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Just Say “Thank you!”

Recently, a Canadian friend told me about taking his kids to a concert put on by a big name, hugely successful rock band. My friend was delighted with the heartfelt gratitude the musicians expressed to their fans, thanking them for making possible a life of creative joy and opportunity. The fans were wildly grateful, too, for the enjoyment the band provided.

Most of the people I’ve met or observed who are at the top levels in their chosen fields have these attitudes of gratitude and “radical humility.” After all, when so many high achievers reach for their statuette or championship trophy, they say, “First I’d like to thank God.” It’s almost as if they can’t help themselves—they’re so grateful for their accolade, but even more than that, they know that there’s a Force in the Universe way bigger than they are that allows them to act, sing, write, compete, or design. And if we adopt this kind of an attitude, we’ll inspire others to do the same. If we practice gratitude as opposed to maintaining an attitude of entitlement, we’ll automatically extend inspiration wherever we go. Being grateful helps remove the influence of our egos, which is certain that we’re better than everyone else. An attitude of gratitude allows us to adopt the radical humility that’s very persuasive in helping others connect with the Spirit that unites us all.

Without exception, I begin every day of my life with an expression of gratitude. As I look in the mirror to begin my daily ritual of shaving, I say, “Thank you, God, for this life, for my body, for my family and loved ones, for this day, and for the opportunity to be of service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Gratitude and humility send signals to all who meet us that we’re all connected to something larger than life itself.



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Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

For years, I have begun every day with this simple prayer:
“Thank you dear God for everything you have given me,
For everything you have taken away from me,
For everything you have left me,
And for everything that is yet to come.”
It covers all my bases and reminds me that everything, everything in life is a blessing.

jeff says:

Dr. Dyer. your voice and words helped me through my OWN LEUKEMIA. , and for that i thank you, when i heard yesterday you yourself was diagnosed i felt a strong need to contact you. I invite you to join us on the leukemia and lymphoma society message board , Thank you again Dr.. you are greatly loved and respected in my tribe 🙂

marilyn says:

Thank you for your books and your movie, I loved it….I am doing so much better now because of you…..I wish every man was like you!!!


cherlyn says:

Dr.Wayne…You couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. You have saved my life and you have saved my soul.Thank you. I was flipping through channels and something drew me to watch you on PBS Yesterday. Thank GOD I did. I bought “Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life” it already has.Thank you Dr.Wayne,you truly are an Angel sent from GOD!

Priti says:

Namaste Dr Dyer!
Thank You from the depth of my soul. At anytime of any given day when my ego tries to darken my peace your words brighten my world.
Thank You for being my angel.
Much love and gratitude.

xenia says:

Dr. Wayne..It feels weird yet wonderful to contact you..I’ve been reading your books many years now.The aura of your books suits me well.You are a source of inspiration for me..so i just wanted to thank you

Naira says:

Thank you!!!! May the stars carry your sadness away, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, May hope forever wipe away your tears, And, above all, may silence make you strong. Chief Dan George

Patricia says:

I am grateful for the abundance of the Universe – and this includes my teachers. Thank you Dr. Dyer, for sharing your knowledge.

Khona says:

You have given me reasons to beleive in HIM. I truely THAN YOU for this.

Mona (Bear) says:

Living in another country and not see my children in almost 4 years making me miserable in an “eating my soul up” kind of way, but since I started this summer having a daily ritual -I am grateful for… it has come peace within. I can wake up in the mornings and feel I have no anger to anything in my past or present or future. Thank you W.

Rich says:

A few years ago in Maui, I frequently saw you on the beach with what looked like your family. As I may never have the opportunity of meeting you in person again, I want to thank you for sharing your walk in life with us. it has made a positive difference in my life.

catherine says:

You have taught me more than you will ever know. The information you have shared has truly changed my life. Dr. Wayne, thank you for making a huge differnce!

richard aptekar says:

I, too, have CLL. Diagnosed 2 years ago. Became vegetarian. Exercise daily.No lifestyle change. No slowdown. No change in white blood cell count. I hope that is the case with you, too. Be positive. Helping others, as you do, should keep you stable for another 30+ years. That’s my plan. I’m 68.

Rick S. says:

Thank you for helping me through a difficult childhood and for continuing to make a difference in the world. We are better for it!

joy says:

Hi Dr. Wayne ! I would like to meet you . I am Indian and not a girl , joy is a common name there .I will thank you for the rest of my life . God Bless

Tim says:

Thank you for making a positive difference in the world. We are listening so splease keep the messages going. Life is good. The challenges we face make it better. We live a more real life. One of love, compassion, sharing with others and kindness to others.

Sheryl says:

Thank you for this beautiful post and GREAT reminder!! I love it. I’m thankful for YOU!

rick says:

love your attitude of gratitude DWD. you inspire me! I try to inspire others!

my message is: thank you. say it forward.


Jenny says:

We should all remember to be thankful for everything we have in our lives right now and you’re a constant reminder of that. You have changed my life and helped show me the way to live my my life in such a beautiful way. Thank you, Dr. Dyer, for all that you do. You are a miracle.

Odilia Carmen says:

Thank you for reminding us.. We humans forget most of the time this act of gratitude.. and so we delay the blessings in our lifes..

Donna says:

There was a time when I graduated from school as a Respiratory Therapist that I questioned my life, and wondered what did I do. Now I relize God has given me just what I need in my life. A wonderful education, a community to live in and a family. To have graditude gives me an feeling of excitement and joy. Namaste

Dennis says:

To fragment wholeness and celebrate its parts comes at a price: Loss confused with gain, and the fear of wholeness.

Heidi says:

Thank You for sharing your spirit!

patti says:

Thank you… 🙂

Pamela says:

This blog is wonderful…..a great food for thought.I know this to be true,”To be thankful in all things & situations” but this is a great reminder.I love your blogs & daily inspirations.Thank you so much.