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How Joy Creates

Comfort and luxury are usually the chief requirements of life for your ego—its top priorities tend to be accumulations, achievements, and the approval of others. Consider a new alternative for what makes you happy, one that soars beyond the superficial demands of the ego. The only thing that you need for this state of joy is something to be passionate about. Something that speaks only to you…that gets you tingling inside with excitement…that will not go away…that radiates within you…that sends you into a frenzy of good feeling because it makes you feel purposeful and connected to your Source of being. It doesn’t matter what it is. The only requirement is that you feel intensely about it and are willing to act with enthusiasm, awakening the sleeping God within you.

As Abraham Maslow once observed about self-actualizing people: “They must be what they can be.” Take a moment to think about what you can be, and contrast that with what you’ve chosen to be up until now. So what can you be? Perhaps you have an idea you’ve been carrying around with you for decades, such as a book that you know needs to be written, which only you have the wisdom to create. Can you get so passionate about realizing your vision that you activate the presence of God to assist you in co-creating your dreams? Remember, the mere presence of that passion, nothing more, is evidence that the energy of the Divine creating spirit is alive and well in you. That’s all you need—just the willingness to allow your passion to speak up and awaken from its dormant status. You don’t have to know how to activate your long-buried enthusiasm or precisely what to focus on. What you need is the willingness to say yes to signals from within you, the God within you that wants to be active.

I’ve always treasured the observations of the famous Greek scholar Nikos Kazantzakis, who is one of my favorite authors. In page after page of his wonderful novel Zorba the Greek, Kazantzakis details what a truly passionate man looks, sounds, and feels like, as the title character simply lives his bliss and feels the presence of God in every waking moment. And I’ve had these words by Kazantzakis posted in my home for more than a decade now, yet I still read and contemplate them every day: “By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.”

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Joshua says:

MY THOUGHT CONTINUED: I am detaching from many of the worldly “noise” that used to occupy my mind and drive me crazy, but I am still mysteriously pulled back toward ambition once I feel like I have to have a certain result.

Joshua says:

Dr. Dyer,I think your series The Shift was all about living for your passions (meaning) rather than society’s expectations (ambition). I am 30, but I feel I am beginning to make this shift. It’s like I’m on a peak and I could fall either way.

fakhry says:

that is great to be one of your members. as a traslator that is my honor to have two of my favorite author Louise L.Hay articles in my blog,a set of my own translations.i would be much more proude to add more others,and to be at the service of your home of hill by transferring your messages to my people here in Iran.

Adin says:

Organization and time efficiency gets things done, which feeds the time needed for passionate creation. Instead many of us actually go through the process of setting up the time and environment needed to make this happen, but turn around and fill it with things like T.V. shopping or other activities which sabotages us from creating.

Mary says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer! This is so amazing for me to read today as I have been passionately working on a new idea! This helps me to keep my focus knowing that I am supported by the Divine.

anna says:

Thank you for such beautiful words and sentiment to me this night, arrived precisely on time.
Keep us posted on your new Journey and training.
And Dr. Dyer, know that the stars are brighter this night because of wonderful you!

Stephanie says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer! I have always had a strong faith in God, but none in myself. Thanks to you I now have both and find they are not separate but all one and the same. You are a blessing.

Stephanie says:

Anna, thank you for your kind words! One is a beautiful number when you know that it signifies a heart you have touched. God Bless you with all the wonderful gifts he has in store for you.

Mark Edgar Stephens says:

Thank you so much for the inspiration you continue to share. You have been a guidepost for me in my personal journey.

With appreciation and purpose,
Mark Edgar Stephens

George Bryant says:

Hello Dr. Dyer, three years ago while riding on the Amtrak train for my daily my commute to work in DC during my daily meditation and I received guidance to write a book. I set up a blog which I called Finding God On The Train which features the chapters of my book as I write them. Thank you for your guidance along the way. Thanks George Bryant.

Harry George says:

I woke up at three this morning here in Jilotepec Veracruz thinking of you. The affirmation today has inspired me to accomplish two tasks while I am here in the home of two beautiful women who I have spent 53 years of my life with!! Te amo mucho!

