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Tune In to Spirit

It is fear of being divine that most often interferes with bringing spiritual energies into our lives. Fear of spiritual power seems to be universal. Perhaps it is because so much energy is focused on material power in the form of money, leadership, status, and prestige. In the pursuit of material power you will find virtually all the problems that surface in your life.

If you are willing to solicit spiritual guidance, then be willing to accept and implement that help even if it doesn’t correspond exactly to your picture of what life should be like. Otherwise, you are seeking spiritual energy to help you remain the same. So don’t simply  dismiss as implausible spiritual answers that don’t correspond to the way you think your life should be structured. Be open.

In order to be able to commune with the divine you must be tuned in to that frequency! You cannot tune into an FM radio station while you have the setting on AM. Certainly, the higher frequencies of FM are out there playing away. But if you’re not tuned to them, you will conclude they are unavailable. It takes moving closer to the higher frequencies of God and away from the lower frequencies of materialism to access and use the spiritual energy we need to realize our potential.

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Rusty says:

In 2005, I sat down with a group of mentally ill people, within a few months of hearing my life stories, they wanted to know more, I shared with them what I did, over the next few months some made great improvements. They suffered from two things fear and stress.

Rusty says:

When I heard you talk on PBS the things you shared are the things I did to over-come a severely challenged brain I was given at birth and a near drowning at age six, which left me without feelings, emotions, and the inability to think or use my mind.

Rusty says:

A psychologist could only explain my progress by saying, “I can see as a child your brain was retarded, but, the spirit inside is perfect and that is how you got better.” My psychologist said. “I don’t know how you did it, but, you have been able to rewire your brain.” Dr. Dyer unknowing I lived by your teachings.

rhonda says:

Dear Dr. Dyer,
Thank you for living your life on purpose. It is truly a selfless endeavor. I love you for it eternally.

zhalee says:

If we want to be closer to GOD and progress in higher level of spiritual, we should know more about ourselves. It means by identifying our needs and instincts we can improve our spiritual level with praying and speaking with GOD. When we seperate from materials, we support our morality more and more. You’re right Dr Dyer. Thank you.

Luz says:

Dr. Wayne Dyer,
Reading this today struck true to my heart.
I have been struggling with this for some time now.
I have such a hard time “being open”.
I pray that I can be in tune and push aside my need for materialism…and truly be open once again.
Thank you for the advice.

Stan Ellis says:

Brilliant Advice. My meditation is the catalyst for my shift from material having & getting consciousness to spiritual “being” consciousness. Your platform of advocating our oneness with our source, thus co-creator abilities, has inspired and enhanced my shift to living spirituality … I lnow ive in a state of grace.

Heather Price says:

Thank you Wayne for the great metaphor of AM FM. It makes sense to think of our conscious communion with the Divine, in any form it takes, as being in tune with a high frequency. The clearer we are – the clearer the messages that come through. Thank you for all you are and all you do for us all Wayne.

Ed says:

Why would anyone stay in the lower frequencies when the power of intention is simply a thought away? Your book, “Power of Intention” offers such wonderful tools to attain those levels and truly change your life. Thank You & Namaste.

Rajesh Kumar says:

Dear Dr. Wayne,

I really had experienced and had a cry of for not having good life. I was seeking support but couldn’t find one, after reading your book “Change your thoughts, Change your life”. I found myself back challenging at work and daily life activities, I am proud and blessed to read your books. Thank you.

My Best Regards

Penny says:

I wonder what Macy Gray’s perspective is when she belts out “I can’t wait to meet You” I love that song…no space between us …right?

russ says:

You are an inspiration and a gift, thank you for being in my life. I wish you all of the love and joy this life has offer. We will meet some day 🙂 bless your heart.

Boja says:

Dear Dr. Dyer, as always your words come just when I need them! Thank you, thank you, I hope someday to meet you in person to say thank you.

Leanne says:

Wayne I thank God for your wisdom n i will going on the cruise in January 20012. I went to the I can do it in 2010 in Sydney n was the 1st person to walk up n shake your hand n all the words that I said was thankyou as all that I can say to God when I am full of gratitude. Thankyou again Wayne

Donna says:

Dr. Wayne, I was wondering if you believe it is possible to commune with evil as well as the divine. If so, what do you advise to discern the difference? Also, I was wondering what practical steps one could take to “be open” to this divine communion. For instance, fasting? Thank you in advance!

Dennis says:

Yesterday, my wife reached on a closet shelf for a book. Instead, a Louise Hay pamphlet – she didn’t even know we had – fell forward and teetered precariously several times, as though demanding her attention, she said.

It was the background story and healing affirmations Louise had used years ago – and just what my wife was needing at the time.


((I AM OPEN)) – Thank you – for your continued wisdom, life experience, LOVE and inspiration. I am tuning into the divine being, where all things are safe, loving and one. ~valerie