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Nothing Out There Is Impossible

Sometimes there are things you can encounter on your spiritual path that may surprise and puzzle you. About a year ago I started to notice that bright circles of light, “orbs,” were showing up in the photos people took of me at speaking events. (For a prominent scientist’s view of the fascinating phenomenon of orbs, check out the work of Klaus and Gundi Heinemann in their book, Orbs: Their Mission and Message of Hope.)

Some of the photos people showed me contained gigantic orbs; others had as many as 20 of these light circles clustered around me on stage. Another photo surfaced of a woman at our Australia event. She had a serious weight problem. I had put my arms around her and was looking into her face, telling her about how she was going to change. The photo showed a huge orb hovering over us. From my talk in Vancouver last spring came photos of me and my daughter Skye with beautiful orbs around us that almost looked like they had faces. At another event in Calgary, orbs appeared in a photo of a girl on stage who had been healed of facial paralysis.

The appearance of these orbs is only one of a number of “things intriguing and bizarre” coming into my experience. The final chapter in my upcoming book Wishes Fulfilled (scheduled to release early next year) is about opening yourself up to all possibilities and realizing that there’s nothing out there that’s impossible. The New Testament says that, with God, all things are possible—that leaves nothing out.

So why are these orbs showing up now? It feels like it has something to do with the message of God-consciousness and the God-realized life that is becoming a stronger focus in my work. God is within all of us; we are all pieces of God, not bodies but spirit. When confronted with miraculous things, a friend advised me to “stop being surprised and just accept them.” But I need to be surprised. The surprise fuels my message. I know you will be surprised by some of the things I write and speak about. You may be experiencing some startling and seemingly miraculous events of your own. Be at peace with surprise. The challenge of a healthy skepticism gives strength to faith and wisdom.

[Editor’s Note: Have you taken photos of Wayne Dyer at a recent event? Do any orbs appear near Wayne in any of these photos? If so, Wayne would love to see them. Please e-mail your photos to editor@healyourlife.com]

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MARTA and Craig says:

We received Wishes Fulfilled the same day we received pictures we had developed. We had been seeing orbs on some of our pictures, and again noticed it on these prints. I happened to open your book to your pictures with orbs. What a Godsend! I am inspired by your explanation, and it explains many things that have happened recently in our lives.

Nate says:

My daughter is 2 years old and attracts everyone with her good spirit and loving energy. 3 nights ago we watched in amazement as 4 orbs darted around her in the baby monitor with no rhyme or reason. We checked the room and there were no bugs or lights on. Just my little sleeping angel.

Erica says:

I have saved many pictures of orbs. They show up a lot around the holidays at my mom’s house. I just figured they were deceased family members coming to visit!

VictoriaP. says:

I know alot of people think the ones which aren’t bugs or dust are ghosts, but I tend to think they are angels.

Lena says:

I believe the orbs are balls of energy. When I saw Dr. Dyer a few years ago in Loveland Colorado, I noticed strange colors blurring and flowing around him. I have never seen it before. I believe he is just that connected that, that energy surrounds him, and attracts other forms as well.

Nicky says:

Some things ARE impossible, Wayne. THE SEVEN IMPOSSIBILITIES:

1) It is impossible to love, unless unconditionally.

Rafael says:

I see every afternoon a big gold orb with amazing colours around kissing the sea before be disappeared.
Thank you dr Wayne to make me watching it now and from the spiritual side also!
It is very powerful indeed!

Karen says:

I’ve been visually seeing orbs for about a year now since going through some life changes, starting with Wayne Dyer on into some life coaching. My life is so much better now, I was baffled at first by what I was seeing. Mostly I see them just shooting around me, like shooting stars almost. I’m quite amazed by them.

Nancy says:

Thank you. Exactly the message I was asking for.

James says:

I hope your European Tour goes well. I want an orb too. Thanks Dr. Dyer!

eileen says:

Happy Father’s Day Wayne. Your teachings have brought a great deal of light and positive energy into my life. I hope you are feeling healthy and strong . Namaste.

