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Environments of Love

In a small village not far from Florence, Italy, a thirteenth-century soldier was imprisoned. The son of a rich merchant, this young soldier had been “lost” for most of his life when suddenly he had a vision to serve God in an unconditional way. He gave up all material possessions, ultimately living and teaching the message of Jesus of Nazareth. This was the man who would come to be known as Saint Francis of Assisi. He became renowned for helping many by simply being in their presence. Wild animals and birds became tame near him, meekly tickling his fingers and flying into his open hands.

On a pilgrimage many years ago, I went to Lower Assisi to visit the tiny chapel that Saint Francis had prayed in every day. The chapel still stands in its exact condition from that time. Today it is surrounded by a spacious building with glorious stained glass windows and an ornate ceiling. Thousands of people mill about in this outer structure; all are in Assisi to pray and pay homage to the thirteenth-century saint. The visitors come and go every day from all over the globe, in solemn, somber, loving tribute to this divine being.

I was escorted into the tiny chapel which once was the spiritual meditative home of Saint Francis. I sat down to meditate in this sacred place, and immediately felt bliss and unconditional love entering my energy field. I returned a second day to visit again and confirm how powerful the experience had been and to be certain that it wasn’t just my expectations at work in that chapel. The room radiated unconditional love. It was in the air, so to speak. This little chapel, inside the outer chamber surrounding it, seemed a metaphor for ourselves.  Our body is the outer protective chamber. But deep inside that chamber is a place of perfect harmony and peace, a place to visit often and feel the radiance that abides there.

Here in Lower Assisi is a place where Saint Francis made conscious contact with God, and a place where millions of people have come with love and gratitude to be in the imprint of his energy field. This kind of energy leaves its mark. It remains there to be felt and experienced. Loving radiant energy joyously impacts the energy field of all who enter. In places where spiritual consciousness and unconditional love are practiced, an invisible energy field of grace, beauty, and tenderness remains in the environment.

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marites says:

Just recieved a wonderful gift from a good good friend. And that is a link to your site. And to be able to read this particular piece about St. Francis Of Assisi. There’s is something in his hym that draws me to our school chapel years ago sinced then he’s been my Patron Saints.


Joanne says:

Hi Wayne, I am learning how we create with our thoughts what we want and I was intending to send your book “Manifest your destiny” to 2 people . I simply asked for it so I could share your book . I didn’t worry about how it would come to pass .At a thrift store I found your book , “2” of your books “Manifest Your Destiny”,

mari says:

Hi Wayne
I was recently given a most wonderful gift, the 4 cd set of ‘Inspriation, your ultimate calling.’ and play if over and over. It brings me the most amazing sense of peace and understanding of the reason we are here. Everything just makes sense, you are wonderful, God Bless you.

Rose-Mari says:

St Francis built that stone church, rock over rock, with his bare hands, it is part of the story of his conversion and change of life. So the magic of the place must be related o the fact that the place itself was built by his own hands, selecting the rocks and putting it all together! Maravilloso!

ziyah blackstone says:

Dear Wayne,
I left my heart in Assisi… for me time stood still there, it became a part of my soul. I will forever be changed by the energy I felt going through me as I walked the sacred ground of this magical place. I still feel it, I feel it NOW when I breath. I so loved our trip. Much LOVE to you and Kerry too. Ziyah

lovecurse says:

Revenge heals all wounds some scientists say human beings are genetically wired for it. Dont feel guilty about the pain you are about to bestow on the one who hurt you, they deserve it.

Jussi says:

Thank you once again Dr. Dyer. Every time I read Your writings I feel so much better.

Joshua says:

Speaking of environments of love, the Byodo-In Temple in Kaneohe, O’ahu has become a place of great peace for me. Having lived on O’ahu for almost a year now, I have been there more than a dozen times. The environment is so peaceful and inviting. I feel balanced every time I leave this wonderful Buddhist temple.

Deepthy says:

Dear Mr Dyer, I listen to your and Ms Hay’s voice on my ipod everyday to create this environment of love and compassion around me. I find it healing and it fills me with confidence. Thank you for your continued work. your last words in the article above is now a beacon for me.

Rebecca says:

I too sensed the same loving, healing energy while visiting the chapel. At the time it was unexplainable. I was in tears. I know it was a holy connection, and his presence infused me with waves of unconditional love and a deep understanding. I left there changed. Two months in Italy, this was the most memorable of my trip!

Julianne says:

Thank you for this beautiful piece. I too have been to Assisi and have felt this miraculous energy. I love the last sentence of your piece. So true, so true. May we all contribute to enhancing the energy of our planet, in our own particular places, in whatever way we can.
Julianne Davidow

firoozeh says:

thanks thanks i am waiting for your spiritual words your great and beautiful recommendations and stories you help me to solve to cope with incompatible events in my life .God bless you

Mary says:

There are things that last forever… such Love and the presence of God, regardless of how we choose to call Him is an always positive presence, seen also in the eyes of kids (regardless of the species, as we all are animals alike)… .

Daniel says:

What a beautiful story! So happy that such a place has survived for so many years. I will add Assisi to my must see list.

Joshua says:

Dr. Dyer, even if it was your expectation that caused you to feel this, it is still a testament to the compassion that St. Francis represents. You carry this compassion with you everywhere and it is exemplified in a place where you know he meditated. Namaste.

NAIRA says:

What an amazing experience!!! I think you especially felt such love and loving energy because from what you share you practice and ground yourself in a higher power and spirituality on a daily basis. You make room in your body as well as your spirit for unconditional love and I am grateful for how you share that with us all. Much Love to You!!!

Donna says:

Love love love is all you need all you need is love

Donna says:

Love, love, love is all you need! All you need is love!

Maria says:

I have read his full story, including the movie that was shown to me as a child in school and on You Tube.com. I am very touched every time I listen to it.

kevin mac donald says:

I had a few minutes of free time this evening so I dug out an old St. Anthony Messanger magazine from 1982 dedicated entirely to St. Francis of Assisi. As I was getting ready to read it a thought came to mind to “Google” Wayne Dyer first. I did and the first thing that came up was Wayne’s Blog on the St. Francis. Coincidence?

Joshua says:

Thanks Wayne! You have for years influenced the direction of my life and inspired positive shifts in my life. I appreciate you greatly.

Best always,

James says:


Josie Stein says:

This divine sacred energy is also inside you Dr. Wayne. This is part of the magic and healing you bring to the world. Thank you for this gift to all of us at a time when it is needed. Your love inspires us throughout the ages. Sending you eternal blessings of love and light. Next time you go to Assisi I’m going with you!