mind and body.

One of the reasons I’m able to write about the hidden power of manifestation buried deep within each of us is that during childhood I unconsciously practiced these ideas while in foster homes—and they simply became a part of who I am. Throughout my life I’ve been labeled “stubborn,” “obsessive,” “headstrong,” and “unyielding” when it comes to what I have in my imagination and seeing it become my physical reality.

In order to manifest you must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. You must be able to feel it in your body long before your senses are aware of it. Your inner pictures and the corresponding feelings that are connected to your vision belong only to you, and you begin to treat this inner world of thoughts and feelings as sacred territory. You make the shift from believing to knowing, and what you absolutely know is not tinged with doubt.

With my recent diagnosis of leukemia, I’ve done precisely what I’m writing about, in the same way that I have for my entire life, concerning my own fate and my own well-being. What I know for certain is that there’s an emotional component to every illness. I view my elevated white-blood-cell count as part of my body employing its God-realized intelligence to heal whatever damage I’ve caused by participating in psychologically traumatic activities, particularly in my relationships with loved ones.

So rather than cursing my body’s innate wisdom, I am in a profound state of gratitude for all that has come my way, including these elevated blood-cell counts. The more I assume the feeling of my I am well; I am strong assertions in my imagination, the more the universe seems to send me the right information and the right people to assist me in living a wishes fulfilled life.

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yassi says:

hello my dearest friend and my old friend .Dr dyer thank you so much for your books and help me in my life.yassi from tehran IRAN

Corliss (MizzC) says:

Dr Dyer, You are in my thoughts and prayers that You Are and Will Be Well! I am grateful for the knowledge you share that has brought me to a higher level of Spiritual Awareness. Thank You for the Love you share and I send and share my Love With You. Namaste

Charlene says:

Wayne, you are amazing and I feel fortunate to be living in the same lifetime as yourself. I thank God for putting you here to make such an impact on so many lives, including my own. You’ve been an enormous inspiration to me and my family. We’re all dedicated listeners. Thank you for sharing your gift/knowledge/wisdom, with all of us. Much Love.

Lindsay says:

This knowledge touches deep to the core of my spirit. In turn provides such a strong faith in solutions to earthly worries or fears. Thank you Dr Wayne

Susan says:

Thank you for wishes fulfilled….w/o a job for the first time in 35 yrs, but DVR’d “Wished fulfilled” and so glad I did…has been life changing!!! Just what I needed to get me through some tough times and makes me SMILE and IMAGINE and DREAM for the first time in a verrry long time!

Thomas says:

My daughters get’s a gold star if she’s tranquil in class. She’s not a passive wall flower nor does she bounce off walls. I’m careful not to box her in. What should I tell my daughter about being respectful and courteous in the class without harming her or changing her personality? Thank you!

Nancy says:

Dear Wayne,

Thank you so much for your books and other material. They have helped me deal with stressful life circumstances. Praying for your well being, healing. Much Love, Nancy

Deone says:

I’m fairly new to your teachings, Dr. Dyer. I am inspired by your wisdom and look forward to learning even more. Thank you for this powerful message about not doubting the power that’s within us. Blessings.

Charlotte says:

I agree with the emotional component to every illness. At an impasse at life I am listening to your PBS special and am being helped to keep my wishes in mind and expect of myself. I am learning to be grateful for the opportunity to face the storm. Thank you for that. This one is a whopper but I am well. I am peaceful. Wishes for your peace as well.

Mary says:

Does Dr Dyer ever answer questions asked in the comments section? I understand it would be difficult for him to find the time but there don’t appear to be many questions. Just wondering.

Mary says:

can anyone please tell me where I can purchase the CD called ‘Evening Meditation For Manifesting Introduction ‘- By Dr Wayne Dyer. I have seen it on youtube so I feel it must be available somewhere. Is there a way I can contact Dr Dyer by email to ask about this?

Thank you

Cyndy says:

Dr. Dyer is so very special in many ways, not the least of which is that he lives by the wisdom-rich words he teaches. I had the pleasure of meeting him on the beach in Maui a couple of years ago, and was simply and truly blown away by his kindness, sincerity and energy. Thank you for these words, Dr. Dyer and may you be blessed beyond belief.

roar says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer. I respect your teachings greatly. I studied Oriental Medicine in the mountains
of Korea for 15 years. There is a straight forward way to deal with it. I’d like to share it with you. Thank you. Roar

lana O'Reilly says:

I am sending it out to the universe and to you Wayne, if you need persons to provide support at any convention. Please think of me. I am a home care provder for the eldery and mentally challenged the past 14 years and I love people. I will be an asset to your team, Thank you Wayne for you consideration. love and be loved.

olga says:

Dr. DYER, I am deeply moved by your publication and hopefully what I read, to me serve for my full cure
Thank you

Mary says:

I would like to purchase Wayne’s medition CD called “Evening Meditation For Manifesting Introduction” I particularly want the introductory meditation but it doesn’t appear to be available to buy. Can anyone help me with this?

