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Heaven Within

Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, since Spirit is everywhere and in everything. You can begin making a conscious decision to look for the unfolding of Spirit in everything and everyone that you encounter. I personally do this by making an effort to look upon my world as if I were observing it through lenses that filter out the form and all of the material aspects of what I’m seeing, and I can only view the spiritual energy that allows what I’m noticing to exist. Try putting on these imaginary magical lenses and see how different everything appears.

I now see spiritual energy in everyone I encounter. When I’m tempted to judge anyone, I remind myself to view them through my special lenses. When I can do so, all negative judgment dissolves. I feel more peaceful knowing that I’m not just this body that I’m destined to discard. I also feel the life-giving Spirit within me on a daily basis, and it’s exhilarating!

Being more balanced spiritually and physically gives me the opportunity to be in a continual state of gratitude and awe. I see miracles everywhere. Try changing your view of the world to one of awe and wonder. Rather than looking for miracles, shift to seeing everything as miraculous. By being in a state of awe, you won’t be able to mentally experience boredom or disappointment. Try seeing the invisible Divine flowing through and supporting everyone and everything. A rainstorm becomes a miraculous event, the lightning a fascinating display of electrical fireworks, the thunder a booming reminder of the invisible power of nature. Live the mystery by beginning to perceive what average eyes fail to notice.

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Alessandra says:

I realise at last that my body is the result of non positive thoughts ,therefore I am starting a new era of acceptance,gratitude and fulfillment.

richard says:

As I let go of the ego I change direction. My life purpose has now been recognised. It feels like heaven, the joy of just being me with miracles unfolding as I surrender.

Joy says:

I have a co-worker who just really makes me question my positive outlook, she does things wrong, and when you try to explain to her the correct way something should be done, she ALWAYS, chimes, “Oh, that’s what I was going to do”. If this was the way she was going to do it, why didn’t she?” Help me find a way to work with the negativity of it all.

Rie says:

Hi Wayne
I just wanted to share an idea with you. Have you considered the Raw food diet . I have seen and heard some amazing resuts. A realy inspiring story on You-tube is abot Dave the raw food track driver. Some food for thought, its the least i could share with you. You have inspired me som many times thank-you

Katty says:

I “discovered” Mr. Dyer about a year ago after a horrible break up. I have changed the way I see life and everyone around me, I am glad to say I am a new person who has changed her way to look at things, I’m still learning but I know I am a better person. God bless your Dr. Dyer, hugs from Costa Rica.

Leila says:

I was on your site mainly for reasearch on a personal project I am working on and noticed on the bottom that your latest blog was written on my birthday, so i was compelled to read it. And isn’t it a beautiful synchronicity that part of this project I created was to be more aware,observant and less judgemental in my daily life. 🙂

Donna says:

As a child, I stayed in perpetual awareness of the miraculous. The beauty of aging is that I, once again, sense the miracle of all that I am and all that surrounds me.

Miyuki says:

Dear Dr. Dyer, Thank you, thank you, thank you… I cannot express my appreciation for you enough with words. You have brought me so much joy, peace, bliss, happiness, and much much more. Thank you so much. Peaceful & Best Wishes from Cotswolds, UK.

Dani says:

I get the point. I’m trying to keep my imaginary magical lenses on more often. And I wish many more people have theirs on, too, when they’re looking at me!

Joshua says:

Heaven exists between conscious moments.

Matt says:

If God is infinite and omnipotent is it a true statement that the only way to know him is through Jesus Christ? Is he not present in the teachings of Buddha or Mohammed if he is in all things? The fundamental teaching of Christianity then is either flawed or misunderstood.

Lalla says:

Dear Maestro, thank you for coming to Puerto Rico your energy and vibration will remain with me forever. Reading the Tao with your interpretaion has change my life into a beautiful journeyof understanding the natural cycle of the path . This is a liberating, joyous journey, thanks for existing; Namaste.

Michael says:

As usual, Dr. Dyer hits the nail on the head. I see his wisdom as formulating the most insightful ideas in the most simplest of ways. Thank you, I will follow this blog. I like to share ideas about life, geopolitical issues and just soul stuff on my blog.

