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Be a Visionary

A caller to my radio show told me the following story: she had survived a terrible earthquake in her native country, lost her husband in that quake, emigrated to the U.S. with her surviving child, and worked to put that child through college. Now she was trying to follow her dream of establishing a charitable organization to help disaster victims, but she was becoming discouraged because her vision wasn’t materializing as quickly as she’d hoped.

Could someone who had come so far through so much really afford to be discouraged?

I told her in no uncertain terms to hang on to her dream. Be willing to hold the vision!

All of us are here for a purpose; when you find that purpose, hold the vision regardless of what difficulties or obstacles may surface. Holding the vision involves an unwillingness to compromise what you’re visualizing. It means being willing to face setbacks and what appears to be an uncooperative universe.

Even if you’re not convinced that you can make something happen that has never happened before, try creating a vision of your authentic self, destined to do great things, enjoy fulfillment, happiness, and success, deserving of the best that life has to offer. When that happens, you’ll be a vibrational match to the Source of all, and this new receptivity will become your way of life. When anything crops up that’s inconsistent with this vision, take the advice of Lao-tzu: “In order to eliminate the negative influences, simply ignore them.” Such words are so simple, yet so profound.

Hold on to your vision and make it your reality.

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Ellen Bergstrom - "Greenbridge" says:

Thanks again Dr. Dyer for sharing another inspiring story. I will never forget my biggest dreams and know that I can accomplish them. I have plenty of “music” left in me that has not yet been heard and I fully instead to play that music!
Brightest Blessings and continued healing for you and yours.
–Ellen Bergstrom

JG says:

Hermoso mensaje,,muchas gracias. Siempre me hace sentir mejor lo que escribe y piensa!!!

Jackson Dunes says:

Very nice post. This kind of message should be taught in schools starting at an early age. My vision? To bring a positive message (through my Pug At The Beach books) to young women worldwide so they may begin life with self esteem and self worth.

Chuck Dean says:

Congratulations Dr. Dyer – your article is so profound and enlightening! I too have been wanting to start a charity. I just can’t decide who needs the help the most. I would love to get some advice from you. 🙂

Vince says:

Dear Dr. Dyer, Namaste and Happy Birthday! You are well loved, and a guide to so many. I wish you many blessings for all the hope and happiness you have given to this world.

narges says:

One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest
One bird can herald spring
One smile begins a friendship
One star can guide a ship at sea
One word can frame the goal
One laugh will conquer gloom
One hope will raise our spirits
One touch can show you care
One heart can know what”s true
You see, it”s up to you

narges says:

Hi . Happy Birthday
I like Yor told , I like your books . you are a perfect man from my looking
sorry if my Senance are wrong , because my regional language is persian . I am from iran

Elizabeth Parkinson Bellows says:

I’ve always had stories running through my head, but thought it would be a crazy idea to do anything with them. With inspiration from your books and purpose in my heart, I started writing. My first book is set to be released in June. Thank you for giving my crazy idea a voice! Happy Personal New Year!

Marie says:

Happy Birthday!

John W. Moore says:

Just been listening to the book on Intention…this affirms what i have always thought IT should be , and your impeccable logic rings true to my soul…i am currently acting within this sphere of influence…am giving in to the inevitable Source of All…will keep you posted as to the results…Blessings…JWMoore

Sheryl says:

I cant make it to the I Can Do It in Toronto this year (this weekend) and am so disappointed…:( You inspire me so much! I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday, and an amazing Conference…Take Care

Sheryl says:

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today. It is also my daughters 22nd birthday, I so enjoy reading your work, and was so fortunate to hear you in person in Toronto last year at I Can Do It…and was so honored when you shook my hand in the elevator after your session… 🙂

Jackie says:

Happy Birthday Wayne! God bless you on your special day. One of your purposes has been to get the powerful spiritual messages out to the masses since so many people connect with you.Your next endeavor with the”I Am” Discourses will be powerful. I was introduced to them in 1986. Thank you for your efforts and all you bring forward to us. Namaste.

Adi says:

P.S. By the way, although I live in Iran, I was successful in buying one of your DVD products called Shift and some other books… the DVD was great. Watching it is always enjoyable; even watching it over and over. Your voice always gives me a lot of energy! How I can describe my great feeling by these weak words? I LOVE YOU!

Adi says:

…I tried to call you several times but I’m sure I will be able to be successful in talking to you in your live shows in the future!
I wish you a long life with blessing and health. I wish you joy and happiness.
Happy Birthday again,
Love You!

Adi says:

…As a faithful fan, I always listen to your Hay-House radio shows, although most of time it is impossible as the internet speed is such as a snail in Iran, but I always keep awake to listen to your live shows and record them on my voice recorder.

Adi says:

…You have always been my great spiritual teacher. About 10 years ago, I have read one of your great books called Manifest Your Destiny and it totally and completely changed my whole life and by this way I’d like to appreciate you.

Adi says:

Hi dear Dr. Wayne Dyer,
This is Adi, one of the readers of your books in Iran.
At first, here I want to say a very warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! It is really my pleasure to say greetings for such a nice and blessed anniversary.

Maria says:

Hi Dr Dyer I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday
And so you know is my Birthday to I was born 05/10/1950 in Poland, I came to USA in 1981, since I become naturalized citizen of our beatiful country. I would like you to know that you impacted my life in a very positive way.
Thank you and celebrate your Birthday, I will too.

