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Move Back to Love

Notice each day whether you are choosing to live in fear or love. Fear can keep you disconnected from the loving presence inside of you. Causing fear is a tactic of the ego, whether it be your own ego or the world’s ego. The world’s ego is a reflection of individual ego power and the amount of fear that is active. Fear is present when we forget that we are a part of God’s divine design. Learning to experience authentic love means abandoning ego’s insistence that you have much to fear and that you are in an unfriendly world. You can make the decision to be free from fear and doubt and return to the brilliant light of love that is always with you. Who you really are is that unclouded love.

Here are some ideas for bringing love rather than fear into your life:

  • Remind yourself that God created you in perfect love that is changeless and eternal. Your body is changing, as is your mind, so you are not that body or mind. You were created as a spirit that is pure love. That is where you want to keep your attention focused.
  • Forgive yourself and welcome love back into your life. When you can do this, a kind of balancing occurs. Rather than atoning for faults with guilt, you are more committed to promoting joy and service. You will begin to do what you originally came here to do.
  • Notice the acts of kindness other people do rather than their shortcomings. This is how the loving presence views you. We are all good, decent, loving souls who occasionally get lost. When you can focus on the good in another and hold that in your mind, you are acting from your higher self. This can help dissipate fear and anger.
  • Remind yourself of how much you have to give away and of how precious and valuable your giving is. You have the same force running through you that allows the planets to move, the earth to turn, the seeds to sprout, and the flowers to open. There is not a separate God for each person. There is one universal intelligence flowing through all of us.
  • Accept that you are enough. When ego begins trying to attract you toward fear, say loudly, “I am enough!” You do not need to be anything you are not. You do not need to prove yourself. You do not need to indulge your ego with fears and to keep your real self at a distance. “I am enough” affirms that you choose to love and chase doubts and fears away.



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Anita says:

Thank you- blessings

John C says:

I have been reading to Wayne Dyer for years. He has mentioned many other authors in his work. He speaks a lot about Carlos Cantaneda and I wanted to read some of his work, but I notice that he has a ton of stuff out there. As someone largely unfamiliar with his work, which one of his books would be best to start with?

Carole says:

you are awesome – a great teacher

patsy says:

thank you so much to the Creator and for putting you in my life . Im so astounded at the way my life has changed around for the better.you have helped me re-awaken my spirit

Beverley Danusis says:

Thank you so much for the wisdom. We each need to hear about living from love over and over again until we “get it” on that deep level and begin to live it every moment of the day. Blessings for you good and powerful ongoing work Dr. Dyer. I love you and the good you have brought to our world. Many blessings.

Monika says:

Thank you for this text. I wrote it three times, and I try to learn it by heart, it has help me a lot, thank you, I love you. your book the shift is also very helpful and calming my heart, thanks a lot

Penny says:

I was thinking about your son Sands and his rap music…..you should listen to Take a minute by K’naan. That kid has it going on for sure. I love the teenagers, their energy. You’re very sweet. Love Penny

Fey says:

What a timely article! Wayne, I just started reading your books, and they just resonate with me. I read about your leukemia diagnosis, and I wish you the best. I’ve been reading about ketogenic diets and how they’ve been treating cancer patients with them since the early 20th century.

giraffe says:

Of course the yoga!!!!! Smiling. AWESOME!!!!

m says:

will be at Maui events on Friday and Saturday
….it is an interesting process.

now says:

It was interesting that fear crept in with the thought of having deleted a text msg last week without exploring further….. love now. Thank you.

Vegard... Oslo, Norway says:

It`s so beautiful, so true. I really love it, and I love you.
Thank you again Wayne, for what you give. My life is changed because of you. It`filled with love..

wow says:

I cried as I explained God realization…replaying it all….affirming with certainty…..God/source realization…..God realization……knowing……absolute knowing….not about….not belief….knowing…..not guessing…not suspecting….not wondering…not believing….knowing. thank you

BeingTrue2Me says:

……great show the universe presented last night….two amazing women on a talk show….I believe you know them both, The interview was from 1997….amazing! Timing always seems to be perfect!!!! awe and gratitude

Gem says:

-Smiling- love,

Certus says:

Another great blog! I tried to call, but misdialed your number the other day. I was almost certain I had it correct…I had it under a different name in my phone though. I do love how you have been able to express yourself in a myriad of creative ways! Thanks for Being the Difference!

Tricia says:

I love how you emphasized the importance of noticing acts of kindness. I recently ran across a Facebook game that encourages the performance of good deeds and acts of kindness, A Better World. It’s fun and I always leave the game feeling better!!

Sreya Challa says:

I feel so soft and tranquil right now. Its as though I’m floating on the clouds. Thank you for lightening my day with love.

Cheryl Lyons says:

This is wonderful! Thank you!

Sarah says:

I come to this blog when I’m having a difficult day or moment. You never fail to inspire me and uplift me with your words of wisdom. Thank you.

Barbara says:

Thank You Dr. Dyer. You always inspire me to do better. Thank you for reminding me that I AM ENOUGH:)

Monika says:

thank you for this wonderful text. I wrote it down several timmes and try to learn it word by word, thank you.

Michelle Zalenski says:

….this morning I pulled out Wisdom of the Ages. 2day I started at the end. A great poet and teacher… over a decade after it was pubished I experienced Brisbane…. DEFINING MOMENTS continue…..thank you.

Michelle says:


passio says:

Autobiography-AWESOME. Thank you.

Meg says:

How timely this message is in my life. Apparently, the Universe knows a lot about timing! I’ve recently begun my own blog, and I mention a passage from Wisdom of the Ages in one of them. That brought me to your site today. Thank you!

Michelle says:

Thank you Wayne! I am inspired by your blogs and all of the comments. Learning and growing through the wisdom of the collective experience…..reminded of a card I received with a confucious quote “wherever you go, go with all of your heart!”

Kenneth says:

Each of us has so much to give and there is nothing standing in the way to stop us, except ourselves. You help us recognize that, Dr.Dyer. We can move the obstacles of ourselves with the spirits of ourselves. Life is so very full of wonder and beauty and is meant to be shared.

Sarah says:

Thank you so much Dr. Dyer. I really needed to hear this today. “I am enough” !


All Beautiful reminders of focusing on the positive vs. the negative. Keeping in mind your blessings helps you refocus a bad day and when I rise each day – I smile with gratitude; then I begin my day. Namaste’

lesley says:

It is so true that we can choose love or fear! Thank you Wayne for putting into words the things I’ve always felt were true! The most amazing things keep happening when you stay in the flow of love!

Willam says:

Yes love is really the way to feel about everything

Mucunda says:

Accept that you are enough. When ego begins trying to attract you toward fear, say loudly,
I am enough! I really love this part of the content; in may case one of the greatest battles of li is the EGO, among others of course. I hope you are ok . a big hug to Ram dass and do not forget to write your autobiography please. NAMASTE

Trina says:

How beautiful

thatkelligirl says:

I am indeed enough! It never ceases to amaze me that I always hear exactly what I am supposed to hear each day. Although I struggle listening to my own heart, my needs are always met through other great sources of love, like you. Every happiness your way!

Wild4Stars says:

I love this. Thank you.