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How May I Serve?

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Here’s how I have handled the getting of jobs and how I have advised others to go about it.

First, get a really sharp, clear vision of what you would like to see yourself doing. Then go to a quiet place in meditation and make conscious contact with God. The beauty of meditation is that you begin to get answers. Instead of asking for something for yourself, put all of your energy and attention into visualizing yourself in a capacity of serving, offering, or creating. It’s then that doors begin to open for you.

Lao-tzu says that doors don’t open while we have attachment to physical things for ourselves. What he calls the angelic guides or Source energy doesn’t enter our lives until we take the focus off “what’s in it for me?” or “what kind of job am I going to get?” or “how much money am I going to make?” and instead focus on “how may I serve?”

Get that inner picture of yourself serving in the capacity of your choice and then be at peace with it. Take the focus off scarcity and lack and visualize service. That’s how Spirit works—when we’re letting go, when we’re not trying, not chasing.

“Let yourself be lived by it,” says Lao-tzu. Go within and trust Divine timing. That’s how it’s always worked for me and I’ve always had more work than I could handle.




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Robert says:

I typed “Lord, can we go see Dr. Wayne Dyer in October on Hawaii……” into a search engine and ended up here.
Type “A Messenger Once Told Me…….by Sparrowhawk” into a search engine and you will find me!
Dr. Wayne Dyer.. Thank-you

MARIA says:


My new EXCUSES BEGONE is arriving on friday…

MARIA says:

meanwhile I feed my spirit with those I have already in home,
some yours, some Deepak’s, some Dr. Louise, some Don Miguel Ruiz, Your CD’s … well, now are mine :):):) and I still writing begginning my new book:
ME?… HAPPY AT ALL? (for teenagers)

Terri Powell says:

Greetings Carolynn,
In a nutshell, you must fill your own cup first then the overflow spills to others. If you take from yourself, you are not loving yourself – and putting others ahead of yourself is self denigration. It is easy to give to others when it feels effortless. If it is a chore, stop instantly and do something for yourself.

Carolynn says:

So here’s the thing. The more I ask “How may I serve” the more answers I receive, and I become overwhelmed very quickly. I begin to feel that everybody needs me, and as I try to serve, my energy is depleted, I get tired, and then I feel guilty because I don’t want to serve ‘this much’. any advice?

Maria Daley says:

I always hear about being of service and how things will start to fall into place, you will prosper, etc., etc. My question is this: How can I be of service if my strength is creativity? It’s not like I have something important to offer to the world and can truly be of service to someone? Please help!

peace maker says:

And my dear Behzad maybe now there is time to belive all the religionS are rivers coming from A SINGLE OCEAN…

peace maker says:

Dear mr. Wayne, your books as Behzad said are so inspiring and are helping many in Iran.however there are few books of you translated here.when i was in America last summer i realized there are variouse books written by you .please help iranian to know you more …..how we can get more of your wonderful works translated and published here?

tim hardtke says:

wayne, i’m newly enlightened, how do i help when every single persons ego blocks the process.. the truth is so far out there that the ego seeks to survive by clinging to all their mental beliefs! i know the ego experience is built on opposites if by me exposing the truth isn’t an opposite to their ego concepts and beliefs then

student says:

I am your Chinese reader. I am very excited to talk to you, I got an obsessive idea many months ago.I always recall one of my high school classmates.He is an absolutely horrid guy!He han done everything you can imagine.I hate him and am afraid of him.The OCD has afflicted me for many months,what can i do?Await your answer.Thanks!

carol pelker says:

Wayne, I love practicing principles on how to grow along spiritual lines. all though not always succesful, I never give up. I love experiancing God in my life. When I get myself out of the way, He always shows up! and, when I ask”how may I serve” I am never disapointed in the answer.

JoAnna Boccard says:

I find myself letting go the need for money as you recommend quite fearful. It is so easy to feel that I will continue down the path of near-poverty. Having said that I now realize that it is this fear that I won’t have enough or there will be none at all, that I need to deal with. Thank you for reminding me of a long lived pattern .

Heidelinde Howley says:

Dear Wayne,
I have been reading your books and watching you on PBS for many years. You have inspired me in more ways than I can count and I am proud to say that I am living by these beautiful principles more and more each day. It is one of my dreams to meet you in person and spend a few hours in conversation with you. Please make it happen.

