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Blessed Are the Cheerful!

In terms of outward appearances there is something noticeable about people who have reached a high level of spiritual awareness. They seem to be in a constant state of bliss. In my own life I know that my state of cheerfulness is a reliable gauge of my level of spiritual enlightenment at that moment.  The more cheerful, happy, contented, and satisfied I am feeling, the more aware I am of my deep connection to Spirit.

Ask yourself this key question, “How do I feel most of the time?” If your answer is that you feel anxious, anguished, hurt, depressed, frustrated, and so on, then you have a spiritual disconnect. This could mean you have allowed your personal energy field to become contaminated by the debilitating forces of low energy around you.

When you are spiritually connected, you are not looking for occasions to be offended and you are not judging and labeling others. You are in a state of grace in which you know you are connected to God and thus free from the effects of anyone or anything external to yourself.

I ask myself, “How am I truly feeling inside?” If my answer is “Not so hot” or “Upset,” I meditate and go to the quiet place where I can plug into my spiritual power source. The state of cheerfulness returns quickly. Every teacher who has been truly significant in my life has demonstrated this wondrous quality of being able to laugh, to take life lightly, to be silly and giddy.

Use this measure to test your own level of spiritual awareness, and if you are not of good cheer remind yourself that you will never be fully satisfied but in Spirit. I love Erich Fromm’s insight, “Man is the only animal that can be bored, that can be disconnected, that can feel evicted from Paradise.” Remember, only you can evict yourself from the garden of paradise.

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Kenneth says:

Thank you very much for the spiritual compass to guide me back to the path..

Penny says:

The sound of your voice often echoes in my mind, ripples through my soul….I love you!

zhalee says:

I remember a short story.One day mother and her daughter go out.It was rainy.When the sky was thundering the little girl stopped and smiled.Her mother asked her’why do you stopp and smile dear?”.The little girl sayed”Mom because God take a photo of me and I want to be beutifull. Always smile to world untill world smile to you.Again thanks Dr Dyer

Javier says:

Thank you so much! I just changed the way that I look at thinks through yours books. Your are a great teacher. Namaste

Jackie Irvine says:

I am a spiritual being so my joy is not contingent on outward circumstances but also I am human – sometimes I find I am not feeling cheerful.I observe my negaitive emotions and go inside and witness these feelings without labelling them as right or wrong- they just are. I find that the negativity passes quickly when I do this. Thanks Wayne

Emily C. says:

I think this is so wonderful. I have been practicing my meditation for about 4 days now. I love it. I feel so relaxed and when I get in those fine moments where my head is clear, I am in total bliss. I love your blog and just everything I come across that you produce. You are so wonderful Dr. Dyer! Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

Jussi says:

You’re so right! Meditation is the way!! Thank You!

Donna says:

I heard a different version to the Serenity Prayer: “I have serenity to accept the things I cannot change. I have courage to change the things I can, and I have wisdom to know the difference.”

Kenneth says:

I often experience spiritual disconnect when the lives of others around me are in chaos. But I also realize, I don’t have to get caught up and spin in that chaos. I can stand aside, meditate, pray and know that my spirituality is in tact. My spirituality will guide me in ways of helping with a smile, a happy outlook on the world around me.

ali says:

When I read your statements I wonder how can be similar the human desires all over the world. It shows that all of us are from one spirit and finally we will return to our source. This world is a place that temporary we live, learn and love. But unfortunately, most of the time, most of us forget our duty in this world. God bless all of us.

ali says:

Dear Wayne, thanks for your great statement like usual. If we make the others happy, we can reach to happiness, because happiness must pass through us to reach to others. Your great statements really affect my life and thank you indeed for this.

Reezie says:

Removing these defaults programed into my brain, so every experience is a new game!

Karin says:

Meditating daily helps us to maintain joy, cheerfulness in our daily activities. I notice the difference when missing my meditation. Bliss is ever joy that we must tap into, because it is always there. The so called happiness from the senses ( money, sex…) is temporary.

Kimberly says:

You have no idea how much YOU and your inspiration has changed my life. Thank you Dr. Wayne for being a instrument for my peace.

firoozeh says:

Dear dr wayne im trying to do all inspiring words in my life truly my life has changed but some time anxious hurt and frustration invade my mind .this wuoderful giudance saved my surrounded mind ,i know you are absoulotly my angel who saved me on time.god bless you

Rebecca says:

This is the gauge I use as well. Restless, irritable, discontent? Time to plug into some other energy. Beautiful thought for the day. I am off to do that right now…. in nature.

Mucunda says:

muy buen articulo, como siempre tiene usted toda la razon
feliz dia

James says:

Thank you Wayne! Thank you everybody in my life…Be happy…

Natalia says:

The Paradise is always within but sometimes we just forget about it. Thank you for reminding! Lots of love from Russia!

Vikki says:

Thank you. I needed this today. I’ve let work issues create a disconnect. Nothing that is within my control, yet still I let it become an upset.

Daniel Gould says:

Happiness is the Way! Spirituality is the Way to Happiness! I’m smiling now as I write this! Bless you all!