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You Are the World

Ask yourself what you have to give away. Keeping in mind that your purpose is always about giving, loving, and serving, the question of what you will be able to give away as your purposeful mission becomes paramount. It doesn’t take any extra special intelligence to know this simple truth: You cannot give away what you don’t have. If you don’t have any money, obviously you can’t give money away. The same principle applies to your contribution to the spiritual revolution that is now taking place in our world.

If you don’t have love, harmony, and peace within you, then you can’t contribute these qualities. If you have anxiety, stress, fear, anger, and tension within, that is all that you will be able to give away. We cannot go on thinking in divisive ways if we want to bring about unity on our planet. We cannot go on thinking in militant ways if we want to bring peace to our world. We cannot go on thinking in hateful ways if we want to bring love to our world.

Each thought that develops into a helping, purposeful, loving act is your contribution. It matters not what others say or do—they have their own destinies to fulfill. When someone sends you criticism or hate, you can respond only with what you have inside. If harmony and peace reside within because that is how you have chosen to think, then that is what you will have to give away. In that moment you have made a difference. You have manifested a miracle into the world.

The words of Michael Jackson, “We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a better world so let’s start giving,” reflect a truly spiritual message.

You truly are the world, and your thoughts do make all the difference. Have reverence for your mind. Treat your invisible inner reality with sacred blissful appreciation, and know that you are capable of bringing about miracles. Every thought you have of love and harmony is one more atom aligning itself toward the spiritual revolution that is occurring even as you read these words. Increasingly, people are believing in their own divinity and trusting in the divine wisdom that created them. More and more people are using their invisible thoughts to visualize a better, safer, cleaner, more responsible, more loving world. We all make a difference. Our presence here is a divine necessity. Perfect and purposeful. We will see a miracle-laden world when we embrace the responsibility for creating it.

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parvin says:

. Even causing a smile on someone’s face, would be the greatest things that result in a incredible chain reaction. Any action even a thought has a unique effect. Infants because of their innocence feel the people’s mind, so even our thought has enough energy to influence the universe. According to your expressed concept, yes, we are the world.

parvin says:

you and the world that surrounds you, have the same original love of creation. We and the universe, all are like an insuperable chain, that influence each other. Forgiving ourselves by not having judged ourselves, just go ahead and create something that cause satisfaction.

anna says:

I hold your hand in mine like a child-safety
I hold your hand in mine like a woman-intimacy in its purest form.
I hold your hand in mine as I grow older-companionship and friendship with a very faithful friend.
I hold your hand in mine as I begin my exit in life-and suddenly I am not afraid to let go.
“He Even Made the Leaves Dance” by A v v e

anna says:

Kalinitka Dr. Dyer,
Thoughts of you this night watching a Phoenician sunset over one of my pine trees.
I listen to you speak each day and always something new.
May a star travel to you this night to absorb some of the negative cells within…they would mix them up and create something beautiful.
Love to you,

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

When I Align with the Divine, I am one with God. My every word and action is in perfect fulfillment of His purpose. I seek to become a physical manifestation of God’s presence in this world. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
“Peace is not the absence of fighting. Peace is the presence of kindness.” – Janet Pfeiffer

John says:

Google “Santa Cruz Sentinel Shay Kelley” to find an article about 24 year old Shay Kelley who decided to cross the country helping homeless people after being laid off from a markeitng job with AT&T. and finding herself with few propsects. Her actions and her focus on gratitude and gving are indeed an inspiration .

Nealon Hightower, Six Simple Truths says:

There is a global shift that has taken place…I can feel it. “If you can’t be the steamboat, at least be a passenger.” Wayno, you are fine captain.

Marc says:

Faces of the Forgotten
You never know who will be there next, so remember everyone.

Marc says:

If it were Jesus, Buddha or a fallen angel,
Would you walk by without a word to them? And not notice their face, tired and drawn
Would you not stop and lend a hand, or not offer them a safe place to stay.
Or just a smile and a dime.
The faces of the forgotten are everywhere, we just choose to walk on by.

Marc says:

Faces of the Forgotten
I never noticed before, and this time hope I will. The faces are easier forgotten.
They are old, they are young, they are women, and they are men.
They are families, large and small, forgotten everyone.
If it were your brother or sister, mother or dad,
Would you know it was them?

Marc says:

Faces of the Forgotten
A shopping cart is full of useless things, some blankets and an invisible huddling soul.
I never noticed, and most never will. The faces are easier forgotten.
The street is full today, walking in the mid-day sun
The same huddled mass is there, with a friend, sharing some day old food

Marc says:

Faces of the Forgotten
The street is empty today, with a misty rain keeping the world indoors.
I walk the street for coffee with a friend, not knowing of what I pass each day.

Vikki says:

Perfect, just what I needed to hear today. Plan to share on facebook.

Mucunda says:

Extraordinary message, specially for Venezuela that is losing its collective propose in the planet it is necessary to be alert all the time to revalue if you really are the correct road , or at leastIn the road the universe have select for you , or you feel comfortable with your way .NAMASTE

Rana says:


Mucunda says:

1) Our presence here is a divine necessity. Perfect and purposeful. We will see a miracle-laden world when we embrace the responsibility for creating it.