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Time to Take a Chance?

One of the most common questions people ask me is some variation on: How can I overcome fear and take a chance? A caller to my radio show, for example, couldn’t decide whether to take a job in a new city. It was a good job, but it would require him to leave his life-long home. We all fear change and the risks it carries, but I have to say that everything significant I’ve ever experienced has involved change. Our soul wants to expand and grow. When we stay with the familiar, just because it is familiar, we are responding to a fear of failure that doesn’t support our growth.

I suggest you consider a radical idea. What if there is no such thing as failure? Failing is a judgment that we humans place on a given action. Rather than judgment, substitute this attitude: You cannot fail, you can only produce results.  Then the most important question to ask yourself is, “What do you do with the results you produce?” It is better to jump in and experience life than to stand on the sidelines fearing that something might go wrong.

Consider for a moment what your original nature is like. As an infant, before you were ever subjected to the conditioning that leads you away from risks for fear of failing, your nature was programmed to learn how to walk. For a while you just laid down, then your nature said, “Sit,” and you did. Then your nature commanded, “Crawl,” and you obeyed. Eventually your nature said, “Stand up on two feet, balance yourself, and move from an upright position.” And you listened.

The first time you made the effort, you fell down and returned to crawling. But your nature wouldn’t let you stay satisfied with crawling and you ignored your fears and the results you had produced and stood up again. Eventually your nature won out and you walked upright. What if you had succeeded in resisting your natural programming? You would still be crawling on all fours and not know the advantages of an upright life!

Know in your heart that you have never failed at anything and you never will. What might be judged as errors or mistakes are the very stuff of growth. Think about Thomas Edison’s response to a reporter who asked him how it felt to have failed twenty-five thousand times in his efforts to invent a battery. “Failed,” replied Edison, “I haven’t failed. Today I know twenty-five thousand ways not to make a battery!”

Refuse to use the term “failure” about yourself or anyone else. When you take a chance and things don’t go as planned, you didn’t fail, you only produced a result. Feel gratitude for the life-enhancing opportunity to learn and grow from those results. Now you are free to resume the exciting, inventive, creative work that is your life.

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Wendy says:

With so many people that are living on the streets it made me wonder about their perspective? I am grateful to have the opportunity to purchase your books and read your blogs, but wonder about those who do not have this luxury and so desperately need to hear your perspective. They too need to be lifted up in love.

Cheryl Lyons says:

Love it!! “You cannot fail, you can only produce results”. It’s amazing how freeing that statement is! A totally diifferent way to look at “failing” (I REALLY don’t like that word! I almost don’t like it as the word “hate”!!)

francis says:

Blessed and grateful.

Michelle says:

Thank you! We are going to have a lot to talk about when you call. I wasn’t expecting so much company this week, so I was a little distracted at times. One work is complete, and another in progress….I know it is time to share them and the next step will be revealed…thank you for the comforting words of support. With Warmest Aloha,

Christian says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer.
It is comforting to read of others contemplating other horizons. Two weeks ago today, my position was eliminated at the company I worked for. I have three children 3 years old and younger and have been the lone financial provider for my family. And yet I still remain extremely blessed. Warmly,

Michelle says:

……sometimes it is a gift to not know the intensity of what the journey entails…while the child will walk independent of others…I have observed it to occur more quickly with the support of others. Thx 4 reminder wayne.

carl j says:

Yes natural responses can Bcome so complex. More relaxiing than I realized at the event last week. Opened lots of doors. Time 4 RandR. Thanks for honoring journey wayne.

JoAn says:

Fear is opposite of Love, so it doesn’t exist.

To Dr. Dyer I heard you once say 3 1 3 are your numbers. I have a huge story behind that, as they are mine too, and the symbolism of them are certainly mind boggling. Discovered it over 30 years ago, now happening! Would love to hear from you

e says:

I’m taking a chance today. Looking forward to seeing/hearing you in Boston tomorrow.


it is a lot scary at times, but I AM HERE NOW. all that is known is this moment….what I wanted to do a few minutes ago is not where I AM NOW.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


it is a little scary


I wanted to ignore the calling….I wanted to tune it out…..it was an exhausting process…..I intended to do my best….to ignore this…to tune it out….to get back to where I thought I wanted to be….but if I really wanted to be there…..I guess I wouldn’t be here.