Tony says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for your positive messages and a happy birthday to you.

Mandy says:

I love to read your books, listen to your CD’s however I am unable to locate what my purpose is. My mind wonders daily searching for that clue, that burning desire is there anyone that can help me find this path that I am supposed to be on cause the one I am on is not where I should be I do know that.

RITA says:

10 May 2011 Italian Time: 1230. BUON COMPLEANNO WAYNE!!! Enjoy!!
You have inspired me for 30 years! See you in Rome on 18 June! Auguri!!! Hugs Rita

Ian says:

You make such a difference to people lives . HELP ! Is there anyone that can help me getting 2 tickets for Dr Dyer’s performance at The Peacock Theatre in London on June 13th. It is sold out and I desperately want to go with a friend. Thank you

SHEILA says:

I have recently been diagnosed with a Disease – it got me pretty down. Then I found out that you had an illness also, BUT YOU DECIDED TO IGNORE IT AND LIVE FULLY EACH DAY ANYWAY! You are modeling wellness. Thank you!

Lane says:

Thank you, thank you for this! I am definitely holding on to my vision, no matter how long or how many obstacles along the way! Love you!!

Penny says:

I’ve so enjoyed your radio shows lately…I love your passion…one of the callers was asking why all the drugs and anti-depresents just weren’t working for her. I found that very exciting, can you just imagine as more people start to realize this? The natural changes happening…right down the line. All my love.

~g6brandt~ says:

Patience is all we need to accomplish our intended goals, but what I think you are trying to reveal here is that all of us, …… we all need to practice giving patience first in order to be patient in our endeavors…… ~g6brandt~

shahnaz says:

Dear Dr.Dyer
I know my vision and my purpose of my life is to helping those kids in need , that help me to be wear of everything , and with the pure Love and be a one with others and forgiveness can heal my cells and back to the earth as a new born baby , like Anita and Shahnaz

Love you

Jussi says:

Very often the best things in life are the simpliest, sometimes even so simple that we don’t see them at first. Thanks again for your wise words.

shahnaz says:

With the Second chance, I survived from the earth quick and I did back to my body after few hours because of carrying my two years old baby, asking me for water and hungry for her milk trapped under 7 floors building and at the other side my husband body .I was getting ready to Crosse over ; asked my God ! For MY Mission,


Ray says:

Why would an all loving source allow earthquakes? If we subjected our neighbors to the same terror and violence could we say we’re “all loving” too?

Christine Boegh says:

Dear Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I think I have read this post five times now. I am still rebuilding myself after chaos but now I just think that I have to let the answers come to me. I know my vision now I have to listen. Thank you.

sami says:

all good prays for your good vision

anna says:

It is responding to anti thyroid drugs and I read today in the Tao to “surrender to the natural course of my body’s destiny” Again, not the proper place, but if you Dear sweet Dr. Dyer or anyone has any input, could you please share with me how to find the way? Namaste,

anna says:

Kalinitka Everyone,
This is probably not the proper place to ask a question, but I am losing my sense of vision due to thyroid disease & its complications. I am due to have it totally removed next week Thursday and I do NOT wish to do this. I feel God designed it, it did not ask to get ill.

Minerva says:

So shame beside the mingling with learned helplessness is this of being an addiction…and making vicious circles…and a stone in middle to avoid change only and until we put shame behind us…is too much info for one single night…


Dear Dr. Dyer, thanks again for your kind words, and thank you for letting us become better everyday.
God Bless You

Willam says:

Thanks for this explanation about holding your vision,I was needing it,Your comment is realy helpful at this uncertain times.
Thanks for all your teachings, I understand now why are we here.

Summer says:

Stay focused on the vision. The judgement and negativity can be so hurtful. Why is it so hard to express what i feel and want? I just want to live in a place where I feel that love, peace and calm. I believe in you, I believe in me. I can do this, it’s supposed to be hard to leave your husband and i just want someone to love me for me.

Alessandra says:

I am experincing this since Iread you and Louise,miracles are happening every day,dreams come true,just if I think about something with love,positive attitude,enthusiasm,joy and deep emotion.Thank you for every word ,thank you for being a spiritual guide.

Joseph Wadas says:

Why is the windshield so much larger than the rearview mirror? Perhaps because we are to look forward rather than look back. A look back can see only setbacks, past failures, regrets, negativity. A look forward focuses on visions for the future, limitless horizons. Thank you for the reminder, Dr. Dyer. Namaste!

lee says:

Dear Dyer, thank you for your wisdom, and it helps me a lot these days. I have read your book Inspiration for several times, and I just love it. Best wishes to you.

Jan says:

Dear Wayne. Few months ago i stopped having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for me that is a real wonder. The sentence to eliminate the negative influences, simply ignore them is exactly what helped me! Thank you

JILL says:

I have always had (very clearly) in my knowing I was designed for greatness yet for most of my life my fear and doubting settled for mediocrity. One day I woke up and decided to follow my knowing. What did I have to lose? It is unfolding in ways I could not have fathomed before. I am ready and willing to receive. I was not before. Thanks.

Janice says:

Thank you for the reminder Dr Dyer. Your words are a source of inspiration to me regularly and I am most grateful that you found your purpose and followed it 🙂

tracey says:

my vision is the reason of which I believe that makes it happen