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Real Magic and Michael

In 1992 when the time came to write a dedication for my book Real Magic, I decided to recognize three special people—my dear daughter Saje, my spiritual brother Deepak Chopra, and my friend pop superstar Michael Jackson. I wanted to recognize Michael “whose words, music, and love remind us that it is only through giving that we are saving our own lives.” Michael Jackson had a special relationship with the principles of Real Magic, the idea of “creating miracles in everyday life.”  With his enormous musical talent, he created a body of work that brought joy to millions. My children and I spent five very happy days with him at Neverland in 1991. He wanted to talk to me about “real magic,” but the truth is, he already had the magic—the power he needed to dream and create and give. Michael was dedicated to ending world hunger and helped create the 1985 “We Are the World” celebrity sing-along that brought together some of the biggest names in popular music to raise funds for famine relief in Africa. I didn’t have to explain “real magic” to Michael because he was already a spiritual being, already kind, loving, and ready to use his musical gift to create miracles. Along with millions of people around the world, I say, thank you, Michael, for sharing your amazing talent to lift our spirits. I’ll remember you as a beautiful human being with a heart as big as the sky.




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Liz says:

Dr Dyer I don’t have the exact words to explain to what extent your book Real Magic has changed my life, and how surprised I was when I read your dedication to Michael. I broke in tears. Thank you so much for your beautiful tribute to this wonderful and exceptional human being: Michael jackson.

Kerry says:

God bless you, Dr Dyer, for this beautiful tribute to a wonderful human being, Michael Jackson.

Paula says:

Thank you so much for this. I have always admired the amazing heart of Michael and it is so conforting that another person that I admire recognize him. It means a lot to me. Namaste.

Deborah says:

I know in time, all will know what was done to Michael. I only hope the sacrifice and the task he was given, do not outweigh the leap they were intended to inspire. I would like to request something of you Dr. Please join all of us who are actively keeping this man’s legacy, by simply speaking and writing about Michael’s integrity and truth.

Alicia says:

Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer, I feel the way you do, but it’s nice to hear someone respected say it. I have always been a fan of your work, as well as Michael’s so this is fitting. I and many other fans appreciate this.

Kat says:

Wonderful tribute to a wonderful, unique and manifestly magical human being. He will be missed.

Debbie says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for posting such a beautiful blog about Michael Jackson. I thank you for not judging him. I thank you for remembering him as the beautiful spirit as he was. Thank you Michael for sharing your amazing talent that lift our spirit. I too will remember you as a beautiful human being with a heart as big as the sky.

bobbi - nz says:

it is amazing how many times I have cried from hearing words from you, thank-you for inducing my humility everytime.

love and light

C.H. Miller says:

This is Beauty.

farbod says:

yes i read that book before that is a powerful book that has a lot of suggestions to have a nice life & or good life
thank you for your book
i love all books that have written by dear dr wayne dyer

Mikel says:

In his life he could have used the encouragement and public support at his lowest not after he is gone. Where were people on the tv shows saying how you trusted him with your kids and he was nothing but kind and respectful to them then when they where calling him a pedophile?

Anthony Raymond Ochoa says:

I still have this magical book. Today is July 20, 2009 and exactly 8:08pm in the Philippines. I signed on to Hay House and discovered the Wayne Dyer Blog. I consider these discoveries Magical moments in my life. Dr. Wayne Dyer has been a mentor to me. His spiritual teachings directed me to a path of Real Magic. Love and Prayers to all:)

Veronica says:

WAW! It is a hughe gift to read this words. To see a human being capable of seeing these amazing things in other people. I love to read something so beautiful about a person who I admired for his music and simpathize with his diffucult life. Love.

Bernadette says:

hello Wayne, I am a big fan of yours and a lot of the hayhouse authors who have helped my spiritual development over the years. I come from Belfast in Ireland, where there is a great need for positive thinking, . A BIG THANKYOU to you and the team at hayhouse for all the inspiration.

Alina says:

MJ brought real magic and inspired many. Thank you, Dr. Dyer, and Namaste, Alina

Adam says:

He was a true Humanitarian – The Miracle of his love and incredible talent…… the manifstation of his “Real Magic.” Brother Deepaks’ comment was right on about him and so is yours.

Rebekah says:

What a special tribute… thank you for sharing!

Behzad, Iran says:

Dr Dyer, In Countries Like Iran, it’s not possible to have master card or others to pay online, If it is possible, please, only for some days put your film “The Shift” on Google Video .

Sally says:

I came across this blog a few hours after watching “The Shift.” Somehow this holds deeper meaning for me today than it might have yesterday. Strangely, all the things I thought I knew mj for (celebrity, talent, fame) have melted away. What remains instead are the legacy of his tenderness and his unquenchable thirst for beauty and love.

Karla says:

There are so many people around us that have that “Real Magic”. We just need to open our hearts and minds to them. They are with us daily. Thank you Dr. Dyer for all that you are and do. I hope to meet you soon and have the opportunity to experience your “Real Magic”! ~ Namaste~

Gail says:

As a kid growing up with Michael’s music, I felt there was something truly magical about him, and not just his awe-inspiring talents. Today, I’m attempting to live my life in such a way as his light shined, and I consider him one of my guardian angels. Thank Dr. Dyer.

Nards says:

What a wonderful tribute. So glad I found this one Dr. Dyer.