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Your Superior Power

When Carl Jung was asked in an interview if he believed in God, he said: “I could not say I believe. I know! I have had the experience of being gripped by something stronger than myself, something that people call God.”1 To be consciously merged into that perfect union with God is a feeling that’s difficult to explain, but ego definitely takes a backseat. You know that you’re allowing yourself to be guided by a force that’s bigger than you are, and if you so choose, you can stay infinitely connected to it.

Here’s Thoreau in 1851 remembering what this connection felt like to him in his boyhood: “There comes into my mind such an indescribable, infinite, all-absorbing, divine, heavenly pleasure, a sense of elevation and expansion, and [I] have nought to do with it. I perceive that I am dealt with by superior powers. This is a pleasure, a joy, an existence which I have not procured myself. I speak as a witness on the stand, and tell what I have perceived.”

I too perceive that I am being dealt with by superior powers. I too speak to you as a witness telling you what I have perceived. I too have felt the all-absorbing, Divine sense of elevation, the heavenly pleasure of alignment with Source.

Whatever you call your superior power—Source, God, Spirit—you are a divine creation, and you can never be separate from that which created you. There is no place that God is not. It has been said that God sleeps in the minerals, rests in the vegetables, walks in the animals, and thinks in us. Think of God as a presence rather than a person—a presence that allows a seed to sprout, that moves the stars across the sky, and simultaneously moves a thought across your mind. A presence that grows the grass and grows your fingernails all at the same time. You are eternally connected to this presence, your Source, the power of love that never abandons you and never runs dry. You can rely on this source if you remind yourself that it includes you at all times. Heaven is a state of mind, not a location. It is always safe to let go and let God.


  1. “The Wise Old Man,” Time, February 14, 1955

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Joshua says:


Cory says:

I wish that I could find my way to that knowing. My life situation is such that I just can’t let go. My marriage has ended, I gave her all that I am. Now there just seems to be nothing left. No matter how many books I read or people that I talk to, it just doesn’t go away. You say that inspiration is the reason we are here. What if there is none?

Joseph says:

Hi Wayne…Great material here as usual. I live in Ireland and the last year here has been very rough. Job losses, emmigration etc. The nation is living in total fear and anxiety. Perhaps you might say something specific about this situation, I think your material could be really helpful to people. p.s. when are you coming to Ireland ?

Tiki says:

Dr. Dyer-
The book THE POWER OF INTENTION found me in 2004. I have since recently embraced Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism as well. I will be attending the MIDDLE WAY MEDITATION RETREAT in Kona on February 18-27, 2011. To meet you would be an honor and a privelege. Otherwise, we will see you at the source!

Kenneth says:

With ego in the backseat and God in the driver’s seat, I know the journey will be amazing.

Angelo says:

Dr Dyer I really enjoied your seminar in Ft Lauderdale its always a pleasure. I did speak with your daughter and left her a proposal for you after the event.The Hay House event woman said she will mail it to your house in Maui the proposal is for your eyes only .
Best Regards,Angelo H

Yogendra says:

Though its not right to keep asking the questions yet I have to ask this question, If we keep believing that God is good and is omnipresent, then what is Maya? Or what if Maya is making us believe that God is omnipresent? Apart from this question, I am in trouble, doubts have started coming in my mind. How can I help myself?

Yogendra says:

I thank you for that and yes I do believe that I am in your inspiration and you are in mine. Also I do visit your blog twice a month. Your thoughts are really great, this shows how creative you are. If you could recommend or any of your disciples/followers recommend, something on mediation and then I will be grateful.

Yogendra says:

Thank you Wayne. I came across your book about Inspiration for the first time around 4 months ago and since then I am practicing the Karm Yog that you have advised and admired. I really wanted to know how to bring Karm Yog into practice and your thoughts made it clear.

George Bryant Cronk says:

Thank you, when I read your inspired posts I know I am on the right course.