Joseph Wadas says:

I just visited a 92 year old hospice patient who said it well. He said, “Any day I’m alive is a wonderful day!” Today, is a rainy and dreary day. I enjoy telling people what a “beautiful” day it is and watching their reactions. With life and love and heaven so accessible, every day is beautiful! Namaste!

Deborah Chikura says:

Dr Dyer thank you,was just watching your movie’ the shift’ .Thank you for your great work..thank you for the words.’seeing everything as miraculous…’wow ..wow !

Kenneth says:

Heaven is within. You have helped me find it. I never knew it was within reach and now here it is in the palms of my hands. Thank you for your wisdom, your guidance and your patience. You are a gift Dr. Dyer.

ReagneMoM says:

Dr. Dyer, I’m reading your books- but I really feel like I’ve hit a wall. What is your take on someone like me …?

ReagneMoM says:

Hello, Dr. Dyer. I sent an email to your via your website. It’s my first time on this blog. I still use your “your erroneous zones” as a source of reading/discussion betwen me and my husband…And hope to have my daughter read it as she gets older. -Massachusetts

Parag says:

Thanks for the electrifying article to open our eyes to see the world in different persepective regards from India

brenda says:

I too have experienced an unanticipated waking vision that I had been unable to understand for several years until I was helped by your wisdom. Daring to love all was the Key. Thank you Dr Dyer for the peace it has brought me.

Bego says:

Hello Dr. Dyer,
Thank you for the article. 🙂
Regards from Spain,

Donna says:

My son and I saw you in Fortlauderdale we sat in the front row. We traveled 250 miles to and from all in one day, and we never noticed. The day was so flowed perfect. You not only inspire us but your daughters as well, and how they follow thier inner self. Your daughter’s purses are on sale at a store in NSB Fl. Going to get one.

Charmane says:

Thank you.

Lucy says:

I was 11 years old en locked up in a library when i find a book of you .. so you became my ( mental )’father’ ( i only knew my biologic father by the tears in the eyes of my special mother ) The soul in your book inspirate me on my life-highway .. now 33 years later i can say thank you ..

Natalia Lavrova says:

Thank you, Dr.Dyer for reminding me to keep my mind in peace, reading your books like talking to God I feel awe and appreciation.
I’d love to translate this into Russian and send it to all my friends, do you mind me doing it? I want people know about your books, read them and change their lives to the better.

Penny says:

Thank you, there’s such magic in your words. Love Penny


Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thanks to Jesus, Lao Tsu and you teachings I’ve started to marvel at the world around me. Get negative thoughts out of my mind through prayor and experiencing the spiritual energy that lives and does not. In the morning is give God thanks for yesterday and today. Thank you Wayne.
God bless you;

Lissette says:

In my opinion his answer was so touching and powerful, he did not say explain it correctly but I definitely understood what he meant. This happened today, and of the five years I have been teaching this has been something a student has taught me, the teacher. Thank you for allowing me to share this beautiful story. Thank you Dr. Dyer. God Bless.

Lissette says:

Students were asked what “motivation” was, some said “love” others did not know, one student responded with what a very powerful answer, Francisco said, “Motivation is energy from the heart to move”. I thought the words he used to explain the meaning of motivation were beautiful, a nine year old said “energy from the heart to move”.

cindy says:

It is amazing to experience inner peace when the world around me makes no sense. It is easy to find miracles if you know that all its miraculous. I appreciate your very public wisdom. Especially with the chaos that the world is experiencing because of change, your words are powerful! When enough of us see it that way, then there will be real change

JAMES says:

One day I realized that heaven starts from the floor to the infinite, therefore we all live in heaven, we only need to realize that.
James Fotaine

Mucunda says:

is a beautiful article, I hope to put into practice as soon as possible

Terry says:

Thank you for sharing with all of us so many helpful hints and suggestions for finding Peace and Joy in our lives!

Willam says:

You are right to say that we need those magicl lenses to see miracles everywhere, and they are miracles everywhhere ,is that we need to change the way we look at things and so things would be really miracles.Thanks for all your support.