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Follow Your Bliss

I’ve always had a knowing that whatever I’ve found interesting or exciting or passionate or moving or motivating there’s a way to make a living at it. It doesn’t make any difference what it is. My son, Sands, age 21, is passionate about surfing. He’s in college at the University of Central Florida and doing fine, but his whole life is about surfing. He gets up in the morning and checks where the waves are all over the world. I tell him he doesn’t have to get a business degree now; he doesn’t have to go to college in his 20’s. He talks endlessly about surfing—the feeling of being on a surfboard, riding that wave, being at one with the ocean.

I tell him there’s a way to make a living while following his passion. Imagine yourself there—teaching people to surf, working in a surf shop, starting a surf shop, making surfboards, studying oceanography, being a boat captain who takes people to surfing locations. There are endless ways to be connected to your dream, to follow your bliss. And it doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been doing something. Men in their 40’s and 50’s tell me, “I can’t change professions now. I’ve been doing it for 25 years.” I ask, “Who decided you would be an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer?” “I decided when I was 18.” “And now you’re 50? Would you go to an 18-year-old for advice on what you should be doing with your life?” Not unless that youngster tells you to listen to your bliss! I think it’s a really important lesson for us all.




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Lisa says:

I’ve tried all my life to ignore the stories within me and I’ve always loved writing, but decided to pursue a “more practical career.” Now thatI lost my job, I’m listening to God and writing inspirational pieces. Your Excuses Be Gone collection is helping immensely. Could you help me publish my books?

Mona (Bear) says:

I ended up in gardening for 28 years. No regrets even thought I’ve never felt being a great gardener. I went back to school when I was 36, redid all my grades + more + enjoyed it love math. Now I paint which I always wanted, well one of the things I want. I wish I’ll be110 years young. Thanks for sharing. Bear hugs

Lynn says:

I have made my own posters and covered my wall in the room I meditate. I am 58 years old. Hey I want a mate and I know he’s coming. I know I can’t die with my music still in me. Thank you for helping me change the way I look at things Dr. Dyer.

Donna Brinkworth, Alberta Canada says:

I would appreciate some thoughts on how thankfulness, manifesting, allowing, intention and inspiration go together. I am grateful for everything in my life, but I want to follow my bliss. I feel I am not being thankful for my great job and good life if I try to manifest more in my life, but feel a calling. Thank you.

SM, New Zealand says:

I listened to Manifest your Destiny every day for the last 2 mths and my son has carefully flipped your perpertual calendar every day for the last 2 years and incredible changes have happened – from a child who could barely interract he is now in the school rowing team. Miracles, Blessings and Abundance to you and your family. Namaste.

SM, New Zealand says:

Dr Dyer, thank you for your words of inspiration, they are helping me through a tough time with my relationship with an alcoholic and my Aspergers/Dysparaxic teenage son. Thank you so much for your teachings. Namaste. Thank you.

Dr. Steve McSwain www.stevemcswain.com says:

I’ve written a quote for you to use, Dr. Wayne. “Pollution of the mind-stream leads to the pollution of our mountain-streams. Mind the mind. The environment will only improve from within!”

Alain says:

Dr. Dyer, you mention in your rendering of the Tao Te Ching that you’ve given away most of your possessions. Would you also be willing to give up your spiritual ideas?

Jim Los Angeles, CA says:

I have a lot of responsibilities with a wonderful home and four beautiful children, however, I know if I follow my bliss, while being in-spirit, my financial situation will take care of itself! Thank you for your timely words. You are truly an inspiration! Godspeed!

Joanne Chemin Tacoma, WA says:

BLISS? BLISS! Wow, Dr. Dyer! I am now living the infinite bliss you speak of. I’m virtually “stuff” less, have my car…AND I’M GOING TO ALASKA! How great is the trust and belief of knowing you are in right time, right space. And ALL is blissfully happy in my world. See you on board!! Bless you, bless you.

Susan says:

I just finished listening to Excuses Begone where you told this story about your son. The simplicity of your message – listen to your bliss, has taken me a long time to hear! You are an inspiration to me daily!

Donna says:

When my husband came home and told me the factory he worked at (open since 1960) was closing, and he would be out of work. My response was “congradulations now you can move forward.” I learned that from you. My mentor.

Abby says:

Thank you, Dr. Dyer! This is just what I needed to hear/read at just the perfect time. Thank you for being an endless source of inspiration and connectedness. You are a Blessing.



Patricia says:

As always, beautiful words from a beautiful soul. I send you infinite love and gratitude.

Ash Brones says:

I graduate with my bachelor’s in 3 weeks, and though I _was_ working towards med school, yet now my burning desire is to write. I’m not sure how I will do it, but I’m envisioning myself sitting at home with my coffee cup, laptop comfortably on my lap, legs stretched out, and me, putting all of my visions into words.

Bernadette says:

Thank you for your thoughts and inspirations. I’ve been following my bliss lately and little miracles have turned up for me of which I keep thanking them for being there. When letting go of the struggle and my ENORMOUS EGO, miracles happen, gently and with humility. Thank you Dr. Dyer.

Jean says:

I find that by changing my thoughts and getting rid of the excuses, I can see bliss in everything. Whether planting a garden, watching my grandkids play, or scrubbing a garbage can. We all have bliss because our Source has bliss. Have a “blissed” (blessed) day. Namaste.

Rai says:

Thanks for all of your great inspiration. I have a 3 and an 8 year old and they have lots of energy. My greatest challenge now is understanding them and bringing myself back in balance as I was years ago. You cannot see the path in front of you, if you do not see the path within! 🙂

Alina says:

My bliss is passion for living to help others. Yesterday, I placed an older lady with numerous shopping bags on a bus and then helped her to switch buses. She said ‘God bless you’, and I said: ‘God bless you too’. Today, I received a job offer for a dream or ‘bliss’ job. Bliss is good. Bliss is God. Namaste 🙂

Brenda says:

I am 60 today! Your blog is a nice birthday present from you. Wow! Grateful!
I meditate with your writings and inspiring audio. Bliss is all around me now!
Learning to be still and meditate. I am bliss,happiness,peace to my family.
I am a beautiful woman, loving wife, mother, grandmother and sister. Thank you!

Lisa says:

I am trying to teach my young children the same thing, I say “Pay attention to what you love, what makes you happy and inspires you. Then figure out the way to earn a living doing it.” I wish this was given to me as a child. I’m 41 years old and trying to find out what my bliss is.

Ron says:

I agree, I’m 52 years old and wake every morning with gratitude. I used to think how did get here in my life. I now say “thank you”.
PS; I took you advise on reducing sugar and the weight is falling off.

Robin Y. Zavada says:

Wow! Read your blog and realized my bliss is all over the place. I’ve been searching for “the” bliss, as in singular but it isn’t singular at all and I think that’s just fine. Have a wonderous day.