Elizabeth (akaTheFatBoxer) says:

Angels, in support of their siblings… :oD

Frank Chiafari says:

I am glad you mentioned these orbs. I have been seeing them in my photos for years now. They especially show up in photos of old playhouses in the stage area. Also When one of my children have a party and there are a bunch of children together ,there will always be a few of these orbs over their heads.

John Tierney says:

Thank you Wayne

Planet Dove says:

Thank you for speaking about Orbs! It would be great to hear more about them. I have been very curious about orbs since they began appearing in my photos about a year ago. It was shortly after my vision was restored, following 7 years of blindness. They are beautiful and bring a sense of hope and joy for me. They are a blessing.

zhalee says:

I am from iran .I devorced about 6 years ago. I had a serious problems to go on my life because I have 2 children that live with their father. I found your books. I read “Real Magic’.I found that you strongly believe to GOD and I just want to say “Thank you Mr Dyer’ and GOD keep you and your family. Thank you for helping me to return to my life.

Mary says:

@ Laura: As spirits of light and souls of the deceased are believed to be attracted by strong positive spirits and positive energy points, the fact that Dr Dyer attracts so many is indeed no strange occurrence not only for the work he does but the way he does his work: easy, charming and fun

Mary says:

@Judy: An orb is believe to be a manifestation of a spirit, a good spirit or a light spirit, present where there are peaceful hauntings and deceased people who want to go to heaven. Of course in cases such as amityville, you can see their opposite, dark shadows.

Daniel says:

I am so happy I found this site and this blog ! My yoga teacher is right you are so inspiring!

Mucunda says:

This is an example of how truly blessed you are, doing your spiritual work.
nice day to you and your family

Andrea says:

I had orbs after receiving an award from my company.It was suggested these were “ghosts”. I laughed this off as a faulty camera. This event was actually a high point in my life. I had worked hard, never expecting anything and the whole event was a suprise. After reading your blog – I needed to look at these circumstances in a different way!

Lorna says:

When I opened this blog, the first thing I saw was the orb and the inner me heard the word Jesus. I would say that the orbs energy carries a vibration similar to that of Jesus or Budda. Let yourself be with them and they will be with you. This is a spectacular photo.

laura says:

neat; but, I wonder why orbs?

Denise says:

You are a true gift to us Dr. Wayne Dyer. Your spiritual gift is amazing and a blessing to all of us who listen to you. Thank You

Sylvia says:

Beautiful story, and now at some point in future I will have an orb too, when I Have my pic taken with Dr. Dyer. All the best 🙂

Sabina Plourde says:

That does not surprise me at all. If you believe in your innerself which is your God; then the signs to others (who have trouble seeing, feeling or believing ) must be shown. Keep it up cause you helped to save my life.Thanks a million..Gratitude is my best friend now.

judi says:

Pardon my ignorance, but what is an orb ?

Christine says:

I want an orb!

Mary says:

True… Being surprised is -at least to me- the best way to fulfill the instructions “keep yourself like a child” as only children (those who keep and maintain their abilities to be surprised) will enter the kingdom.. and not the Walt disney kingdom (^-^)

shannon says:

I have some pictures but I dont think I see orbs. Are they as big as what I see in the photo above? someone was telling me that she went to a conference and the fire alarm kept going off and that is normal when positive energy is in one room. when I saw Dr. Wayne Dyer the fire alarm went off two times!I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

Catherine says:

This is an example of how truly blessed you are, Wayne.

Bernadette says:

I had taken some pictures at the CYL convention last year in AZ. It is AMAZING how many photos I have with orbs in them. They were everywhere! I feel blessed that they are comfortable enough to appear in my pictures. I will look and see what I have with you in them. I am in the process of putting together a book of orbs.

Robyn says:

About 12 years ago I took my children to have their pictures taken for “Child Find.” Well, my son’s picture showed orbs in it so they took it again;still the orbs. They gave up after about 4 shots and his Child Find picture contained the orb. I thought it was really cool!

Halyna says:

God bless you Wayne W. Dyer:)