Trish Smith says:

You are my strength when I am weak! You are my hero!!!!!!!!! You never know how much you mean to me….. You give me all my strength!!!!!! You mean so much to me everyday!!!!! Without your words I don’t know where I’d be!!!!!!!!!!! I have a hero in you! You are so amazing!

Joanne Chemin. Edmonton, Alberta says:

How may I serve? My entire household went to auction Sunday 28th. Furniture gone, given away! And this is fun! The more dear, the more pleasure…and miracle, see you 11 July on way to Alaska! Yippee! Thank you, thank you!

Alina says:

Thank you, Dr. Dyer, for being the source of endlessly abundant inspiration. My joy for living to service others is constantly at the “boiling point”. I remain endlessly grateful. With love, where it all begins and does not end – Alina

Norea says:

Dear Dr. Dyer, growing up the emphasis lay on service. But whenever I closed my eyes, I’d see myself surrounded by paintings. Yet until recently, it never occurred to me that creating could be an act of service too. Nowadays, I paint. Life has never felt so natural. By letting go, I let God. Thank you for sharing your light. Namaste.

Wayne G. Fennimore says:

Thanks, Wayne, for making it so clear and simple. And I want to thank Behzad for reporting from the part of the world where civilization began.

Heather says:

Me again, hard to fit it all in one post………I am not wanting to leave the planet, I have just always wondered about this? If you feel you have one foot in each reality and feel ready to move on, is that something you can decide?

Heather says:

My question, Because we are God creating our lives, and divine, do we have the right to create the time we depart this body & go to the next realm?Can we choose when we are ready to move on? In dreams I go there & move as if spirit. wonderful. Have you discussed this? If you feel your service here is done & want to transition is that your choice?

yoly says:

This sounds like an answer for my spiritual path. I thank you for your teachings and the way you talk about this special being Mickael Jackson as i thought of him, his loving songs, dance and videos bring us such joy. May the spiritual leaders keep teaching the truth about God and his creations.

Sandra Cox says:

Dr. Dyer A few weeks ago I was secretary for a 12 step prog and the only one that showed up was God and that was ok, God showed up! I asked God how may I serve you and I received a message to go to a friend’s to give love and support but she wouldn’t see me and that was ok, because it was enough that I showed up! It was between me and God anyway.

Adam Curriere says:

.The principle (to serve) is among the greatest of laws according to scripture. When I coul’d not find a job, I asked a man if I could help him in his pizza shop for free. A few days later, the jobs offers came…. many!

Veronica says:

Hi Dr. I have been a fan of yours for a while now. I have known a new God since I started reading your books. I have no way to thank you for that.
I was looking for an answer regarding my professional life.. I guess this is His answer. Thank you for being such a great messenger.
Veronica Bolaos. Mexico City

Giovanni says:

i’d like to study your psychotheraupetic approach..!how can i do? I live in Florence(italy)…here there is psychology but not your approach! does thing suggest me? is there in new york city a good school? thank you Giovanni

Megan says:

More and more I’m learning how to let go – detach from things like money, fame, reputation, what-have-you. Your talks have really helped along these lines (thank you!). Detaching has freed me to experience more love, and from that space, my life unfolds in perfect rhythm.

Zia says:

Great work Wayne!! I’d love to read about addictions. How can we detach ourselves with love from our addicted soulmate? Any suggestions?


Hi Wayne, This Story really touched my heart and embodies everything that you talk about. “Despite no college education or a medical background, a rugged American named Todd Shea runs a charity hospital in Kashmir, where a 2005 earthquake killed 80,000 people.” From the New York Times. The Improbable American by Adam B. Ellick. Love,

Rebekah says:

What a glorious, enlightening reminder of spreading love for others! Mahalo!

Lynn says:

My life’s calling is teaching (k) children. I will be teaching Summer school in another week. I have all three of your children’s books which I read to my class. This Summer I have read “Excuses Be Gone” and bought your “Meditations For Manifesting”. I’m already seeing many changes. Thank you!

behzad says:

I’m Iranian
your thoughts are very similar to islam and especially to Shiism,
three years ago i was very upset, then suddenly I found your book in a book store,
something told me that i must buy this book,
I bought it and my life changed,
i think you are a prophet that has no claim having relation with God,

LAURA says:

This post is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you.

Heidi says:

Thank you for all you do Wayne. What a great post and good reminder for me personally. Many blessings!