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Getting A Glimpse Of Heaven

Update from the Editor: Memories from Heaven: Children’s Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth is now available in Hardcover from HayHouse.com

Many of my fans, friends, and family members have now responded to my  Facebook post about children’s amazing ability to remember their time before birth. It began with a conversation I had with my personal assistant here on Maui, Dee Garnes. Nineteenth century British poet, William Wordsworth, expressed the idea that we gradually lose our intimate knowledge of heaven as we grow up. In his poem “Intimations of Immortality,” he says that “our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting” of our previous heavenly existence. “Trailing clouds of glory do we come/From God who is our home:/Heaven lies about us in our infancy,” says Wordsworth.

Dee and I talked about how the ones who know the most about God are those who have just recently been wrapped in the arms of the Divine, our infants and toddlers. Here is what Dee sent me regarding a conversation she had with her young son Marcus, a little boy I treasure and love since I am with him every day:

A few weeks ago, my 18-month-old Marcus and I sat down for dinner. I started our meal with our usual prayer, “Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you, God, for everything!” As we began eating, I stared at him in wonder. He is so beautiful! So freaking perfect! I love this little guy so much! Without thinking, I blurted: “Where did you come from?” Marcus sat his fork down, looked up, and raised both arms to the sky. So then I asked: “What is God like?” He dropped his arms, looked directly at me and said: “light.”

Within a few days of posting this story about Dee and Marcus, I received a large number of replies from parents who have had similar experiences in which very young children in their families had spoken about their remembrances before they came to Earth. They told of dialogues with God, gave evidence that they themselves had a hand in picking their own parents, spoke about long deceased family members that they knew while in the dimension of spirit, verified past life recollections, and spoke eloquently and accurately of a kind of Divine Love that exists beyond this physical realm and even of times when telepathic communication took place as well as the ability to decide just when they would come here to Earth and why they selected their own parents and siblings.

“our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting” of our previous heavenly existence. “Trailing clouds of glory do we come/From God who is our home:/Heaven lies about us in our infancy,”

Many of those who replied suggested that I put together a book which includes the most interesting and illuminating of these experiences with very young children. It seems that infants and toddlers often arrive here with memories of their lifetimes in the spirit world and frequently provide evidence of this to their immediate families.

I am inviting anyone with a vignette that is consistent with this theme to send it to me at this e-mail address: storiesforwayne@hayhouse.com or comment on my Facebook post for possible inclusion in a compendium of these stories that Dee Garnes and I will organize. I will also include several of these awakening episodes with my own children when they were recent arrivals from the invisible realm of spirit. Your submission to this project will indicate to me that you give permission for us to use your name and story in the book.

This is such a fascinating subject and my hope is that parents and grandparents will become much more active in communicating with their new arrivals and creating a realization that there is far more to this earthly experience than what we perceive with our five senses.

And speaking of the Light…

Last week I was participating in an all night spiritual ceremony in which a beautiful song was played several times throughout the event. I have not been able to get the words “I AM LIGHT” out of my mind and I have been singing them over and over to myself. Remembering my little buddy Marcus referring to God as LIGHT, I was reminded how much this awe-inspiring song, performed by the astonishingly talented and beautiful India Arie has impacted me since I first heard it. Below  is a video of India Arie singing “Be the light.”


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