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Bend, Don’t Break, with the Wind

Having lived by the ocean for many years, I’ve observed the strength and beauty of the tall palm trees that grow at the water’s edge. These stately giants are able to withstand the hurricane-force winds that uproot and destroy many larger, older, and more majestic trees. What is the palm trees’ secret to staying in one piece through huge, devastating storms? They bend almost down to the ground at times, and it’s that ability that allows them to survive. The Tao invites us, too, to be resilient, elastic, and pliant when we face the powerful winds that are part of life. When destructive energy comes along, allow yourself to resist brokenness by bending. Look for times when you can make the choice to weather a storm by allowing it to blow through without resistance. How does this work? Be willing to adapt to whatever may come your way by initially allowing yourself to experience that potentially destructive energy, much like the bending tree in the hurricane. When criticism comes, listen. When powerful forces push you in any direction, bow rather than fight, lean rather than break, and allow yourself to be free from a rigid set of rules—in doing so, you’ll be preserved and unbroken. Keep an inner vision of the wind symbolizing difficult situations as you affirm: I have no rigidity within me. I can bend to any wind and remain unbroken. I will use the strength of the wind to make me even stronger and better preserved.




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pedja, belgrade says:

I would dare to say,this is one of the most important lession I ve ever heard.resist brokeness by bending. brilliant.the essential.the point with bending is letting go and letting god.it is not physical bending, but in your mind.when the wind starts to blow,imagine,visualize yourself to bend,lean,lie,touch the ground.dont be afraid of the outcome.

Marcia says:

I am new here. I am w/David. I feel like I have been bending for a long time. My sister and I haven’t spoken in over 4 months and now my family is not having Thanskgiving because we aren’t getting along. I have tried to make contact w/my sister but no acknowledgement. We have both hurt one another – but evidently too much…

christine says:

wonderfully said!I have trouble in life and this message really touched me.I hope I can overcome anything

Kyle Beckwermert says:

Stay connected, David

God is leading you in the right direction, let go and let god.

Kyle Beckwermert says:

The people coming into and out of your life is simply the universe playing with form. I know right now its hard to see that, but the source works in perfect harmony and everything arrives and leaves on time. Trust in this David. “The sun is always shining, behind the clouds”

Karin says:

David, write affirmations on a piece of paper. As Wayne teaches, read and say these affirmations just before you go to sleep. The subconcious mind will marninate in these positive thoughts while you sleep helping you to progress towards positive thoughts and changes Have the affirmations by your bed and read them every night.

Karin says:

Beautifully written. When you ‘bow rather than fight’ the energy moves to the top of the head. The focus is on the higher chakras, rather than the lower chakras. One also bows to God; God is everywhere.

Deborah says:

Take some time to get still and repeat this affirmation from A Course in Miracles:
I am as God created me.
His son can suffer nothing.
And I am His son.
You are never alone. Have faith and know that all is well.
Many blessings..

Penny says:

I’m also getting bent. I’ve stayed in bed when necessary, with faith, getting to know my own heart. It’s O.K. The world keeps turning yes, but it remembers us even though we’re one small part of it. I believe we come out only stronger. I’m keeping patience close to my heart and praying. Thank you. Dr. Dyer. Big changes happening! Again! Love Penny

evelyn says:

Dr wayne
I know that Iam doing something wrong because in spite of undertanding it I just still havent gotten it
i feel like my true purpose and love is somewhere inside of me but i keep turning at the wrong corner making the same mistakes how to you align yourself and find your PATH

David says:

I’ve been bending for weeks, I’m now at the point I can not get out of bed, it’s effecting my job & my health. My grandother who is the world to me is dying, my girlfriend left me & I’m a mess. Someone please help : (

Amrik says:

Within 6 months of hearing you on the radio I made it to Maui just to figure out why you would live in this place and it was no surprise as I experienced my own healing as winds of change came across my own ship in this beautiful healing place. As we head towards 2012 bend and dont break as the winds of change come our way.

Yvonne Anderson, Safe Space Coaching says:

The Tao and your book continue to inspire and amaze me! I too live with palms around and I love how you describe how they bend and remain unbroken. I am dealing with challenges whilst reading your book and many other Hay house authors. I can honestly say that I am seeing divine guidance everywhere…. One of these days I will connect with you 😉

Cherry Sanford says:

I loved this post, having lived many years on the Big Island. In a sense, the willingness to be flexible arises out of an understanding of the perfection of all things. I can bend with this situation because I know that all is well. Buddha said: “When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

When a challenge enters my life, I trust that God has a purpose for it. My faith allows me to relax and be at peace, knowing that all is exactly as it should be. In time, the value in the experience will be revealed to me and I will know why this was a necessary part of my life. There is no fear or resistance. All is well and I am at peace.

Donna says:

I live in Florida and I have always been amazed on how those skinny palm trees survive such winds. Very good way to explain flexibility. I will alway see that in a palm tree now, and what a great way to remind myself.

Penny says:

How do I trust my own perspective, this is still beyond me. Shouldn’t our experiences follow an education? Why am I in the unknown zone first, left to try to figure things out afterward. I need to understand at some level what it was I just experienced and how I can use it for the best. Thank You

Megan Clare Johnson says:

Wayne – I was married on Maui and received a gift from my husband of a palm tree necklace… I wear it everyday to remind me of that special day and to remember your description of the attributes of a palm tree. – Peace, Megan Clare Johnson

Tara says:

Great post as always!