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All God’s Children

In preparation for taping a special for PBS based on my new book, I had to buy shoes. Of course, I argued a good case for going barefoot or wearing my customary sandals, but I was finally persuaded by the good people in charge of the show that I really needed the generally accepted footwear this time. While complaining that my feet, like my soul, prefer freedom, off I went to the nearest shoe store in downtown San Diego. I should have known that the Universe had something in mind.

On the way back to my hotel, I saw a ragged and bedraggled man stumbling across the street. Clearly, he needed help reaching the other side safely so I went out and steered him out of traffic. He told me he was homeless and hungry. Luckily, there was a diner close by. The staff of this place recognized my new friend, Ken, and told me they had had “trouble” with him in the past. I asked our server to consider that the same God who was present in her was also present in Ken, and all of us. Ken got the meal of his choice and we talked. As Mother Teresa said: “Each day I see Jesus Christ in all his distressing disguises.” The Divine is present in everyone. Talking to Ken, I hoped he would come to see himself as God sees him. When he smiled, Ken looked a lot like you and me.

I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet Ken, if I hadn’t needed those shoes. My feet do love freedom, but even more they love walking toward the opportunities our Divine Source sends us to love one another. As the spiritual says, “All God’s children got shoes.” We’ll all get shoes someday…and our souls will soar to freedom.

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Karla says:

Thank you for feeding me and seeing me as God sees me.

Wayne Fennimore says:

My ego needs identity – my soul knows who we are!

Patricia says:

I’ve watched you on PBS, read many of your books and listen to many of your tapes and I’m often in Awe of you. Again you share a story that warms my heart and reminds me to take notice of all the “tests” we are given to recognize all of Gods children. Thank you and I look forward to seeing/learning from you in person in 2012!!

anjalee says:

At last I get to send my appreciation to you..Dr Wayne! Thanks a lot for being there for me..You have helped me a lot..Your words are like balm to my soul.Happy New Year!

Skye says:

Happy 2012 to you, all in your house! Thank you, bless you!

Nancy says:

Thank you againe dr Dyer! Barbara I cant help and not wishing you all the best in your life. Forgiving is sometimes a very hard thing, but the harder it is in my expiriance the greater rewords are at the other and!! Please exept my best wishes to you and your whole familly!

Barbara says:

We have had multiple tragedies in our family, including a great-granddaughter bveing molested by a family member. My husband has had a heart attack and triple bypass and now cancer. I have had a kidney removed and cancer. I am a therapist with children and families with abuse neglect for over 20 years. I am listening to you.

Ricardo Solis V. says:

Thank you for sharing so much wisdom, I’m motivated to be better human being. God Bless you forever

Darien says:

Fear of the “unstable” folks in our society is a big problem even for those of us who would like to help. As a woman I feel very hesitant about getting involved in potentially dangerous situations, even when they don’t seem dangerous at the start…

Joseph Wadas says:

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. You were the presence of God to him just as he was to you. Namaste!

Francis-Xavier says:

Thank you. You’ve always been a light at the end of the tunnel and you keep showing me I’ve got my own light too if only I can trust myself.

Dorothy says:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring story with us. A true example of the real meaning of Christmas. Peace, love, joy, & abundant blessings to you and yours! ~Dorothy

Ellen-Ananda says:


John says:

Who is the one doing the helping? This is of the heart, to open the heart.

Carole says:

Great story, although I thought you were going to tell us that you gave him your new shoes too!! We love you!!! Someday I will meet you!! I have been your biggest fan sicne the 70’s….Blessings to you for a wonderful Christmas!

John says:

Identity. How is this decided? I am separate from the person who needs food. In some ways yes and in some ways no. Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden. Who said that? What does this have to do with identity?

Aridiastri says:

Thx u dr dyer for your work..you really change my life..greeting from indonesia

Vegard, Oslo-Norway says:

You are my inspiration, Wayne. Thank you so much. I love you. Merry Christmas to you and your family

Corinne says:

Thanks for sharing your experience, time, energy & food with someone who needed the fuel. I love the ripple effect of such actions. On a separate note my boyfriend prefers foot freedom. He’s found dressy shoes, & he can feel the ground, through vivo barefoot. There are great “barefoot” shoes (Not the point of your story, but worth sharing.)

Lisa says:

I was able to let go of all my lifelong negative ego and was instantly changed, putting God back in my life but this time letting go of the past, which includes yesterday! You opened my eyes to a whole new life of possibilities. My husband has since asked for a divorce and I have peace and joy anyway!

Lisa says:

2 months ago, I was in severe depression and read excuses begone, it was like a light switch, instant change, last night, my sil was going through similar mind issues from childhood. I sent her the book, she has been on YouTube watching your teachings. Thank you Wayne Dyer for being Gods instrument!

David says:

I had a pen run out of ink in Kandy, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka. A tiny deformed man on a wheeled cart offered a pen to me so I could finish my diary entry. That night he invited me in to see the Royal dancers. Our culture devalues such individuals. How wrong that idea is.

