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Are You Embracing Your Inner Genius?

“Until one acknowledges the genius within oneself, one will have great difficulty recognizing it in others.” — Dr. David Hawkins

Consider that all human beings have within them the same essence of consciousness, and that the process of creativity and inner genius are attributes of human consciousness. Therefore, genius is a potential that lives within you and every other human being.

Many people never get acquainted with this inner world of their personal genius. I’d like you to consider what may seem like a radical idea: Genius can show up in as many ways as there are human beings.

With this idea in mind, remember that every person you interact with should feel the inner glow that comes from being appreciated, particularly for the ways in which they express their creativity.

Appreciating the genius in others attracts high levels of competent energy to you. By seeing and celebrating another’s creative genius, you open a channel within yourself for receiving creative energy from your Divine Source.

Speak Your Own Language, Sing Your Own Song

My son, Sands, has a unique way of riding a surfboard unlike everyone around him in the ocean. I encourage him to do what comes naturally and express it with pride.

He also created a unique language for communication, similar to my brother David, which others in the family and close personal acquaintances emulate. Creating a language that others use is the work of a genius! I tell Sands this, and my brother, too, whose unique language I’ve spoken for over half a century.

My daughter Skye has a distinctive one-of-a-kind singing voice that I love. I tell her so, and point out that it’s an expression of her genius.

Do you have any unique talents that are a unique expression of your own language or metaphorical song?

Celebrate & Rejoice in Your Uniqueness

All of my children—and yours as well (including the child within you)—have unparalleled and unique characteristics in many of the ways they express themselves.

From the way that they dress, to the little tattoo, to their signature, to their mannerisms, to their unmatched personality quirks, you can appreciate their genius.

Notice and appreciate your genius, too. When you’re just like everybody else, you’ve nothing to offer other than your conformity.

Genius can show up in as many ways as there are human beings.— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Do you feel different from others? Notice whether you celebrate your differences or try to hide your differences. Your differences are a natural expression of your own creative genius, so I encourage you to share them with pride.

Know That We are All Connected

Take the road of seeing the face of God in everyone you encounter. Look for something to appreciate in others, and be willing to communicate it to them and anyone who’s willing to listen.

When you see this quality in others, you’ll soon begin to realize that this potential is available to all of humanity. This obviously includes you. Recognizing your inner genius is an integral part of the dynamic.

As Dr. David Hawkins tells us in Power vs. Force:  “Until one acknowledges the genius within oneself, one will have great difficulty recognizing it in others.”


Dr. Wayne Dyer has written over 20 bestsellers on many spiritual topics, including making the shift to connect to Source, keeping the balance in your life, and bringing about your desires with the power of intention.

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Joshua says:

To me, consciousness is even more puzzling than quantum physics, although the two topics might be related. I read an interview with Stuart Hameroff in EnlightenNext magazine, where they explored the possibility that consciousness might not be directly related to the brain, but rather something that is embedded in space-time iteself.

Victoria Cummings says:

I really enjoyed your post. I work with children and find such joy in my work. I think of working with young people as bonding with God eveyday. What a great way to spend the day!
But your post “fine tuned” my thoughts on working with kids. I think the thing that makes them so God like, is the fact that they are free to be themselves.

parvin says:

Every small movement that you do, or even any thing that just happens in your mind is a phenomena. The complicated process of all things that are happened by you intentionally or unintentionally will be your extraordinary potential or in another word, it is your ” genius ” ,if you perform it brilliantly.

parvin says:

genius is a gifted potential. All the definitions are not absolute, because each person is a unique creature with a versatile abilities. We have always had the definition of ” genius ” as an extraordinary ability that makes a revolution in human’s life.

anna says:

In doing the “Shift” CD’s now again times seven…always something new and captivating.
I realize that you do not have “chaos” within yourself…that is why that particular star is over us shining.
You gave it birth.
Namaste, Rest Well, and know how much I treasure you kind sir!
Kalinitka…Happy Night in Greek

anna says:

Dr. Wayne,
I have spoke several times back here of seeing a particular star shedding its light upon you for complete physical healing. I found this today at “Gratefullness”
‘One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star.”.
Friedrich Nietzsche
My love,

Kim says:

I am so very Grateful to you Wayne Dyer , your work has helped me so much to find peace and healing . I wanted to thank you from the depth of my heart and soul . Gratefully and humbly , thank you !!!

Chuck says:

I have always innately understood God provides for all, all you need to do is connect to him. All, that is except for me. However, following your morning and evening mediations, I am beginning to truely love and accept myself. At times I catch a glimpse of the genius in me. Thank you for the insights and teachings Dr. Dyer. Namaskar

Penny says:

I didn’t read your blog until this morning, yet, the morning you wrote it, it created a miracle in my life. I’ll treasure memory of it. It was the kind that wanted to move on, without limitations. Thank you.

Cindy Rombouts; The Hague; The Netherlands says:

I have red many of your books. Now at the age of 46 I am in the Shift of my life. Taking time off to read, relaxe and to think, after so many years of hard work in the financiel world. Yesterday I saw the Shift. What a great inspiration and how beautiful the shots, the music, the words, the warmth. I spread the words. Thanks for all inspiration!

MariaJosep says:

Thanks, Dr. Dyer. Yes, you are a DIVINE, PRECIOUS SOUL. Thanks a lot. NAMASTE.

Rana says:

What a great reminder to understand, see that all people are united!

Jacqueline says:

I’m very grateful and enlighten to read you, Mr. Wayne. I’m sending you my gratitude for the words of wisdom i read from you. Thank you for helping me and so many people in this world, you have reconnected me to my source.!!

Gemini says:

Words at the perfect time in my life when i wanna just be upset when my kids dont do everything as I want them to..they are older all in their 20’s but i feel sometimes like i need to appreciate their genius..thanks for all that you do and the time you take in your day to help so many people in this world. you are incredible

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

“When you’re just like everybody else you have nothing to offer other than your conformity” – So true, but living as a uniquely creative genius feels so scary as we risk being rejected by others. And yet, it’s a risk we can’t afford not to take. Dr. Hawkins is right, we need to see our own genius before we’ll see it in others.

Deborah says:

Dear Dr. Dyer(Wayne), thank you for your words and reminder of the genius within. The call with you on Monday about my brother who passed away a few months ago released me on a deeper level. I believe you and my father are kindred spirits working this out. You are in my prayers! Many blessings, Deborah

Mucunda says:

Feel my embrace from here my hugs my kisses and all my love