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Being Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
— The Prayer of St. Francis

You can become an instrument of peace in any given moment of your life by deciding that you are not going to use your mind for anything other than peaceful thoughts. This may sound extreme to you when you take into consideration all the difficult people you have to deal with, your financial picture, the illness of a close relative, the inconsiderate boss you must face, the taxes you owe, as well as outrageous traffic delays, and on and on. Try taking a breather from your habit of continuously looking for occasions to be non-peaceful. Go to that quiet, serene peaceful place within you that is covered by the outer layers of your material life. It is here that you know what being an instrument of peace means. Here, your emphasis is on giving, rather than receiving, peace.

When you are an instrument of peace, you are not seeking anything, you are a peace provider. You do not seek peace by looking into the lives of others and wishing that they would change so that you could become more peaceful. Rather, you bring your own sense of calm to everyone you encounter. You do not go about viewing every circumstance of your life in terms of whether it meets with your standard of peace. Rather, you bring your peaceful countenance to the chaos you encounter and your presence soothes the outer turmoil. Even if the turmoil continues, you have the freedom to choose a peaceful thought, or to quietly remove yourself from the immediate scene. How do you do this? Repeat the words of St. Francis that appear above. Chaotic moments are times to remember that you will not gain your peace from anyone else and that you choose to bring peace to every life situation you encounter.

The most important moments for cultivating this awareness are when you find yourself right smack in the middle of a tumultuous exchange, when someone is argumentative, surly, or irrational and you sense yourself falling into the pandemonium. Usually, in such moments your inclination is to blame all of the external forces for your absence of peace. Begin to look at these situations in a totally new way, one that will help you not only become a delivery person of calmness, but will make you a more reliable and steadfast instrument of peace.

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Nancy says:

The prayer of St. Francis has been my all time favorite for most of my life! Read the whole prayer if you get the chance. Make me an instrument of your peace!

Heather says:

thank you so needed this tonight !!


Silence of the mind is the best form of peace. Love driven actions is the materialization of peace. How do they connect? Breathing and meditation are the link.

urmil says:

Thank you Dr.Dyer, I have been reading your books since 1980. They are a tremendous source of inspiration. May “God Bless You” for the wonderful help you have been providing!!

Laura says:

Thank you Wayne. As I was not a peaceful person, and I was not an instrument of the peace, this article enlightened me and made me think about it. And now I will practice your advice to become an instrument of the peace.

manuela says:

Thank you dr Dyer. I’m writing you from Sardinia,Italy. I am 33yrs old, and I’ve never had a relationship. I know I am pretty, I love myself and I believe I deserve a relationship, but I haven’t found, I haven’t attract the right person. what can i change? How an I attract the right person for me? Thank you. Sorry for this.

Susie says:

Thank you, Dr. Dyer! You have been an inspiration for me for many years! This journey led me to my soulmate who now shares this with me & will take us to your doorstep in October. See you in Maui! Namaste, Susie

Nielle says:

I find this to be immensely challenging but am really working on it.
Other than repeating that St Francis quote, do you have other suggestions?
Often I lose the peaceful feeling in the car or at work where it’s difficult to take a meditation break…

Mia says:

You gave me the answer to exactly what I needed. THANK YOU.

anna says:

I so wish I could attend one of your sessions or workshops. I have many of your books and literally have the “Shift” memorized.
Namaste to my beautiful and gentle man of wisdom.

anna says:

“Make me this night an instrument of thine Peace and let my mind, heart, soul & spirit sing melodies in the night to remind me of just how blessed I am.
Love to you Dr. Dyer…star is still up there pulling off your leukemia..

anna says:

I cry tonight with all my stress and whine that I have no creamer for kaffee in the morning. And I am also aware that as I do this dispicable thinking…there are many in the streets of Phoenix just praying for a fan or a glass of cold water. I am ashamed of myself…so I pray to St. Francis…

anna says:

So I purchased Niko’s book on St. Francis, I have all Niko’s books and perhaps a lesson within for me?
In the meantime I pray Francesco’s prayer; “Abba…make me an instrument of your Peace”…I have to say the words
out loud to make them energy. I know deep inside I am an “instrument” as well as a “whiner”

anna says:

An abusive husband wearing me out. An alcoholic son wearing me out with all of their psychological warfare.
Not going to accept it…but a hard habit to break since abusive childhood.

anna says:

This particular piece by Dr. Dyer really is trying to get into my core…Good God…I need practice.
Cancer surgery for thyroid coming up soon. Cancellation of insurance…then re instated…cancellation of surgery and an angry surgeon.

anna says:

Late Sunday evening in the Desert. I cannot believer that there are no comments. I would have thought there would be no space available to even leave one.