Susan says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for giving me the clarity I needed in your new book “Wishes Fullfilled”. I just finished the 3rd DVD of your journey and with each lecture I learn so much. Can you post a link to the meditation music at the end of DVD 3..I would love to hear the twenty minute version.

kim says:

Have you studied the teachings and life of Edgar Cayce? Very profound and inspiring…

Sharon says:

Dr W. Your life’s work, in the past 10 years especially, have been inspirational viayou MORE books, audios etc. I thus have to say that prayers are with you, angels are with , spirit is within yourself, 24/7, 365… You bring such pleasure and I treasure you presence on this earth. Sharon JHB South Africa

Debra says:

Thank you for reminding me of the subjective nature of my own problems and difficulties. You have improved my life immeasurably with your words over the years. I hope you are experiencing full health and great happiness.

Sonia says:

Dear Wayne, have put into place “I am’s”. Despite others and my senses telling me otherwise. I am living “as if”. How long to manifest these things you desire ? practising”feeling it”. Excited. Please help some more. Sonia , SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

Cynthia says:

Continued–I am so excited about the opportunity to be in attendance (via technology) of the I Can Do It! 2012 – Washington D.C. Conference. I am too excited!!! Please know that you have touched my life for years.

Cynthia says:

Through your ability to make your dreams and goals become a reality…you have enabled me to do the same. That empowering shift from believing to KNOWING is enabling me to move forward with my vision of starting a counseling practice and helping others shift from Believing to Knowing.

Louise says:

Wayne, you are amazing. Saw you in London and *loved* you. I wish you love and a speedy recovery x

robin says:

I manifest my desires by using the visual of pink bubbles, because, really, what is more fun and childlike than that? LOL! So, for you, I’m sending a never-ending stream of pink bubbles filled with powerful healing, love, joy, laughter, comfort, peace, clarity, and celebration.
Enjoy the bubbles:)


I healed my daughter of the deadly autoimmune Hepatitis, after 5 years of medical treatment. I found a vitamin protocol, gave her EVERYTHING she wished for,and she was well in 3 months. The NYC doctors wanted to give her leukemia meds, then a liver transplant. I wrote the book & would love you to give it a one sentence endorsement.

Patty says:

Recently I traveled the self-help circuit. Nobody touched me like you did. You spoke at Brendon’s Expert’s Academy and brought Pam McDonald with you. I discovered I am a 4-4. Also, I am just completing a business partnership book that is based on so much of what you teach. Business is Personal and so is my book. Can’t wait to share it with you.

Dale says:

This is a heavenly place that we all live in. You are the only master of your own destiny. I am genuine, living my Dream unconditionaly, I can share with you all that I know. I can teach that the moment is now to start living the loving life that we dream about. I’m live in the mountains with 40 horses, always sharing with like minded people

Kathryn says:

Sending love for your healing! May I ask a question? If the Source is inside us, then how do I make sense of a very real experience I had of God/Love literally filling a room I was in until I was completely enveloped in this Loving Presence? I *heard* a voice speaking directly to me *filled* with compassion. I am confused. Can you please explain?

Shira says:

Dear Dr Dyer:
Much Praise for your Wisdom & your perfect health. Your teachings helped me heal. I am walking on a leg that Drs. said would never grow bone.. I hear your words often. You are a light on this planet. I used toning and sound to heal. I stay aligned with perfect health. We are whole, we are all one! Blessings, In harmony: Shira

Fernando says:

Thank You, You always impress me.

James says:


Heather says:

I am Wayne Dyer. I am Ram Dass. I am Heather Hamilton.

Kathryn E. May says:

I too had a profound experience with John of God. I was completely healed from a debilitating stroke. I was at Omega last fall, and heard you tell of your diagnosis. I have absorbed the spirit of your teachings into my bones, with the sense of infinite faith. I send prayers for your complete recovery, and gratitude for mine.

Therese Lynch says:

Had spiritual surrogate surgery with John of God on May 31, 2012 and greatly encouraged by your own journey-as well as by my use of the daily meditation -I am that I am-
Eternally grateful,
Paula Phipps

Ann says:

You are a very special person and have inspired me thousands of times over the years. I have been diagonosed with Cancer and your words of wisdom and your television prorams come to mind. I pray for your health and well being and like you I am also thanking my condition for returning me back to the “source” Be well and God bless you.

Teresita says:

Dear Dr. Dyer, your book Wishes Fulfilled has changed my life. Teaching us about the name of God as I Am that I Am was powerful for me. I now use it during the day and to get myself to sleep. It’s been 2 weeks since I read your book and I’m still going strong. Thank you for the life change. I Am Grateful!

