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Just Imagine

Your imagination is your own fertile field for growing any seedlings that you choose to plant for a future harvest.

You may have been told that you have always been a dreamer, as if this were a fault. I can speak here from experience. Family, friends, teachers, and even advisors frequently disparaged ideas that burned brightly in my imagination. I often heard comments such as, “Wayne, you’re such a dreamer. Get real. You are never going to make it as a writer, or a television performer, or a movie personality. Be realistic—we know what’s best for you.”

When I was being discharged from the Navy at the age of 22, my superiors warned me that starting college at my “advanced age” was loaded with uncertainty, particularly since I had no higher education experience, and I would be competing with younger recent high school graduates. Since I already had a skill as a cryptographer in the Navy, they advised me to pursue what they felt was best for me. But I had a dream—an imagination filled with the idea of teaching, writing, and speaking to large audiences. I saw myself onstage. I saw myself as a prominent author. And this vision could not and would not be sabotaged by someone else’s vision of what I should or could become.

As a young boy in a foster home, I almost always ignored other people’s ideas about what I should be thinking or doing—I simply was indifferent to their opinions regarding what I could imagine for myself. I have carried this kind of inner discipline regarding my own imagination with clarity, refusing to allow external opinions to cancel or diminish what for me was hallowed ground.

Not long ago, others advised me that acting in a movie was not sensible for me as a 68-year-old man with no acting experience. I once again remembered to hang the DO NOT DISTURB sign at the entrance to my imagination, and proceeded to take acting lessons and adopt the self-enforced regimen that allowed me to create a movie. It is a product that fills me with pride today—all because I have diligently practiced the following rule:

Never, and I mean never, allow anyone else’s ideas of who you can or can’t become sully your dream or pollute your imagination. This is your territory, and a KEEP OUT sign is a great thing to erect at all entrances to your imagination.

Stay in a state of grace and gratitude for this resplendent gift that is always yours to do with as you choose.



Jack says:

I had a similar experience when I got out of the Navy at 22. Shipmates told me I would never make it through college. Now 30 years later I have a B.S. and two Master’s degrees. I believe you’ve said it before that people are only limited by their thoughts.

Mayank says:

I am beginning to realize how important it is to follow your dreams with each passing day!!
Its like saying that live your dreams vs living somone else’s dreams!

Leanne says:

For 20+ years, I have thanked God for you being, Wayne.
Have ‘met’ you physically a few times, just tonight I felt a desire to say g’day and couldn’t find any other way to do it.
PS. I am usually about 5 years behind, and for one as ‘all things unholy’ as I, that is probably a good thing.

Eric Falcon, "The Inner Strength Coach" says:

Thanks, Wayne. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” That’s my favorite quote on imagination, and it’s by Albert Einstein. What a powerful gift the human imagination is. I choose to use my imagination to create happiness, health, and harmony in my life and the lives of others!

Karen says:

I have been listening to your wisdom for many years. Recently, I was reading ‘Real Magic’~Part II, and it has totally affected my whole being. Thank you so much for sharing your life journey.

Aaron says:

Dr. Dyer, In 2008 I purchased your Change Your Thoughts Meditation CD: Do the Tao Now! It has helped me thru some pretty big storms. I meditate on a daily basis because of you. Thank you Dr. Dyer, even as I have never met you, you have and continue to make a significant difference in my life. Love/Aaron

felicia says:

Hello dear Dr. Dyer. I just watched The Shift together with my husband. No need to say is a return to our center. You already know it. I just wanted to tell you that after the end of it, my husband Adrian said: Now, this is movie we need to see it again, after a while, in order to revive the turth is speaking about that we will surely forget soon.

Leticia says:

Hello this is Leticia from Queretaro Mexico. I always love butterflies, and in our mayan culture means the presence of God. Thank you for be a light in my life, you gave me faith. My intention now is that you visit Mexico, lighting us, let me know what I have to do.

Silvia says:

Estimado Dr. Dyer , estoy muy emocionada de poder escribirle! soy de Uruguay estoy leyendo su libro Inspiracion, y necesito decirle Gracias, muchas gracias por tan tan increibles palabras tan inspiradoras que han cambiado mi vida!!! Estoy muy feliz de poder decirle en estas lineas Gracias, que Dios le bendiga mucho..

Karola says:

In summer of 09 I listened to “excuses begone”.In September I got laid off. I had 1 month to find a job within my company, otherwise I would have been sent back to Germany…no Green card. Everybody felt sorry for me and I told them to already give me a hug and be happy for my new job.I got a new job, a raise and my green card!in 1 month!!!

Adam says:

I am so thankful that I have “discovered” you Dr. Dyer, you helped me through a hard time I was going through a couple years ago through reading your books, or listening to audio messages. I know you showed up at precisely the right time in my life to help. I look forward to many more inspiring messages from God through you. God Bless.

rocco says:

hi wayne.I read most of your books i attended the lecture in montreal chapter 7 of wishes fulfilled deeply moved me . i am now propeled and on my way home.This book is master piece . god bless you!


francesca says:

thank you, Dr. Dyer. You’ve just confirmed me, that I’m on the right path. And most of all that I’m not crazy.

God bless you.

Rick says:

Dr Dyer
I wanted to thank you for helping me to become centered. My youngest son is inteviewing for Med school Monday and wants to focus on the nations health and not push pills. I wish you the best and will see you in Atlanta April 14-15

Stephen says:

Quiet time is unplugging the phones, the computer, putting padding on the door, etc. BUT! No matter what is going on around me, I can always be having a good time in my head…. A sense of humor that completely runs the gamut is one of the greatest of God’s gifts.