MariaJosep says:

Dear Dr. Dyer, gracias por ayudarme a vivir con el deseo y la alegria de to be good, to be God! Esto se ha convertido en mi pasion cotidiana y me proporciona Paz y Amor. Sentir que mi vida, sean cuales sean las circunstancias, tiene un proposito (Dharma) -servir, amar y ayudar, sin juzgar- me hace mas feliz que ninguna otra cosa. THANKS! NAMASTE.

anna says:

I always put an “autograph” at the bottom of all my e mails. I was so touched by your post today, may I use it on my e mails for awhile? It was beautiful and inspiring. Thank you & Namaste.

anna says:

Congratulations of allowing yourself to be open to receive your passion, what was destined for you to do.
God Bless you as you begin your Journey. You will touch many. Just reading your notes touched me this night!

Stephanie says:

I almost forgot the really cool part of the first program that I am attending. Dr. Dyer will be speaking!!!!

Stephanie says:

But in my experience, the balances are tipped way in the favor of paperwork and not healing the individual.
So I thank you in advance for being part of this wonderful life changing opportunity just by sending me your positive thoughts!!!!!

Stephanie says:

So all I am asking of anyone that reads this is to pass the story along and join with me in the positive energy I am putting out there to make this happen
I have always known even from an early age that I was meant to heal, ergo the nursing profession.

Stephanie says:

Needless to say, the old me would have said, “We are struggling just to make ends meet, there is no possibility I can make this happen!” Instead I am looking up flights, looking at hotels and beleiving with all of my mind, body and soul that the money will get to me!!

Stephanie says:

I happened to come across one of Wayne’s books..I had never heard of him.
So that has snowballed into my decision to attend the 2 pre-requisite workshops then the teacher training to become Chopra teacher.

Stephanie says:

So here is the cool stuff.After resigning my last job as the overseeing nurse for 9 MR/DD (mentally retarted, developementally disabled) homes due to politics and toxic, miserable working environments, I started looking around for answers.

Stephanie says:

OK, this will not be short, so bear with me!! But it’s very important that I get this out into the universe and touch ever heart I can.After two-and-a-half decades of being diagnosed with “depression”, I have finally found the “source” and also the answer..
More to follow!

ron says:

I ‘m a believer in wishful thinking. My passions fuel my wishful thinking! Ironically I stumbled across an interesting website a short time ago. I gave it a try. I’ll keep you “posted”.

Tara says:

Reminds me of why I do Rapid Resolution Therapy. I love watching my clients heal from their emotional trauma and I am so energized after the session is over!

James says:

I love this, but what do you do when you really can’t find your passion? Nothing deep down (other than simply being off from work spending time with my family) creates that kind of passion inside of me. HELP!

Lisa says:

And what a feeling it is. Shifting from an ordinary path of what is expected of me to one that has been laid before me brought a sense of freedom to choose my own journey. Follow your bliss. Do not give ego the chance to tell you the reasons of “why you should not.” Namaste

Cindy says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer! Wonderful timing!!!

anna says:

I am so afraid that I have no passion right now or if I do they are silent and not speaking to me. By the way I just finished your Mediation CD from 1995…awesome…even my cats liked it. How do I KNOW that I even still have a deep passion left within. Prayers & love sent to you and complete healing! We love you!

anna says:

Kalispera Dr. Dyer! Oh what a beautiful read this week! I have been very ill for a long time and rather let my passions die? I wrote my little book, and she is out there floating about, even had a B & N booksigning by winning a contest. Oh, Dr. Dyer; how do I get my Creator back?

sharon says:

Dr Dyer
Just reading thid wisdomenkindles love in me
This is my passion to love everyone and everything everywhere
I am filled with joy and excitement at just the thought
acceptance and understanding of each other
isnt this bliss
God bless
Sharon DeAngelo

sharon says:

Dr. Dyer
Just reading this wisdom enkindles love in me. This is my passion, to love everything and everyone,everywhere. I am filled with joy and excitement at just the thought. Acceptance and understanding
of each other, isn’t this bliss!
God Bless

Diana Fitness & Wellness Coach says:

Thanks Dr Dyer. This words came at the right moment!!! By the way I’m deeply enjoying the Cd’s of “Making the Shift” You are my company and inspiration while I drive, this is my moment to learn and get inspired…..LOVE IT!!!

Mucunda says:

i love Zorba the greek , also is a reference in Osho .
your citation By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired it is a hard work to do and incorporate in your psyche