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No Mountain Too High

Are there any life problems that seem beyond our power to overcome? Let’s think about that for a minute. In the face of life-threatening problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, excuses for feeling powerless like “It’s too difficult,” “It’s too big,” and “I’m not strong enough,” might spring to mind. Yet we know people who have beaten even these deadly and crippling problems. Two years ago, I had dinner in New York with Patti Davis, daughter of President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan. Patti had just published an essay on Newsweek’s “My Turn” page about her struggle with cocaine addiction and how grateful she would have been for the rehabilitation programs that celebrities today so often treat with utter disrespect. It’s one of the most honest essays I’ve ever read. At our dinner, Patti was celebrating five years of freedom from drugs. She acknowledged how powerful the comfort and pleasure of cocaine had been in her life, but she knew she would never go back to using it. How did she manage to stop? It wasn’t a reluctance to continue disappointing herself or her parents that finally made the difference. She stopped because she no longer wanted to disappoint God, that highest part of herself that all of us share as our connection to the Divine. We all have a place of well-being, bliss, joy, and perfection within us. We are called to be there and from that empowering place we can reach out as Patti has done to help others find it, too. With God, nothing is impossible, and when we align with Spirit, no excuses are needed.




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jonah says:

Dear Wayne, i am deeply grateful for the message you put out into the world, i am a recovering addict, and thru a 12 step program i stay clean 1 day at a time, but the beauty is that thru doing that i have found my way back to the source (god or however one wishes to call it) keep up the beautiful work! Namaste

Darlene says:

Hi Wayne! I am dropping the formality of Dr. and responding to a fellow spiritual being having a human experience. You are no ordinary human and the mllions of us that you have helped will be praying for healing as our thank-you for giving so much.You WILL write about this truth..Darlene

Amrik says:

I want to feel Good ! I have used this many times just re-wrote it on the fridge today if truely this is what you want to feel you will start to create the reality around yourself to this manifestation. Thanks for this peace of wisdom Wayne.

Nameste ,

wavemasta says:

I learned a valuable life lesson from you about forgiveness. It was that we all do the best we can given the level of consciousness that is available to us at that given moment. It was a real epiphany for me! Thank you again. I’d love to hear and read more about this important principal from you in the future.

Libertad says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer!!. Thank God for made me come to this country and meet a co-worker who let me know about “Your erroneous zones”. You have changed my life. I wish I could find all your books and CDs in Spanish so I can bring your messages to my family and friends in my country. They need a LOT of help. Good bless you.

Laura says:

Dr. Dyer I am filled with Gratitude for the lessons in life you have taught me through your “messenger writings” in all your books I have read.

I just finished Excuses Begone this morning and for the last month of reading and taking in these life lessons again I feel the shift in myself I have been trying to find all my life.


Donna says:

Dr. Dyer, I have always liked the quotation by Sir Edmund Hillary, “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Thank you for helping me look for the positive lessons and opportunities revealed from the upward climb.

Sandi says:

Saw you in Scottsdale friday.Your an awesome speaker we really enjoyed the show you looked incredible in person. an inspiration for anyone to see someone your age with vibrance and humor. really had such a great evening..Thanks

Gricelda says:

Hello Dr. Dyer. I’m writing to say THANK YOU for the amazing help you are giving me through your words in “Excuses Begone!” What a book! It is fantastic! You explain key concepts very clearly and for this I am indebted to you immensely. This is the book I was waiting for. THANK YOU.

Bobbe says:

Thank you for once again being the light on your journey. I just saw you talk about your new challenge. I see health and healing around you and know you will write about yet another journey. You have given so much and it has changed the way that I see life unfolding. Each day a prayer and a gift. Blessings!

Marcia Langley says:

My feet will not hit the floor in the morning before including you in my prayers….with love and gratitude

Shannon says:

Growing up, self esteem was a big issue with me. At the age of 12 I began looking for alternatives to my reality. For 10 years I used alcohol and drugs to “not feel anything”. Then one day I realized the “Perfect High” was from deep within and had no side effects. The power of believing is ever so strong!