Stephen says:

Sometimes I tire of not being heard by those with whom I’m the closest. The old song which I’d thought abusive, you always hurt the ones you love I understand that when you reach the heights of emotional bonds the equal and opposite reaction sometimes must come into play.

Mary says:

Thank you! At almost 53 I am taking charge of my life TODAY! It’s never too late to do anything! Thank God for YOU! I appreciate you and love your daily Facebook comments. You have always been an inspiration to me and I thank you so very much! Love and Peace to YOU!

charlene says:

I love reading everything you write. You have been one of my biggest inspiration for a few years. I agree that if you can see it…feel it therefor believe it, anything can be yours. My journey continues to amaze me! but my question is this: Can you do this in regards for others? Thank you,

Stacy says:

Dr. Dyer,
You are a blessing to be thankful for! I am amazed at what you have learned in life. I want to thank you for sharing it with the world. You already know how much you help! Keep it coming!

Candice says:

Dr. Dyer, this made a difference for me today. I somehow got the energy to push through an obstacle, and I got a second chance to make something important happen. Thank you.

Dustin Jake says:

This piece of advice is one of the first (of many) that had an immediate impact on my life when I first started reading your books. You’ve taught me to follow my heart and that when I do, I’m also following God. Thank you Wayne!

Dustin Jake says:

This piece of advice is one of the first (of many) that had an immediate impact on my life when I first started reading your books. You’ve taught me to follow my heart and that when I do, I’m also following God. Thank you Wayne!

Ana Maria says:

I Agree! Thank you Wayne! 😀

Jack Andrew says:

All I can say Wayne Dyer is that I love you. People can have a way of dampening your dreams. Just be true to your nature, stay the course. Even if you are called a dreamer. It is dreamers that improve the world. I can’t imagine life without toilets, TV’s and electricity.

Chris says:

Thank you for writing. Thank you for following your dream.

Maryann says:

Mr. Taylor, I will pray for you too!

Edward Scott Toler says:

Wayne, I would appreciate your prayers on my behalf.

Edward Scott Toler says:

Wayne, I have had a difficult few months getting laid off twice and finding work. Even so, I have decided to remain positively connected to God and I am using your AH meditation to manifest getting hired at a job I want. I still feel abundance in my life and I know that God will manifest a path of fulfillment and joy in my work.

Ken says:

Dear Wayne, One of the first things I learned reading “You’ll See It When You Believe It” was to free myself in my own imagination. I’d internalized other people’s visions of me, the limitations they told me I had, so much so that I became my own biggest impediment to success. Thank you for 23 years of inspiration and guidance!

Gian Paolo says:

Dear Wayne, Words cannot express how much your words have healed my heart and helped me to find my Inner Peace and love.I have Read 7 of your books and Seen the Movie the Shift many times and I constantly recommend your affirmations and books to friends when they are in need.You are a Blessing to Humanity.

dp says:

“Imagine, dream…play the music you came here to play!”

Stoyana says:

Hello, my dearest person in the world! Send you love and blessings from the small and beautiful country Bulgaria! I really do love you sooooo much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are my inspiration forever

Priscilla says:

Thank you ! – I just quote the words of a song to people who try to talk me out of MY dreams. From ‘Happy Talk’ in South Pacific “You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream how you gonna make a dream come true?” I have followed you from the beginning, you are truly an inspiration!

Diana Levy says:

Totally identify with your words Dr. Dyer, I think that’s why I always admire you. As long as we keep on dreaming, we will keep on manifesting our passions and desires in life. Love it!!!

Lori says:

Great metaphor about the KEEP OUT sign. I so needed to read this. I get so excited about new possible avenues for my next career that I sometimes share them with the wrong people and they trample my ideas and then my spirit. Would be wise for me to follow your lead and just take quiet action in the direction of my dreams.

Mucunda says:

love it

NAIRA says:

Thank you!!! I think that sometimes when people with creativity, vision and inspiration share their ideas, some people who attempt to live safe and conflict free lives feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and discourage those who dare dream. Thank God for the power of Imagination; it’s the best pill for life. 🙂

John says:

I let my imagination guide me when I decided to pursue Firefighter career. I became a Volunteer Firefighter, went to Paramedic school, and was hired as a paid Firefighter/Paramedic at age 45. What started as a dream ended up in reality with the help of “Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling” and the support of my wife and 3 daughters. Thank You.

Jeanne says:

Wow!! This is exactly the message I needed to hear today. I have been struggling with the thought of going back to school ( at age 46) to finish a degree I started in 1983. . Thank you for posting this, today. It is never too late to follow your dreams and be true to you.


YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much I needed 2 be reminded of this 2day. Looking 4 (another) new job, facing the judgements of others, sizing u (me) up, comparing ….it’s making me sad….but I know *know* my truth is right around the corner & I can not suppress MY DREAM either…. Thank you


Really appreciate all your posts. When I first heard this idea from you really changed my life, and as you say When you change the way you see things the things you see change


Barbara says:

“You may have been told that you have always been a dreamer, as if this were a fault.” LOVE this! What would this world be without dreamers? Thanks, Wayne!

Dave Hoskins says:

Wayne, This piece of advice, which I first read in your books, has had tremendous impact on my life in persuing my dream of being a performing musician and forming my band LYRE. Thank you for your ongoing support as you live your dream.

darcy says:

thank you. i sometimes share my business idea with people and i am discouraged by them. i did recently meet women at a show who did mentor me and encourage me because they had there business’s and i was grateful to meet them.
thank you actor – future pet store owner with gratitude and a vision!

Beverly says:

I just viewed The Shift. Have had it for a long time………and just viewed it. I discovered that what I thought was a physical event involving my heart was really a spiritual event. WOW! Have followed your books and teaching for a long time’ You always have exactly what I need when I need it. Thank you.