John says:

It’s that “letting go” thing again… I love it when I’m in that place (what I call a “blank mind”) It’s indeed another world…
Thank you for reminding me (;

Amy says:

I’m working on this.

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

Remembering that someone else’s behavior says more about them than it does about us, can help us maintain an objective perspective and from that stand point maintain our peace of mind – it’s all in the mind, what we think produces our feelings and actions!

Vickie says:

I am the peace that I desire right now–my mantra.

sharon says:

Dr. Dyer
This entry into Peace, is truly easy. My God instructs me to just think of Him and I AM there. Such a treasure to enter in to His rest. Thank you so much for your spiritual direction. Today I was seeking this direction, then I
chose to read your blog. God Bless!
Sharon M. DeAngelo

Mucunda says:

I am in a period of metamorphosis right now, I hope I can get, peaceful and wisdom .
Nice article , it fit me very well .

Wilber says:

So we must learn to forgive, thus to love ourselves. I so enjoyed listening to your interview on the Aware show. Thank you Wayne Dyer for all the love you send out to the world.

Patrice Jacques says:

Dr. Dyer your words are soothing and brings such confirmation to where I am in my life. I’m experiencing true peace and never want to be void of it again. I’ve read your books lately and I truly believe that the pupil was ready to make the necessary changes and am now teaching others the benefits of aligning with the divine.

catherine says:

Once again, Dr. Dyer, your information comes at an opportune time for me to practice, Being Peace. Thank you so much. love catherine

MariaJosep says:

Dia duro: escena de ira y desamor con alguien a quien quiero mucho. He sido incapaz de mantener la paz mientras la otra persona hacia algo que yo creia incorrecto. He sido dura en mi juicio y en mis palabras. Sin embargo, mi alma sabe que no hay nada externo que pueda perturbarme. SENOR, HAZ DE MI UN INSTRUMENTO DE TU PAZ. Te quiero, Dr. Dyer.

michael says:

There is no way to Peace. Peace is the way. Namaste.

honrie@rogers.com says:

Hello Wayne
I love you! You are a guiding light and an awesome expression of inspiration for so many. Thank-you Wayne
If you are ever in Toronto and would like to recieve a reiki treatment it would only be my honor to be of service to you, as you have given me so much in my life

Kenneth says:

Being a peaceful presence is not that difficult. In the face of turmoil and chaos, taking one step back and looking at the situation allows us to breathe before reacting in a negative way. Then, we can consciously direct our reaction in a positive way. Being an instrument of peace is good for us and good for our world.

Diana says:

I really love this! peace within us is a priority – Keep up the good work!

patricia from spain says:

it is important to say here why we lose our peace and why we need to regain it – this just doesn’t really mean anything without this – peace for the sake of peace – being good for the sake of being good – what does it all mean? why are we supposed to be peaceful and good? we need to become peaceful because that is what most benefits us

Firdosh says:

Dear Dr.Wayne being peace is wonderful. I have always observed myself that giving peace will always receive peace also.

Deborah Charleston SC says:

Wayne,You are in my prayers! The amazing part about your words is that as an intuitive I sense your peace and strength.Since my father kept this prayer on his desk, I know my dad guides me to you. I live in some disharmony & I accept this more on my path now I help others to see their light.See you in Tampa.

Laura says:

I SO needed this message at this time in my life. I’ve been wrestling the demons of inner turmoil brought about by my own unpeaceful choices lately, forgetting in the heat of the moment that I DO have a choice–always–how to respond to what is going on in my world.

Penny says:

I love this. I’m sure it takes some practice to apply it in every area of your life, but once you recognize the feeling, it’s easier because it feels good!

Marylynn says:

This is wonderfully put at a time in my life where I needed it. Thank you Dr.Dyer for you insightful guidance and affirmation that it can be done.. I am working on just this.. I remember.. “Let me be a vessel of your peace”.. -smiles- loving grateful hugs..


Joseph Wadas says:

This is so true. We have the choice to be a thermometer or a thermostat. The thermometer merely reacts to the surroundings, hot when hot, cold when cold. However, the thermostat actually CHANGES the environment. True peacemakers are thermostats, not thermometers. Namaste!

Joshua says:

I like your image of the flame inside that doesn’t flicker. This is a tough one for me and probably the most important. However, I continue to affirm that my inner peace is not negotiable.

Lauren says:

I have been practicing getting out of my head (I call it cousin it hence “the ego”) and being in the present and feeling peace from within. Today’s blog was perfect for me. Eventhough I still stuggle, I am getting better at idenifying “cousin it” and stopping my mind. Is there a place for us to share experiences? Thanks