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Dancing with God

Everyone knows the experience of “performance anxiety” whether you are a prima ballerina or a job candidate or a student taking a qualifying exam. Life is filled with what we think of as performance challenges.  The key word here is think because it’s really our thinking about these experiences that scares us—not the opportunity to show what we can do.

A way out of the “I’m scared” thought pattern is offered in A Course in Miracles. I have a special love for this weighty tome that tells us there are only two emotions we can experience: love and fear. Anything that is love cannot be fear, and anything that is fear cannot be love. If we can find our way to stay in a space of love, then fear is an impossibility.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous refrain from his first inaugural address, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” was crafted from Thoreau’s observation that “nothing is so much to be feared as fear.” These Tao men had it right—there really is nothing to be afraid of. We have no need to fear and we can accomplish anything for the simple reason that we are never alone. The presence of our all-loving Source banishes fear.

When you face a “performance” that might provoke the “I’m scared” response, choose love and approach your opportunity as a chance to dance with God. It’s more fun than Dancing with the Stars! Bring your highest Self to the occasion, your loving, serving, giving, joyful self, and be prepared to show the world what your God-aligned Self has to offer.

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Vernon says:

I am blessed with life after Viet Nam. I was a Navigator on a B57. On a mission 04/14/66 some acrobatics resulted in a midair collision. All four of us ejected into the South China Sea. An HH43 came in, & Young PJ came down on a tree penetrator and helped me out of that big Ocean. I wonder where that great PJ is today.

Eileen says:

Ahh thank you… this is just what I needed to hear 🙂

Bozena says:

Dear Dr. Dyer. Friend of mine just told me that she has stage two breast cancer. There are plenty of emotions going through her head and I am sure one of them is fear. Fear of pain, fear of death, fear of leaving her two young boys behind. I didn’t know what to say and how to ease her anguish. You gave me words. Thank you.

Ruth says:

The power of choice…I choose love and fear disappears. Would love to always remember to dance with God os simply walk with Him as I know, “I AM with you always.”

cherrill says:

Thank you, Wayne Dyer, you are my guru~ Cherrill

Lynn Morris says:

Dr. Dyer,
Today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My older daughter had it in her 20’s when she was pregnant with my first grandson and survived it. He is healthy and she has been in remission for 7 years. Today I found out after tests that I now have breast cancer. I will very much try to attack this with love instead of fear.

Laxminarayanan S says:

Taking the situation presented in the comment above, the anxiety and fear was because of the possible feeling that the conversation “may not” go well. Now if we could think that it “may” go well, the confidence will come inbuilt. It is ultimately our mind and our thought process.

Nicole says:

You inspire me Dr Dyer. I’m at a crossroads in my life. I feel lost and unworthy of Gods grace. I try to connect but nothing. At this point listening to you is the only thing that keeps me grasping and not giving up. So my days are filled with your voice in my head and I hang on. Thank you

claren says:

Yes! I have had fear based thoughts berfore speaking in front of strangers at a sales seminar last year. I remember the feeling of anxiety and then when I did the presentation I pictured being surronded by divine white light and love! Needless to say the prescence of my loving source banished the fear and had everyone cheering!

smita says:

Thanks Dr. Wayne, you’re helping me connect the dots with myslef, the energy with in and my guriji..

Emily Lalou says:

dancing with God, dancing with life.. thank you Dr Wayne Dyer, I am on a path where I try to change my inner images and my inner dialog.. thank you so much for helping me and so many people to find our way, to find God and dance with

sam says:

Hi, I wanted to say thank you so much for coming to sydney and reminding me that i have no reason to fear myself even when test results are not always perfect. Doctor’s interpretations of my results at times can impregnate my mind with questioning and fear but the real truth is I am cured from metastatic disease.

zhalee says:

Always our fears caused that we stopped our trying and don’t progress. When we hope we move with energy and love to reach our goals.Thank you Dr.Dyer. GOD bless you.

Joseph says:

Thank you for the reminder that fear is rooted in feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. If we remember who walks beside us, we would never fear. Be not afraid! Namaste!

John says:

Dr. Dyer,

Do you know anyone who would be willing to read a book about the search for lost hope if I provided it?


Lorelle Taylor says:

Thank you, Wayne, for reminding me here, and on our cruise, that fear is a choice we make when we don’t choose love. I intend to choose love and dance with God, when faced with any new challenges. Thank you for being such a guding light.


Marcel says:

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Steve says:

Just returned from Wayne’s Pacific Cruise aboard Volendam.
Thanks Wayne for your teaching, passion and divine love.


