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There Is a Solution

Quietly communing with God, when we are searching for guidance, is a way of temporarily turning off our ego-mind. Instead of our ego-self thinking, “I can fix this,” we are willing to immerse our perceived problem into our higher self. For those of us who grew up believing life is a “do-it-yourself” project, it can be hard to admit that we need help just to survive. Like a drop of water separated from its source the little mind is unable to create and sustain life. When the drop of water rejoins the ocean it has all the powers of its source. The drop of water separate from its source symbolizes our ego-self when we are separated from our source of omnipotent power.

With our divine connection we are always in touch with the solutions we are seeking. Problems persist when we fail to recognize, realize, and finally, quietly commune with our own source, power, spirit, God.

I think of Abraham Lincoln watching his beloved Union crumbling under the energy of hatred that engulfed this country. He wrote, “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go.”  He is saying, “I surrender to my source and turn this huge problem over to that same power that moves the stars.”  You can do the same thing in times of strife. “Let go and let God,” as they say in the recovery movement.

When you practice communing quietly with spirit, you will sense the presence of a sacred partner. You can turn your problems over to this “senior” partner and move to a place of peace. It’s possible to reach a place where you will rarely revert to the belief that you face insurmountable problems. Eventually, you will learn that all those so-called “problems” are dissolvable by saturating them with the higher energy of spirit.

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Monique says:

I am thankful for God bringing you into my life! I am grateful that He has blessed you in many ways that you would share and give back to the world.

Julia says:

I read this just before I had to meet my children’s father (something that I usually struggle with emotionally). I practised turning it over to God and we communicated wonderfully! Many thanks Wayne, your words are truly precious….

shirley says:

I’m concerned about my country, global warming, endangered species, the drought in Africa and more. I’ve read the book, The Power of Intention, and loved it but I don’t know how to take those spiritual principles and merge them with what looks to me like some very hard physical, mental, and spiritual work that needs to be done to heal the world.

Daniel says:

Hi, I’m an ex-Foster kid, sober, and have a great idea to help the world. that will benefit PBS, and make Transformation accessible to anyone for free. I know this isn’t the typical way to approach, but I’m taking a shot in..the light:) If it feels right. please contact me. I’d like to send you a treatment. Thanks, Daniel

Matthew says:

Such wonderful words of wisdom, thank you!

Diana says:

Dear Dr Dyer

I met you when you were in South Africa fourteen years ago and I have been using you Meditations for Manifesting CD every morning and evening since then. You have changed my life in so many ways of which words cannot express my gratitude.

Thank-you and Namasta.

Adriana says:

Hi I am also from Colombia 🙂 Thanks a lot Dear Wayne Dyer for your inspirational blog

Harry says:

Dr. Dyer, your insight to life and how to best live it is truly an inspiration. Thank you (and God) for being you.

Rachel says:

Thank you seems trivial for all you have given me…eternal thanks might suffice. I am praying for you. You taught me about the enormous power within that guides us to health, love and peace.
Peace dear friend, until we meet again…

Rachel Devine (author of The Third Road)

Ramesh says:

Dr. Wyne Dyer.. it has taken me 27 years to be able to directly get in touch.. I mean..riight from the time I read Your Erroneous Zones… I bought, about a month back , Change your thoughts.. change your life… have come to 15th Verse of Lao -Tzu.. ah, had i got it ealier then suffering would have been less but then learning too..

Carla says:

As a drop of water rejoins the ocean it sends out infinite ripples that touch every continent and all the people who live there, just as your words touch me and nourish my soul.

Denise says:

Yes, great words of wisdom. I thank you for sharing your intermost thoughts with us Dr. Wayne Dyer. I truly believe surrender is the best method of living a peaceful life. I believe that God is with me everyday. Jesus lives in me.


From Colombia with love, thank you for inspiring me every day to be a better person and to reach all my goals by letting go and letting GOD!! I love you Wayne Dyer..

Patricia says:

Welcome Back!..Just listened to your trip experiences on HH radio. The peace that comes with singing “I surrender all” is amazing. Did you get my letter I sent to the HH address? Was told they would forward to you.

Diana Kottle says:

Thank you for this beautiful post. It has inspired my own Transformational Wellness blog for today ~ Diana

ali says:

Thank you indeed.
If we can see ourselves all the time with God, if we do the entire thing with God, we will be connected to that power that can do everything.
God bless you and us.

Joshua says:

I have recently found that allowing must be accompanied by trusting and feelings of trust. Our thoughts and feelings (i.e. trust) create reality. SIDE NOTE: Is there anywhere I can purchase a DVD of your PBS special Change Your Thoughts…? I don’t see it available for order on your website. Thanks as always, Dr Dyer! 🙂

Kenneth says:

I think,”I can fix this,” when I really can’t. I think, “I can intervene and change the course of another,” and I really can’t. I can best help by thinking about it, praying about it, standing beside for support as God takes the reins. Thank you Dr. Dyer for helping me to make sense of it all.

Sunny says:

Thank you, Thank You, Thank you. You have reconfirmed the way I see our universe in more way that
I can explain it to myself. You inspire me in every area of my life, except to grow hair on my head 🙂
I look forward to more guidance and inspiration. Wish forgiveness in your heart and may love always follow you.

annie cp fluff says:

Dr Dyer, one of the most life changing event for me was listening to your tapes approximately 1 and 1/2 years ago. You have impacted my life in so many ways and taught me lessons I thought I would never ever learn.

jazz says:

between, how can we communing with god?

susan says:

You have no idea how much your wisdom has impacted my life! Your guidance has saved me. Thank you.

Daniel says:

Once again Dr. You have so graciously explained that Ego serves no purpose! God Bless!

zhalee says:

In Quran God says: “We are from God and we return to God” . Right you mentioned we should join to our Source. Thank you

Sarah says:

Great words of wisdom. Thank you

firoozeh says:

thanks thanks dr i was waiting for your divine recommendation just i am confused with an old problem that im trying to fix it but i will rejoin the ocean.God bless you

Jerry Rasquinha says:

Never separate from the source!