George Bryant Cronk

Frank Poetry says:

Thanks Wayne,

I’m listening to the Excuses Be Gone! CD’s all week this week. I listen to the program, then go back through it all a second time. It is very, very helpful to me, and I thank you for putting that all together.

God Bless You.

Frank Poetry

Susana says:

I have been dealing with anxiety attacks for the better part of 37 years and have come to realize that my habitual negative thinking is keeping me scared. I need to remember that ” if I knew tho walked beside me at all times that I could never experience fear or doubt again.” Thank you!

Teri says:

Thank you, Dr. Dyer for all the inspiration you share…. I received the ‘Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling’ CD’s a few weeks ago – they were a gift from you with a Hay House purchase… and what a GIFT they are! I have them in my car and listen to them daily… as your daughter sang, you inspire ME! Namate.

Nealon Hightower, Six Simple Truths says:

Thanks for the endless inspiration, Wayne. We lost a great hero recently who also provided great inspiration for over 80 years in the fitness world. I wanted to share this tribute video with everyone. Jack LaLanne’s life is deserving of celebration.

Mucunda says:

a very stimulating article, like all your life.
nice week and greetings to ram dass

Joshua says:

I’m finally beginning to get this concept. Next on my list is meditation. I guess step one is being able to sit still for more than 30 seconds – a bit of a challenge for me….lol. Thanks, Dr. Dyer!

Elizabeth says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer. I love the line “walks in the animals”. This blog goes along with what I’ve been hearing in my meditations. Confirmation rocks!

Adelina says:

new to Your blog- what a great post to start my journey with- thanks so much for the much needed reassurance that we are not separated from the Divine, and the field of all possibilities!

Monica says:

So beutiful text!

Ytje-Minke says:

This morning in meditation all thoughts and stressfull actions played with my mind. Going trough all my chakra’s and trying to calm dowm just one song came into my mind: Be still and know that I am God Be still and know that I am God…Just be still Just Trust

Willam says:

I feel the connection with the source as I practice my qigong excercises every day and feel that energy that runs thru my body helping myself healing and giving me the oportunity to help others to understand this natural healing that we all have as we connect ourselves with the Universe.

Selkie says:

Still unsure how to stay “infinitely connected” as you put it. Sounds like a nice idea. How is it done please?

Brenda says:

Your blogs always brighten my day. Especially when things are hectic they help bring things into perspective again.Thanks for being there for us to remind us what we need to know and do know in our hearts.

Heide says:

this is how it feels to be: the Divine is the presence within all that is…connecting all…all is part of the Divine puzzle and all together builds a complete artwork…to accept the guidance of this presence in me is like coming home again …I appreciate you and your great messages, Dr. Dyer!

colette says:

Gratitude for your continued sharing of your wisdom, Wayne. I have followed you for years and am now delighted to discover your blog on the internet. You make sense. I appreciate that so much, love, light and fun to you and all, colette

Penny says:

and if you so choose, you can stay infinitely connected to it…I can see how life is a Dance with the Tao, it’s the only way anything that shows up in my life has meaning. I’m so grateful to you for writing Your Sacred Self. I’ve read thru it a second time now and occasionally I pick it up and it seems to take me where I need to be at the moment.


In my own experience, this Superior Power is a quiet Power, and I find it mostly in the silence of the mind. Meditations like The Gap that Dr. Dyer suggests has been a great and easy way for me to connect with that Superior Power
God Bless You Dr. Dyer
James Fontaine

Mara says:

Thank you for this Dwayne . Thank you for wrapping up in words what I have been thinking.

” Think of God as a presence rather than a person ” Absolutely !

Namaste !

Shauna says:

Thank you for your contribution here, Wayne. I always enjoy your posts, and feel we are kindred spirits although we have not yet met…of course, we all are!

This simple description of being aligned will bring hope to many…and the more aligned we all are, the better our world becomes. Thank you, and love to you.