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Happy 88th Birthday, Louise Hay!

On October 8th, one of my greatest role models celebrates her 88th birthday. The beautiful, vibrant, sprightly, wise, and witty Louise Hay has made it her life mission to help and encourage us all to live our best lives. Louise has been celebrating her life ever since she discovered at around 50 years old that your thoughts can change the way you experience things. Want more happiness, peace, joy, health, love, and abundance in your life? Think on these things. Louise says, “I return to the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.” Using these principles in the form of daily positive affirmations, it is possible to program your thoughts and transform your life. We are connected to a Source of infinite love within that we can use to heal our lives and help others do the same. Louise teaches mirror work—looking at yourself with love and gratitude always. Giving back, moving ahead, loving life, learning, and growing—this is Louise’s program for a long and happy experience here on this earthly plane. At 88, Louise is in the midst of the kind of joy-filled and vital life that comes from being hopeful, grateful, and ready to smile.

Not only is Louise celebrating a landmark birthday, she is also launching a brilliant and powerful new book titled Loving Yourself To Great Health – Thoughts & Food – The Ultimate Diet. With two of her favorite health and wellness practitioners, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane, Louise has created a guidebook for healthy living that contains many of her lifestyle secrets for staying well and feeling good into your mature years.  In it, you’ll find everything you need to keep your mind, body, and spirit in health and harmony. People ask Louise how she manages to look so well and feel so good at 88. This book, she says, contains all that she would love to share with you on the subject.


Do we have to accept the notion that aging must involve deterioration of body and mind? I’ve always said “no” to that idea and Louise agrees. I don’t believe in “thinking” old. Although I’ve transitioned through many bodies—a baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, mid-life and older adult—my spirit is unchanged. I support my body with exercise, my mind with reading and writing, and my spirit with the knowing that I am part of the Divine source of all life. Don’t program yourself to break down as you age with thoughts that “decline is inevitable.” Time may be passing for our bodies, but because they house our ageless souls, we never need to see ourselves as old and infirm.

We can make a decision to live fully each day, and smile rather than shudder at the passage of time. Our primary identification is not with time, but with the timelessness of truth, peace, and love. Your timeless self does not age and has no fear of the future. Contemplate your physical self and all its possessions, and practice laughing peacefully at it all. Time has only leased them to you. Make peace with time. Laugh at its work, and know your laughter does not make you a victim. Live the truth that resonates with you as Louise has always done. Decide to always choose that which brings you and others a sense of both inner and outer peace. Be a force of love as often as you can and turn away negative thoughts whenever you feel them surface. As Louise guides us to affirm: Life loves me!

Happy Birthday, Louise, and many more to come!


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