Mady says:

What a beautiful gesture! Reminded me of : A good Man is but a bad Mans Teacher, a bad Man is but a good Mans job.There is so much to do and so little time. Thanks for setting an example. Namaste Dr.Dyer

Meeta says:

Thanks Dr. Dyer. I was one of the blessed people who were in the audiences for this PBS tapping. Thanks for changing the way we look at the things now. I will definitely meet you one day to say “Thank You”.

StoryofMinaJade says:

Dearest Wayne,
Thank you for those awesome thoughts. A couple of years ago I have read your book and I use it since then. I received it from my best friend, so it was a dear memory anyway. It did help!

pam says:

Sounds similar to something my Dad did when I was a child. I never forgot it and it had a huge impact on me. Thanks for sharing Wayne.

zhalee says:

We should find opportunities because this time never come back to us. At this time we can help to each other and love people. Thank you Dr.Dyer.

Mucunda says:

It is another miracle in life; I love sandals too, like those which wear Hermes (mercury) .
Any things can happen if we are aware, as you say. Have a wonderful time and try to write a blog about your new book and please do not forget your autobiography
Send a hug to Ran dass

Kyndra Pruitt says:

I just posted a note on my Facebook page called “2011: the Best Worst Year of my Life … So Far :)” where I told my FB friends about hitting my definition of rock bottom only to discover the abundance of love in my life and life in my love.

Kyndra Pruitt says:

What started out as a downer letter about the tragic death of my toy pup turned into an inspiring message, encouraging my FB friends to see the blessings in tragedy. Saying “we are all Gods children” I must of read this note 29 times. So proud of my wisdom

Kyndra Pruitt says:

I wanted to post my essay on Wayne’s FB page only to see the title of his latest note, I was really impressed with myself now, I had to come tell you. Not only have i survived a huge blow, but i’m starting to think like Dr.Dyer! Great minds…;) i must express my gratitude to Wayne and HayHoyse, ur teachings helped me through this year.

Kenneth says:

Every day we are given opportunities to reach out to others in love and compassion. How many times do we miss them when caught up in our own struggles? Thank you, Dr.Dyer, for lighting our way. Today, of all days, I needed your message.

Sonca says:

Bless you for seeing the God in Ken that is in each of us. Would to God that we could all see with God’s eyes and love with God’s heart.

Chris says:

Dear Wayne Thank you for all you have done for me and ever other soul you have touched. I love the line I should have known that the Universe had something in mind. I live that way , because of you and Louise. It’s such a beautiful way to live this life. Playing a host to our God instead of a hostage to our ego. Peace my friend. Christopher

Manou says:


Ed says:

As all of Wayne’s wonderful stories, truly inspiring. Isn’t it interesting how the universe provides the opportunities we most need to experience: Good or Bad by our misguided perception!

Jackie says:

This post reminded me of a song two of my friends wrote after meeting a ‘Ken’ in Houston. It’s called ‘See Myself in You’. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Merv22Dn2g

Charlene says:

Ken was blessed to be validated with the message that unconditional love does exist. God Bess you Dr. Dyer.

Bill says:

Love this story. Life is so simple all we need is to know the God that created me created them too. That Jesus was sent here to teach us not to die for us.

Denise says:

Dear Wayne,
I want to thank you for saving my life. I have read many of your books and attended a lecture of yours. My life today is amazing thanks to all your wisdom. You are my number 1 spiritual teacher! (hear that Eckart?) Wishing you good health in the New Year. Namaste.

Maria Barbu says:

I encuntered Mother Theresa, in 1990 Being a student I was sent to pick an interview! Her eyes looked at me with love and huge kindness! Perhaps, you feel tha same type of love looking at Ken or anybody else, feeling that all of us are God’s children!

Mercedes says:

I can only say, Thank you Wayne for reminded us to become present at any moment and allow to see the face of God in every human being!

Tina Crumpacker says:

Lovely story, thanks for sharing it. How fortunate you were to have God show up in your life on that day.

Virginia says:

Bless you, entertaining un-announced angels in disguise, yes? Each of us could find ourselves in Ken’s shoes. (Healthcare costs, etc.) You are helping, kind Doc. Virtual hugs.

Gwynn says:

Such a beautiful story. I’m going to San Francisco to see my 30 yr. old son who is now in treatment. I will tell him this story when he calls tonight. I’m in Texas and he has grown to appreciate you, Wayne, and I know his sobriety is just the first step toward the job that lies ahead of him. You are such an inspiration to him. Thank you!

maryam says:

Small acts of kindness go so far! You remind me of this everyday. I have opened up my mind and have become less judgmental of people. I always put myself in other people’s shoes before I think negatively or judge them. You are a great inspiration! Thank you!

fg says:

Thank you Wayne!!*-)

Raya says:

I specifically noticed your footwear twice when I saw you in Tampa. When I saw that you were wearing sandals at the airport something felt resolved and complete. Thank you for sharing the wonderful and inspiring experience regarding your shoes. In the future I will intentionally look at your shoes and I’ll think of Ken and send him Love.

dp says:

Thanks, Dr. Dyer! Let us all continue to smile, to give, to serve and to love. dp