Donna says:

Wonderful story about peeling off old layers and growning new ones. We all have things in our life that need to be looked at and left behind, and I am sure its part of the lesssons we have to learn here on earth. Namaste,

~ Yvonne says:

I heard you on the radio the other week and you said to a girl that Source didn’t create you to be 100 pounds overweight (something like that). This really resonated with me. Thanks for reminding me once again. x

Penny says:

Sacred Self mentions 4 stages of spirituality. The only one I remember now is the warrior. I want to pray for your health. Every morning starting Dec 1, 2009. 6:30 a.m. for 10 minutes, I want to visualize anything unhealthy leaving your body and being absorbed and cleansed through the earth or atmosphere. I hope this is O.K.

Penny says:

You showed me God in a way I could accept without fear. How do you thank someone for that? I listened to your interview with Dr. Northrup. My father was faced with the same challenge you face physically. He passed away of something altogether different. You’ve given so much of yourself, I want to give back.

Ann says:

I didn’t suffer addiction but was diagnosed as Bipolar. I stopped with the excuses & reached out to God. Surrendering all fears & taking responsibility changed my life. Thank you Dr. Dyer for all your help, it was partly through your books I was able to regain my wellness. Grateful to be able to re-visit the past with joy in my heart.

Love, Happiness,, BELIEF xo says:

Healing energy of love and wellness.. I too was faced with a diagnosis. Do not believe your diagnosis and it WILL NOT manifest, but heal your body with all things nourishing. And allow those of us to whom you have given so much, to help heal your wounds, including the emotional. You have been our blessing, we now stand ready to be yours!

Dennis Rodriguez says:

Wayne, I want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been. I am quitting my 8 year old job to follow my heart. Thank you for helping to keep it open. Please visit my blog. It is a 60 day countdown to Resignation Day that started 20 days ago.

Sandra J says:

Having qualified myself for every 12-step Group on our planet, I can’t tell you, Dr. Dyer, how thankful I am to have “discovered” you several years ago. You’ve made the past 10 years (of 21 years…”God willing and the Creek don’t rise”) of my recovery far more peaceful. Thank you!

Mary says:

It never ceases to amaze me that you can put things into immediate perspective and turn chaos into order! I also wanted to thank you for the generous discount on “The Shift”. I plan on getting more copies to give out during the holidays and send a few copies to our soldiers overseas.

priti says:

Namaste Dr Dyer!
Saw you on the BonnyHunt show today and got to learn of your new challenge-dealing with Leukemia. Thank You for being so inspiring and positive about the situation you are dealing with. You truly are a saint sent from above to teach and guide us.
I bow to you.

ginger says:

I saw you &your beautiful daughter on TV today! I was a recovering addict for 25 yrs – relapsed 7 months ago. I want to be free again -it seems impossible this time. I am 54 don’t have funds for treatment & am embarrassed – we had a tragic death in our family and I started drinking & smoking. I appreciate any help!

Janet says:

All that matter to me is God and my relationship with him. When I “Align with the Divine” I live my life in a way that pleases him. Right choices are effortless and all works out for my good and the good of all humanity. I want my life to be a reflection of God’s presence in this world. (I recovered from bulima, a food addiction.)

Allison says:

This was very apropos for me this morning. My brother-in-law is caught in a cycle of drugs and self-loathing and we are currently trying to help him out of it. I will print this and use it to help me lift him up. Thank you.

Paul says:

I stopped using drugs and alcohol because it conflicted with Who I want to Be. I try not to be judgmental about the choices I’ve made in the past, (albeit, at times, unsuccessfully) and rather praise the experience. Sometimes the choices I make remind me of Who I Don’t Want to Be. For that I’m grateful.

Paul says:

In a world so full of judgment, it comforts me to believe there is one source I can turn to that is without judgment and encourages me to remember Who I Am , from whence I come and calls to me to choose the Highest version of myself. I believe All choices emanate from God, or the Source, and therefore are divine.

gwynn says:

Being the mother of a drug addict/alcoholic, living off and on being homeless in San Francisco, I have gained much strength and understanding through your writings and teaching. He and I both have followed your book on the Tao and I know this has affected him greatly. We use your book as a guideline to serenity. Thank you.

Tara says:

We have so much power to over come so many things.

Kyle Beckwermert says:

“She stopped because she no longer wanted to disappoint God, that highest part of herself that all of us share as our connection to the Divine“

Wayne, you have helped me with this journey, more then you`ll ever know….
Thank you, one day i hope i can do the same, for someone else. Your inspire me.