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Be a Swimmer

While visiting downtown San Diego last spring, I took a walk on the waterfront to watch the ships sailing on the bay. A bicycle bell sounded behind me and I looked around to see the smiling face of a “cabbie.” This enterprising young man was offering me a free ride in his pedicab, the modern-day version of a rickshaw. With no set fee for the ride to any particular hotel or store or restaurant destination, his income depended on the good will of his customers—who most likely would give him a tip suitable to the value of the trip. This is enterprise—offer a service that people want and need and let the income you require flow to you. Remember the old saying, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it”? You can give the Universe a chance to support your hopes and dreams by putting your best efforts into them. Many years ago, I set out across the country with a carload of a book called Your Erroneous Zones, determined to make a market for my work. I needed an opportunity to reach my dreams and so I set off to make one—one bookstore, radio station, and newspaper office at a time. Be a swimmer in the vast and welcoming sea of opportunity!




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Tara says:

When I became pregnant I instantly knew, as did my husband, that we did not want our daughter raised by a day care. However for several years we lived on two incomes, mine being the larger of the two. While on maternity leave an offer came to us out of nowhere. I have not worked a full time job in two years now. It’s been great.

Tina says:

I was about 17 or 18 when I purchased a copy of Your Erroneous Zones, it is still to date the only self help book I’ve read all the way through, that was 33 years ago…

Hazel allen says:

One more thing, Your new book “Excuses Be Gone ” is awesome, This is another way to get you swimming to your ship that seems not to come in. The coment above is: I’m joining the C.I.M Ministry…It’s your inspiration that helped me find mine..Thank you again.

Hazel allen says:

I am newly divorced…and was totally lost…your books have given me the desire to swim..after being a mother and wife for 42 years..no career..I am joing to the cim ministry to help others..I’m swimming, you’re never too old.
Thank you from my heart’

Cammie :) says:

Dr. Dyer, I have ALWAYS thought the way you describe! I see things at the end, and make it happen! I haven’t LIVED that way because of those pesky excuses my head was filled with and I started to believe! At age 41, I have some GREAT opportunities and it is because of the NO EXCUSES way of thinking!! Thanks for reaffirming that for me.

Theresa says:

Not an easy thing to do, to swim out to that ship, but I do understand what you mean. I have heard that God helps those who help themselves, so this is pretty much what you are saying here. Thank you so much…you are an inspiration!

John III says:

I’m looking forward to October . There is one person I would like you tell you about. He is a special person in our community. His name is Dr. Issam Neemeh. He has changed thousands of peoples lives. He has filled arenas, helped thousands. He is Love. God Bless You, Jack


Your words ALWAYS hit a chord with me. But these in particular as I have been struggling to find meaning in my life. As the water is such an essential part of my life, this advise resonates incredibly. Thank you for this. I will start swimming today. My deepest wishes for a quick recovery as well.

Dave says:

Dr. Dyer,

Your words, spoken or read, are one of life’s greatest comforts. I am greatly blessed by your presence in my home and with me as I travel. Your work has changed my life. Your analogy of the wake of the boat, and now being a swimmer in the sea of opportunity sets me as ease in “allowing”. What a sense of peace!

Charlotte says:

Enjoy your day Dr. Dyer, all. I am swimming always have. But whereto is the question. Integrity and love I would like to think. Money perhaps, perhaps not. Health , yes. Make the choice that helps you live.


If I can pass anything on to you, Absorb everything DR.D has to offer and use it as a journey in to know you and what you want! don’t use it as a map out as everything you need you already posses I guarantee it, but I have told you the secret but you must learn the secret on your own.


I learned that you must not want anything but desire with love for everything and if you help others along the way you can’t stop the magical good we force into our life. After learning the secret I looked back on my child hood and felt sorry for the little boy who ate out of trash cans, and I let go of the anger and self pitty. .


I found through teaching others that I needed DR.D and other spiritual leaders to guide me inward, and I have been blessed to learn to use them as my street lights on my journey inward. Every choice we make everything we do has a ripple that crosses the earths path.


I spent a better part of my life searching for the “SECRET” but through my studies I found the answer! the answer has always been that the secret is…… their is no Secret! Thats the true secret to life, we contain all of the answers and everything we need to be a success!

Michael says:

Your words always find just the right place in my heart. Thank you for being a constant and unrelenting source of inspiration for me.



I can tell you from personal experience I was homeless on the streets until about 11 yrs of age eating out of trash cans and the whole bit and illiterate until 6th grade! I ran with gangs, and everything in between and I am now a motivational speaker, soon to be author, and I have made millions predicting real estate and stocks all self taught.

Adriana says:

Wayne, you are such an inspiration to us. It is especially important during these times to keep encuraged so we will continue to swim in the right direction and not let the current take over. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep us up to date on the Lukemia diagnosis and treatment. We love you and you are very important to us!

Jafi says:

Dr Dyer,
I am so grateful for all your wisdom. You have inspired my life. I am sailing. Can’t wait to see you in Santa Monica.
“Love & Light to you always.

Donna says:

Dr Dyer this has so much meaning for me. I started off surrounding myself with my dream for some time now, and feel myself needing to move forward. The words “Swim To It” will be my new phrase. I will send you an autographed copy of my children’s book when it gets published. Namaste,

tyson says:

As always a good read, I think a lot of us struggle with going about that backwards, we look for a job or life style that we think will bring us income and stability, not that there is anything wrong with income and stability;however they in themselves will not bring the joy and contentment we are truly seeking.

Megan Bord says:

What a perfectly timed post, as I’m finishing up my first book draft and all kinds of subconscious fears are creeping in. Thank you for talking about what you did with Your Erroneous Zones (and look at you now!), and for this wonderful inspiration. Namaste!

Louis says:

Awesome, Wayne! Thanks for the Inspirado, amigo!

Pamela Jimenez says:

Hi Dr. Dyer,
This blog came at the right time. Thank you. I seemed to have been a passive student, waiting for that ship to finally come in. Its been 3 years and no ship. Meditating, praying, & affirmations are necessary, but so are the action steps. I guess I should start swimming! Thanks again. Namaste.

Samantha says:

Because you chose to be a swimmer, Dr. Dyer, I have been able to create a life worth living! The value of your work in my life is inexplainable and limitless!