Ruth says:

Thank you , thank you, thank you for finding me . You are a truely inspirational man that has changed my entire outlook and attitude towards my own life, and I was in desperate need of change.
I send my love to you xx

DonnaLee says:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Your thoughts have changed my thoughts today. The anger has left me.

Mindy says:

Dear Dr. Dyer, I have been inspired to contact you with an idea that has been channeled. I was told to contact you directly and wonder if that is possible?
Thank you, Mindy

Wayne says:

I downloaded the IAM Wishes Fulfilled meditation on iTunes. If you listen to this with the itunes visualization running, you will truly see what the book is all about.

John C says:

Hey Doc, I’ve been reading your books and listening to your tapes for years and years! Does euchaliptis leaves ring a bell? Your blogs on FB are really great reminders that inspire me! I will be praying and doing some mantras for you, and when you are up to it please lecture in NYC or the Bronx. Would love to see you in person! Namaste!

Sonali says:

This is very true and profound. We all possess that personal power and need to trust and utilize it vs. relying on external factors. Great reminder and reinforcement!

vicki says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer, I am trying to apply the many things you have taught me. I finally went out and recorded my relaxation CD called, Relax, Unwind & Sleep. I have also started my own blog and Counseling for a Better Life. You gave me the hope to start all these projects. You are inspiring!

Cheryl Lyons says:

Thank you!! Gratitude and Attitude can make or break you. In every situation I choose to be grateful and have a positive attitude. By doing so, I have been amazed by the outcomes! You’re an inspiration Dr. Dyer!

Sheetal says:

Hi Wayne,

I would pray for your healing and I am sure the leukemia would bring out the better change to your body and your healing will result in more pure body. Sending you love and prayers!!

Patrice says:

I am sorry to hear of your struggle and hope for the best outcome possible. Your remarks are timely for me because I am having a struggle with loved ones. I am at peace with my own place in the struggle and I realize that I can only control myself, not others.

Gina says:

Wayne, thank you so much. When I read your words I immediately experience a sense of inner peace and am able to feel the presence of God. Regardless of what I may think is “going on” at the time, this is what immediately becomes real. All is well. With much love,

MG says:

I still feel as if I’m “not doing something quite right” or “leaving something out”. I remember studying Maslow in Psych. 101. Hee seemed a sensible man. I’ve studied Doctors, Philosophers, Writers, Spiritual Leaders…I’ve recently watched your videos, Dr. D. I just can’t feel the universe lining up with what I “know”? (somewhat tongue in cheek)

Andrea Ximena says:

Thanks Doctor Dyer, These come in a perfect moment for me today, Your words resonate in the deepest of me.

Ana Maria says:

Thank you for your words…You inspire me 🙂

Tracy says:

Thank you for sharing Mr Dyer. I feel connected with you through the knowledge you have ‘experienced’. I stumbled across you last week and was thrilled.. 🙂 It’s refreshing to feel less doubtful on what I read and hear from you, with you I FEEL what you talk & write about. Thank you and “I am Well”.

catherine says:

thank you for being such a positive and wonderful influence on me, Dr. Dyer. love you xxx

gillian says:

Thank you for this truly inspiring blog Wayne. Once again just what I needed to hear myself!

Joseph says:

Last month I when I seeked out Forgiveness, I stumbled onto this Blog. This month, Faith. I have always had a hard time wrapping my head around this thing called faith. Maybe my upbriging and conditioning played a role. I am going to look deep inside my childhood, in hopes to find why I lost the knowledgeof Faith.

Moira says:

Thank you for sharing Wayne. With all respect to your process (which I try to work with myself) do you allow for the possibility that the God-realised intelligence may decide too have you die from this disease? I hope you don’t mind my bluntness; I am totally sincere. Would this count for you as simply inadequate practice on your part? Best wishes.

Dave says:

I am really appreciating your “wishes fulfilled” teachings. I now experience I am well and and I am strong in the face of a CLL diagnosis. Through repeated listening, I am installing these more powerful and healthy memes into my subconscious resulting in incorporating these ideas into my work with men in my counseling practice. Thank you.

Jean says:

Thanks, Wayne.
Once again, what I needed to hear just at the right time.
Peace to you.

Bernadette says:

I love your divine gift of articulating and disseminating your discoveries/insights to the world so we can create a place of peace and a “wishes fulfilled life.” Thank you, thank you magnificent Dr. Wayne!

Aline says:

Thank you Wayne, for being such a positive force in my life 🙂
I really needed that message today, just to remind me that I can do it x

John says:

Thank you Wayne
Once again you’ve given me and many other that “lift” Ineed every so often 🙂

Wanda says:

Well said, thank you for sharing! You are a walking testimony of “I AM’ and I am very grateful to be connected to all you stand for! Namaste