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Expect a Miracle

We called our recent tour of Europe’s sacred sites “Experiencing the Miraculous” not only because of what had taken place there in earlier times. Miracles large and small can occur for us every day; and when we go into an experience expecting wondrous things, we won’t be disappointed. Here are a few of the miraculous events that happened for me on our trip to three of the spiritual centers of Europe last month when I traveled with 157 like-minded souls to Assisi, Italy—home of Saint Francis; Lourdes, France—where a teenaged Saint Bernadette saw the Holy Mother, and Medjugorje—site of a more contemporary visit from Mary in the Balkan country of Bosnia-Herzegovina:

  1. Journeying to these holy places with my three youngest kids who might not have had churches and monasteries on their list of top places to see this summer, but who came alive with the spiritual power we encountered and became fully engaged members of this pilgrimage.
  2. Meeting a woman from Slovenia who joined our group for dinner near Medjugorje and learning that she had just watched The Shift the night before and was carrying with her a Slovenian copy of You’ll See It When You Believe It.
  3. Lecturing in a 1000-year-old church in Assisi, reading a scene from Nikos Kazantzakis’ Saint Francis where Francis conquers his fear and embraces a leper, and suddenly sobbing uncontrollably while the audience stood with their hands extended toward me in silent sympathy.
  4. Seeing an endless number of orbs in the many, many photos that people took of the lectures and the sites we visited.
  5. Joining the thousands of pilgrims who waited patiently for a chance to bathe in the healing waters at Lourdes and emerging like everyone else with a renewed spirit and no trace of having been near anything wet.

The list of healings, connections, and awakenings is just beginning to unfold for us travelers newly home from a magical journey. We were people from all continents and every generation—teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and two in their 80s. And it all started with a dream about how wonderful it would be to visit these three spirit-filled places with a group of like-minded seekers. Saint Francis worked to help the people of his day experience the joy of a spirit-centered, Christ-conscious life. We modern-day visitors to his earthly home got to walk a little way on his path and feel the power of people united in spirit—in oneness. Now we are obligated to honor that experience by going out into the world to live from the elevated consciousness of Saint Francis and pay the gift forward in our lives.

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mehdi says:

Feel the power of people united in spirit in oneness for the win! Thanks for sharing Wayne!

Kidi says:

Dr.Dyer, you are my hero, you help me in many ways to live spritual life to love all human being regardless who he/she is. I read most of your books and I hope to meet you one day in person. I am so greateful the difference you are making in mylife and teaching the world onenes of all human being. I love you and God bless you.

Rusty says:

Through the teachings of Dr. Dyer you have the power to accomplish anything in life, I have been living what he shares with you. It is my way of life. I was never told to stop or don’t do that and I went on to accomplish many things many people would fear from doing and I am a better person today.

Rusty says:

That tiny bug was the miracle in my life taking me to the next level, I begin to take the less traveled rode to depression, I was finally having an emotional awakening, feelings were connecting me with the state of the world and what I was seeing for the first time in my life was a very sad place. it is still a sad world needing to be healed.

Rusty says:

I would wake up in the middle of the night in a rage clinching my fist. One morning while walking to my car, a tiny bug crossed in front of me, I stretched my leg to avoid stepping on it>(this point in my life I wanted to hurt people who had done me wrong.)at that moment a feeling came over me. The rages went away.

Rusty says:

I stand amazed and would like to share we all have the same ability to use the spirit within us to change our lives or to help others. I shouldn’t be able to experience feelings like I do, 30 years ago my wife learned of my mental state and decided to help me get better.

Lydia says:

Dr. Dyer: Today’s affirmation talks of “Unbending intent.” How do you manage that while at the same time “letting go and letting God?”

salma says:

Its being like Dr. Dyer which give me hope in humanity and the deep down conviction that eventually good will overcome the bad. Thank you Dr. Dyer for being you….you have given me hope, strength and the knowing that no matter what others say i should follow my inner compass and it will be alright. Thank you!!!

janet says:

your someday is today. your somewhere is here. your someone is you. just be love.

Stan Ellis says:

The miracle I see in you is beyond the difference you are making , you have become the difference. Your books, your tours, and your life are exponentially increasing the critical mass necessary to evolve us from humankind to humanity…Thank You.

