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It’s About Joe

I hope everyone has a chance to see The Shift , my new movie from Hay House.

It’s about the shift that happens in every life when we realize that we want to be something more. That’s be something in the spiritual sense when we examine ourselves to see if we are realizing our potential, singing our song, giving the world what we came here to contribute. It’s when we begin looking for opportunities to help, to serve, and to create. My favorite character in the movie is a guy named Joe. He’s a quiet, in-the-background sort of guy, but as the movie progresses you realize that he has been around quite a bit, interacting with all the major characters. Watch for him—reaching out, serving, caring, noticing the little things. You assume he must be the handyman, the gardener, the room service attendant.

Eventually, you learn more about him and find yourself amazed at how little you noticed his presence, but how important his presence is to the experience of the movie. He’s one who has made the shift and through his loving service, his happiness, he helps others move in the direction they are called to go.

Look for Joe in the movie—and in the world around you—he’s there.




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Tara says:

Those who make the biggest changes in our life do it quietly.

Charlotte says:

I am becoming Joe. : ) Things fluctuate. There are important times to support, provide, learn and relax. I also see trees the way the mother-artist does.Thank you. I wish I had a piano to play : ) To combine the touchable plane of life with the abstract. It is the balance that is coveted. Thank you for your addition to this solution.

Chinkee says:

I cried almost the whole time over this movie. The messages were so profound and it touched something within me. I just loved it! Joe was also my favorite character. So simple, yet such a font of wisdom. You can tell he’s been around and picked up all the lessons behind his experiences. Thanks Dr. Dyer, this movie is such a gift! Namaste!

Samantha says:

Wonderful movie! Dr. Dyer, you’ve changed my life. You have helped me overcome personality traits that were ruining my life. I keep your books close by all the time so I never feel alone. Your words have brought comfort to a life that most would have given up on a long time ago.
Thank you.

Roberta says:

Loved the movie so much I watch it and re watch it. It was very empowering to me for I was searching for my purpose. With the help of Dr.Dyer I am happy to say that I am on my journey to get healthy, started a new blog of my own.

Bill Bruno says:

Love your work, Wayne. Listening to “Excuses Begone” today on PBS, regarding the wood floor your son-in-law installed for you…….you said, “If I had to do it, it would never get done”. Gotcha!!

cynthia says:

enjoy your blog…..would you consider commenting on your recent change of diet and its spiritual impact on your life? mahalo, cynthia savage

Donna says:

I saw “The Shift”, and it was great. I think he was my favorite character also. By accepting my purpose helps me to have more time to learn more about myself. During my adventure in life, when ever I come across a road block. I just simply ask God to give me all of his goodness and light. Instead of asking for what I am lacking. Namaste

Jean says:

I identified with the lady with the kids who wanted to paint. Like her, there had to be more to life than raising kids and cleaning house. I ‘m now exploring my potential in different ways. Thanks for the inspiration, Dr. Dyer.

jeff says:

Joe sounds like a blooming flower as opposed to the crash of lightning that we so often expect from communication these days.

Jennifer Stapleton says:

I am touched in my heart right now to think of how close the internet connects each of us. You have been on my mind for about the last 4 days! I see myself having lunch with you some time in our future! I thank you for living your life the way you do and trusting your messages!