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Trust Our Loving Source

Today’s message is my 100th blog entry on HealYourLife.com. I send love and gratitude to all my fellow travelers this Thanksgiving. Thank you for your inspiring stories, your energy, your devotion, and your faith in a better world!

When I lived in New York, I had a cat named Schlum. Every October and November I noticed that his coat would get thicker in preparation for the coming winter months—even though the current temperatures might be mild or even warm, Schlum’s fur would be in the process of changing. I remember thinking about this fact and being in awe of the great Source of All Creation. There must be millions of cats, dogs, beavers, rabbits, rats, horses, and other fur-bearing animals living in the Northern Hemisphere who go through the same process every year—and our Source never forgets a single one of them.

One August when I visited a dingo farm in Brisbane, Australia, I was told that the wild dogs were shedding their coats for the upcoming Spring. Spring after August? I thought, before remembering that the seasons follow opposite patterns in the Southern Hemisphere. Wondering if this would be confusing to God, I asked the zoo curator what would happen if a dingo was shipped on an airplane to New York in August—would its coat go from thinning to thickening, since winter would now be following summer? 

“Happens all the time,” the curator said. “We fly them up there, and when they arrive, their coats start to thicken up.” Amazing, isn’t it? Now, if God remembers to adjust the coat on a dingo flying on a 747 from Australia to New York, surely He doesn’t forget us!

All of our life experiences—the struggles, the falls, the victories, the lessons, the emerging talents, all of it—is orchestrated by our Source. Be mindful of this fact: Whatever we decided upon with our Creator in advance of our manifestation into form is playing out right now. We must strive to always consciously remember that God hasn’t forgotten us—even though our egos may have edged God out—because He can’t forget us. Our infinite self is only here for a few moments in eternity. But even though we’re on loan for this temporary human experience, we’re never ever forgotten by God, the Source that provides us and everything else that lives and breathes with the energy, to sustain life. So we need to continually trust that the organizing intelligence of our Source, which is always operating in the Universe, is ever-mindful, and provides us with every blessing in abundance.

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Lynn says:

Amen Wayne!!

Patricia says:

How apropos your message is to me!! I’ve been out of work since April of 2011 and I’ve had to sell my home and place all my belongings in storage. I’m reminded by your words to “trust in our source” and to affirm that “whatever I desire is already present and on its way”. Thanks for all you do ~ You are truly a gift!!

Wayne says:

My life has been turned around because of you Wayne, your teachings came to me at a very tumultuous time and I was able to find peace within, thank you very much and I wish you all the best in life 🙂

Kelvin says:

My mother has gallbladder cancer and we were estranged for many years due to my violent past derived from years of bullying at school. I made the choice to cry and apologise to my mother and in turn help her release the negative to trigger the healing process.

Ling says:

Thank you for your powerful words. Happy Thanksgiving.

Erika says:

I lived in Germany when I started to listen to your work. My English was not good at this time and I did not understand everything, but just your voice was powerful enough to make me feel better. I can’t find the right words how much u helped me to shift my life. Where would I be today without you? Thank you!

Lisa P says:

Dr Dyer, read your books I have changed my way of thinking and my life changed instantly.I came out of a deep depression and will never be the same. My husband asked for a divorce yesterday, this is the second time and he means it. How can I keep my peace and follow my intentions with all of this madness going on around me?

Jeff says:

Wayne, I have followed your programs for 20 years and I have about every program you created. I have seen you in person a 2 times. I always look forward to the next program and I am very thankful for you and your message. I just wanted to say thanks for being the inspiration you are being to me and many others. Love you and god bless.

Tom says:

Thank you Dr..Dyer. You are a gift to our world. Perhaps a true angel from God. You inspire me to be a better person in all aspects of life….

Phyllisann says:

Thank you for the inspirational interview on YouTube “Dr Wayne Dyer’s Leukemia & John of Gods Healing” your core message really brought together beliefs that I have always felt and known but not heard in words from others. I am so looking forward to your new book !

Sheila says:

Thank you for the reminder that God hasn’t forgotten. I have a winter coat but I have been seeking my life partner and I am still waiting for him to show up for me. I hope the time is close for God to send him my way, so “I seek and yea shall find.” and “ask, and it shall be given.”

B.Ra Zen says:

“Whatever we decided upon with our Creator… is playing out right now” and we have a healing contract to fulfill Wayne. God hasn’t forgotten. We’ve had this planned out for an eternity. Meditate on it, then find me. I’ll email. I love you.

Katherine says:

Thank you, Dr. Dyer!! You are helping me change my life. I listen to your CDs as I travel for work and they are so inspirational and bring me peace every time I play one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Donna says:

Thank you for all the ways you help us remember that our Source is always with us.

john says:

wayne i have been likeing your work since i heard pulling your own strings in the 90’s . I recently went to a christocentric prayer session and during the healing i got a psycic insight thaat you where one of my spirit guides along with a native american woman this was wierd as your a living man so i want to work out the connection

Nancy says:

Wayne- I have followed you since High School (I’m 30 now) My heart knows you are my soul life long teacher. This blog entry has especially touched me because I am learning to never lose faith in God and just surrender. I am reading a “Return to Love” my Marianne and I see pieces of you in her lovely words. Thanks!

Dennis says:

Coats? I am reminded of the “Divine Shopping Service,” as Jesus described it when dictating A Course In Miracles through Helen Schucman. He said: “Prayer can safely be very specific in little matters. If you need a coat, ask me where to find one. I know your taste well, and I also know where the coat is that you would eventually buy anyway.”

firoozeh says:

Hi, dear DR.wayne dayer my life has been affected from 1years ago because of your inspiring words and divine blog ,Profoundly effect im moslim but you have presented a new lovely view to my insight ,unconditional love ,trust in god and….thank you thank you Dr wayne.God bless you

Carla says:

Thank you for the Aware Show, aired 10/27/11. I have experienced the same thing as Annetta during an initiation, while attending Transference Healing-Mystery School. I experienced being unconditional love and experienced being “I AM”. Since then I have been caught up in 3rd dimensional issues again.Hearing her story reminded me of who I really am.

Jennifer says:

I never thought of e.g.o. as meaning edge God out. Dr Wayne, you have an amazing way to help us see things differently and you inspire me everyday. Thank you for your messages. Much love.

Mucunda says:


Stoyana says:

Happy Thanksgiving! I love you so much, Dr Wayne! You are a miracle I can touch right here, right now, at this very moment. I am so grateful for your existence. I love you!

Chris says:

Happy thanksgiving to all. Today I had such a wonderful day. Because I when to mass with a dear friend and found the priest talking to us ( we thought) when he talk about Patients & Perseverance and now Wayne is saying Trust our loving Source two great things to remember this holiday season. Thanks Wayne

Suseela says:

When we say we remember something, there is suggestion that there is a period of not- knowing; But GOD Knows – all Knowing – Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent- Supreme Universal Consciousness present at all times. Thanks for sharing your gift of Love Dr. Dyer!

Jason says:

Mircales such as the dingos in Austrailia lead me to feel, learn, and understand things differently which in turn leads to more questions, learning, and unlimatly more understanding until the next mircale happens to change, or better yet deapen that which I have been blessed to understand.

m says:

love the different layers of meaning…the adapting, trusting source…so much
….just hung up on one thing….the caging of an animal…..seems unnatural. Thank you Wayne! Message received.

Marvelous Margaret says:

A great way to start Turkey Day! Family, Macys Day Parade and your blog!! What a wonderful message. Thank you!!! Have a Thrilling Thanksgiving!!

m says:

thank you Wayne. love the message…and I love you. Hugs and love to you and Ram. Thank you.