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Love Your Enemy?

The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “If we could read the secret history of our enemies we would find in each man’s sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

Harboring anger and hatred toward anyone guarantees that you remain in low energy fields where problems will continue to crop up repeatedly in your life. 

Try examining every relationship in which you feel judgmental thoughts of anger and hatred. Replace those thoughts with energies of acceptance, kindness, cheerfulness, and love. You will have to make a personal commitment to, first of all, notice what you are feeling and then exercise your ability to choose to send love.

When your heart becomes pure, your enemy becomes your friend, or even more significantly, your teacher.

Your worst enemies are your greatest teachers because they allow you to examine the emotions of anger and revenge and then to transcend them. They give you the exact tools you need to elevate yourself to the spiritual energies that eliminate problems and provide solutions.

When you send love in response to hate you accomplish one of the most difficult things for anyone. As I look into my conscience I can now honestly say, I have no one who I can call an enemy. Over the course of my life I have been disappointed many times. Some have borrowed and never repaid. Some have forgotten their promises. Some have left me for others. Some have cursed me and spread rumors about me. Some have stolen from me.

I send love to them all, mindful of the Buddha’s words: “We live happily indeed, not hating those who hate us. Among men who hate us we dwell free from hatred.” It has been this transformation in my own thinking, perhaps more than anything else, that has allowed me to move out of those low energy problem regions of my life. It is a powerful strategy for raising your spiritual awareness.

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Almaz says:

Thank you <3

Amy says:

You are so right Dr Dyer. I have difficulty with this at times because I have to go through forgiving and healing with the same person most of the time.

Cheryl Lyons says:

“Love Your Enemy”…….that is so powerful and freeing. To bare the burden of that can change your life forever! Thank You!!!

Stan Ellis says:

Thank you for reminding me that hate is not the polar opposite of love, it’s fear. Remembering fear is an egoic illusion and love is the divine absolute, restores my unconditional faith empowering a fearless trust that the mystery of my life unfolds through love…my true being, my soul.

Heather says:

Thank you – perfect timing and a great reminder! Just what I needed at the moment

Gerallt says:

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

Susanne Enteryour7InnerWorlds says:

I think it was the Dalai Lama who once said, that if you squeeze and orange, all you get is Orange juice and he wants to be the type of person, that if you squeeze him, all you get is Love.

Kenneth says:

Paint hatred with the colors of love, then sit back and watch it transform. Thank you, Dr.Dyer, for all you do and all you are.

Nealon Hightower, Six Simple Truths says:

Sometimes enemies can signify that you are heavily partaking in the universal expansion process, though I agree we must show them love to expand ourselves. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

Petra Elisabeth says:

Dear Mr. Dyer,
your wonderful, heartmoving work, escorts me for several inspirering years and I am very grateful for that. Today I watched the interview with Lilou and a phrase jumped out of the screen and hits my heart. “That is real which never changes”. I feel the deep thruth.

mamta says:

Thank you : )

Meranda says:

God is LOVE. Love is ENERGY. Energy is LIFE.

Thank you, Wayne Dyer, for being an instrument, you play it very well !

Janna says:

So, my only enemy today is the power of intention. I must get 2 tickets to see Wayne in Escondido, CA, for myself and my mom; however, the event is sold out. Consequently, I became angry at the universe because I know I’m supposed to be at that venue. So, how do I manifest 2 tickets? I will wish, ask, intend, and sprinkle that with passion!

gillian says:

But it also doesn’t make their actions right of course, and that is where I go wrong sometimes. To me its very important to acknowledge our feelings first and foremost (boundaries), rather than try to deny them, and then try to forgive. Your comments would be appreciated.

edda says:

Dear Cindy with all respect, what/who exists around us is our own creation. Look inside of you what is it on him/her that belongs to you. Forgive yourself for that creation, see the light within. Remeber we come from the Source, no one can damage unless you gave permission for that. Be love!

edda says:

I have been waiting for more than 13 years for this opportunity: Thank you, thank you and thank you Dr Dyer. The first time I met your message was thru You will see it when you believe it. This blog reminds me how the message on that book was about believing ,it remember me that I have a purpose in life. Thanks you inspired me

Edward says:

This effort of letting go of ego and anger for me has been a constant struggle, especially in my work environment where so much is demanded and where competition reigns. All we all want it seems is a little peace and love. So close and yet so far.

Love hearing your views…….

zhalee says:

Since I read your book ,I am trying to forgive people that make me upset and I practice to like them and help them.When I kept the feeling of hatred inside, it hurt me and also it’s reflection returned to me.I have freedom now.And I saw your ‘excuses begone”. God bless you.

Diana says:

Your wisdom and teachings seem to resinate with me at exactly the time when needed the most.

Alley says:

Finally letting go of the hate I have held in my heart for so long, I have found peace and forgiveness and feel so much better. Love seems to be the only thing that finds me. Former “enemies” are even sending me love. It is a really powerful, inspiring thing!!

destiny ruth obiakoeze says:

this is truelly powerful…not easy as i find everyday in my own reality bt achievable.ever so often,with persistence.

Javier says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer. God bless you!

Ted says:

I struggle with this issue even though I know intellectually that Dr. Dyer is right about Love and Forgiveness.

Kelly says:

Rev. Harriet Smolka, in my first session with her complaining bitterly about someone I considered my enemy told me the following: “What you’re looking at – you’re looking with.” Whether it’s wonderful or awful – I can’t see it out there if it’s not in here. My beloved teacher has made her transition and her words & spirit remain with me still.

saanika says:

Cindy, If you have read up on Dr. Dyer’s writings, you will remember that our biggest fears are the ones that are sure to manifest in our life. Believe this person has only good intentions towards you and then send them love and that is what will become your reality.

Sylvia says:

Your blogpost arrived just when I needed it most. I’m going through a horrid marriage breakup, where he dumped me because I was sick and went off with another woman. My health condition continues and I am in despair. Thank you for reminding me not to hate him so.

NAIRA says:

Thank you!!! Any truth, insight or spiritual lesson means nothing if one is not willing to apply it..This is why so many people love and respect you. We have opportunities everyday to examine our feelings towards ourselves; those opportunities are mainly through how we treat and see others. Some days we have more work to do than others.

Linda says:

Things that come into our lives, are there for a purpose of learning; who we are & who we can be .Our thoughts are also prayers, & they will become our life, so start to pay attention to those thoughts & feelings. Change them to ones based on love and life will never fail you.

Willam says:

Great words. As you always say,peace and love are more powerfull tha hatred and revenge.
Love for everyone.

Mucunda says:

no creo tener enemigos, ni sentimientos parecidos, claro que siento desagrados y diferencias, pero no van mas lejos de ser desagrados.
un gren saludo y mis mejores deseos a Ran Dass

Laura bubbly says:

Thank you:)

Jim Haley says:

Thanks Wayne. It has been, and always will be about the choices we decide to make. As you have said many times, the universe won’t disappoint. Thanks for taking the time to have this blog, your radio show, and all the appearances you make. So many are so much better off for it. Have a Great Day.

Bettina says:

Great and important words as always Dr. Dyer. Thank you.

Joie says:

Your words arrive in a timely manner, as they often do. On a day when I am finding attack opportunities, I am applying acceptance without a feeling to justify or retaliate. That is as close as I can get this day to sending love, as I might prefer to actually feel. Perhaps for this day it is as close to love as is fitting.

Cindy says:

If you examine your feelings of hatred towards another and find they are based on fear and that fear is due to the other person’s malicious intent towards you what do you do?