Meredith says:

While I signed up to go, I did my own little miracle here at Kaanapali, Maui by going on a first vacation with my two little ones. God has perfect timing for everything, so I just marveled in the beauty of this place, sent love to you all, as I read your book on the St. Francis prayer. Hugs from the heart,

zhalee says:

It was very great miracles from GOD in the prophet’s life. Everyone recieve a meesage of GOD. It depends on our capacity of sacred , belives, humanity and … . Just say ‘ I love you GOD please conduct me to live better.
Thank you again.

Ed says:

Power of Intention is a life changing connection to your true purpose and offers a world we can all cocreate for the best possible outcomes we could IMAGINE. Thank You, Wayne – Namaste

WLK says:

Dr Dyer, thank you for enriching my life and helping understand my issues with self worth. I have enjoyed several of your works and programs. with gratitude.

Tony says:

I am so Happy and Grateful to have this opportunity to Thank You.
I know that one day i will be able to do so in person,
but I really wanted to finally put it out there to you – immediately.
Your teachings have been such a revelation to me and my family.
Thank you so much!!!
With Love and Gratitude,

Bernadette says:

I would have lived to go on this trip and someday I will. I was raised Catholic and my name is Bernadette, named after Saint Bernadette. I can only imagine what an uplifting experience it was to walk in the footsteps of Saint Francis. The Prayer to Saint Francis is my favourite one. I love your work and you!!

niki says:

Hello Dr. Dyer you are such an inspiration. My buddhist religion led me to your books and I am truly awakened. I am sharing all that I am learning from you with my friends and family. Thank you so much for clearing a path of understanding for me. I am forever grateful!

Karen says:

It is interesting reading the miracles you’ve had on your trip. I will be going on a pilgrimage tour to India soon. We will be visiting the place where Buddha gave his first lecture, also visiting P. Yogananada’s childhood home as well as traveling to ashrams and temples. The European tour must have been a profound spiritual experience for all.

Susanne Enteryour7InnerWorlds says:

I love to read about your deep spiritual experiences and the amazing places you visit. Although this not a possibility for everybody, so we can still cultivate our Inner Life and search inward, where all our answers can be found once we connect with the devine.

Angela says:

Dr. Dyer please know that i need a Miracle there is a vortex in my life and my husband we seem to spin back to this money problems over and over again and we cant figure out why please help

Mina says:

im so happy beacuse I can message you finally.please for give me for my bad english.
I love you

Mina says:

Hi dear dr.wayne Dyer.I love you so much,I am Irainian and I read many books of you.sorry
my English not good but I want Thank you for your writing and your books.I like to see you
so much.It is one of my bige wishis.I don’t have your email address.pleas contact me if you
have a free time.

gev says:

Wonderful to read through. Feeling very peaceful. Thanks a lot. I am reading your books (almost all) since last 15 years andafter each reading there is always a renewed divine contact. Thanks a lot.May God bless you!

Martina says:

Dr. Dyer. I believe that God keeps directing me to you. Every time that I encounter difficulties in my life, I stumble across one of your articles, interview or book. You bring me a lot of hope and peace. And, in many ways you have saved me in great times of need. So, I am very grateful for you.

Rose says:

Thank you for this reminder! All too often in the daily grind of life we neglect to recognize the miracles that exist all around us. As a Detroit, MI native and would love to inquire about the possibility of having one of your phenomenal seminars in this area. We sure could use it! How can you be reached?
Dr. Rose Moten

Daniel says:

Thank you for sharing your story with us ! What a beautiful Trip!

Penny says:

Miracles just are….they’re just meant to happen…….

Ray says:

Is this not simply lowering the standard for what one labels a miracle? Typically, that word is reserved for events that defy known laws such as one growing a lost limb.

Mucunda says:

love this , its great to know about MILAGROS in this time

Ana says:

Thank you for shareing your gift with the world.

Ron says:

Just watched your video from your home on these journies…Love the I AM part of it all…the all is part of me!!!

Vikki says:

So awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.

Daren says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer! I would have loved to be present during these experiences but I am so grateful that you are sharing them with all of us. You are truly a modern day sage and enlightened being.Thank you a thousand times for doing what you do! I hope to see you live one day soon…Maui in Jan. 2012 is my intention! Namaste’

KevinBDC says:



I love your message…I love you…..I look forward to seeing you again….trying for Maui in January…..Been to Kanapali 4 times in the past. I wonder if I crossed your path before knowing you/of you. Namaste Dr. Dyer – Valerie-in-SF. Beautiful day to you.