Christel says:

Dear mr. Dyer, although I know you mean very well, you’re suggesting a malleability in life, that I personally think is not always possible. I think it’s only human to sometimes feel fear; don’t you think we shouldn’t judge eachother for that?

Kory says:

For me it’s all about taking the opportunity to show who we are. It’s all about love. Forget fear and let’s dance! Make it a great day.

C. says:

Infinite/Eternal Blessings To You and ALL!
Divine Great Spirit

Jodi says:

I find it difficult to find the courage to choose a loving path when I am scared. I feel an understanding in what you say, but I still am looking for courage. Where can I learn to have courage or at least feel love in spite of not feeling courageous? Anyway, thank you for your help.

dp says:

….because the greatest is LOVE. dp

Michaela Wynangel says:

Before I stand in front of a class, I chant, sub-conscious mind, higher self is the boss. When I go to work, Just for Today, I count my blessings, Just for today, I let go of worry, just for today, i am kind to every living being, just for today, i do my work honestly, just for today i let go of anger, good reiki reminder.

Larry says:

I can see the wisdom in this but I still seem to be in a struggle at age 60. I lost my job of almost 17yrs, I’ve developed health problems and has made it difficult getting a job. I realize that this is a result of dwelling in those lower energies, Iam attempting to move into those higher energies of thought but it hasn’t been easy.

Bernadette says:

Thanks for the reminder… I believe that you taught me in your book The Power of Intention that God and fear do not live in the same house! I love the image of dancing with God! God Bless!

Silvia Araya says:

OMG!! it’s like you read my mind dr. Dyer. I’m going through something in my job and needed to read this soo much. Thank you from Costa Rica =)

Dianna says:

Thank you so much Dr. Dyer, I loved this one. In the past, I have been known to be filled with fear when big events came up in my life. But from now on, I will follow this magnificent advice. There is nothing to fear because God is always with me and within me <3

francesca says:

Thank you, as always.
Your words always help me a lot.

Ivette says:

That was just Beautiful !!! Thank You !!!

marina says:


Denise says:

I really needed this entry today. I’m facing several enormous challenges in seoemingly every area of my life. And my thinking is making those challenges bigger and more daunting than anything I think I’ve ever faced. Thank you Dr. Dyer!

scott says:

Thank you for your words that are so full of presence!

Granny Gee says:

Hi Wayne,
For many years I’ve kept a copy of your book ‘Real Magic’. I have 2 copies now, just to be safe. Miracles do happen, thinking and acting in good ways… are the magic keys. I appreciate so much that one book and just wanted to say so.

Theresa H Hall says:

I believe choosing love is always the best option. It seems to melt away uneasiness.

Lynn says:

I always know he is with me….but from now on when I face fear, I will remember to dance….For with God all things are possible!!
Thank you….

Linda says:

Thank you!!

Masheri says:

My favorite phrase -“God Aligned Self- I have finally found the accurate definition of my higher self. Well done Dr. Dyer. Well done! Blessings.

Augusta says:

Thank you for changing my life and helping me re-define the meaning of life.

Pamela says:

I’m author of personality type training products and when I was requested to conduct a training myself, I was absolutely terrified. Fortunately, it was for an organization I had immense respect and love for so I was able to focus on my love for the organization and that allowed me to “walk thru my fear” and conduct the trainings.

Mary says:

I was going through Skydiver training and was scared out of my mind. Mostly because of the fear I’d I’d be incapable of performing the maneuvers in time to pass! I overcame my fears and I know it was because even though my conscience mind was aware of the danger, subconsciously and with all my heart I loved every second! Dancing with God…oh yeah!

Denise says:

Nice, lyrical dancing aspect! I also believe that fear can be observed, in doing so it is far easier to recognize that fear is nothing more than a thin permeable layer of our own resistance to engage in the now. A 3D graphic speaks to me, portraits the innocence of our innate essence making peace with fear. One Last Time- Steven Stahlberg

Catherine says:

This is truly beautiful and very timely. And oh so true. I will remember this for every “big performance” I have

lindy says:

Aloha Mr. Wayne Dyer
thank you for your inspiration and living words, that will birth life into many generations! Truly we are dancing together thru this life and we all have something to offer and bring to the table of life. bless you as you bring forth this word to many!
blessings and aloha
see you in Maui..Lindy

Anna says:

I agree fear can be overcome by love. I do not understand how I can overcome a fear by dancing with God


Dr. Dyer
Thank you again for your wisdom, it reminded me what someone once said: When you ar feeling the “performance anxiety” is because something big is going to happen, I didn’t realize it was dancing with God until now.
God Bless You

Vikki says:

Beautiful. Thank you.

Donald says:

thanks Wayne…your work has helped me on my daily journey