Alisani says:

Great article. So true about everything producing results. Was afraid an enlightened person would not want to talk out of unbelief but took a chance. Truly believe that our collect actions can lead to world peace. A formula awaits if one believes.

Rosa Rubay says:

The realization that there are no failures has recently been reawakened in me as I’ve ventured out to publish my writings. Knowing I can not fail will only improve my abilities. The sense of peace with in, just know that it is right for you to do, is the answer for me. Wayne, thank you for all you have done.

defining moments says:

Thank you

journeyman says:

Thank you

zhalee says:

What a beautiful vision. Thank you.

crystal says:

Thank you

crystal says:

Chance? Whispered words of wisdom….awake…..in love

one says:

Namaste. Thank you

one says:


Vegard says:

Thank you..

linda says:

If we all could just….. let go, and let god…no judgement..as you say…..let it be. Life would be so simple. We all are just souls, yearning and learning. I saw you in Pasadena, (pocket Rumi deliverer), than had the wonderful experience Escondido, filming! Two shots of Dyer in one wk., yahooo!!! I am blessed =)

Hilary says:

Fear may challenge us often, but taking the time to take a chance can be so empowering. Thank you for those inspiring words.

Michelle says:

…..See you tomorrow….clear it is time to ACT….
I have no idea what is next…I am going to trust…..

Craig says:

Each of us knows that God’s creation is within us that is bursting forth whether we like it or not. It’s no longer about deciding what we want or where we are going. It’s about stepping toward who we are and where we are going and having it joyously. No decisions, no asking, no wanting, just riding along and taking it in through our actions.

Rebecca says:

I have been pretty good with holding fears hand, but, this was a good reminder, there are no failures, just new knowledge. I was headed down that path of throwing up my hands and parting company! Dr. Dyer… no autobiography for your life. The book of your life is open for everyone to read in your example and myriad of publications. A blessing.

sand dollar says:

Allow universe 2 conspire 4 U Action requires Courage based on Trust. How do we overcome fear We act. How did we grow Action courage trust Theres no doubt. Most important thoughts give life. They r energy, bringing 2 bear the manifestations of desires. Why r we afraid we dont understand the power of thoughts. Contemplate; act I AM will allow! Thx

Michele says:

You always know the right things to say at the perfect time! Thank you!!

And, I agree with the autobiography thing!


Aida says:

Your inspiration always comes when I need it most in the right form and words. I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days, and found this quote on a show called Being Erica. I share with you. “Failure is nature’s plan to prepare you for great responsibilities” – Napoleon Hill.

Aida says:

You’re always inspiring me dear Wayne. In the Dreamspell count, you have the same galactic signature than me, Magnetic White Wind. The purpose of the Magnetic White Wind is to attract spirit to transcend timelesness. I feel you are the incarnation of inspiration, which is the wind…


Bravery may not be easy in fact it’s not, but when U just expand your wings & go there’s a freedom U feel in UR soul… I forwarded this to a friend of mine who is guided often by fear. I hope something in UR words inspire him 2 take 1 step & then another & another. Thank you

Janis says:

Thank you Wayne for your inspired thoughts. I’m currently reading “Excuses Begone” and it’s really hitting home.

Kimberly says:

How do you know when it is time? I want to leave my job and work as a Reiki Master and Raindrop Therapist and leave my job with medical benefits and hourly wage and work serving others. My spouse and family think I am crazy!?

Chris says:

Put feelings behind those thoughts and watch life become what you think about all day long. GOD wants us all to be happy and at PEACE. Thank you Wayne your words they are so empowering. And thanks Rm for just being you.

Chris says:

Imagination, just imagine what your life can be like and never give up that picture in your head. And watch as you TAKE that CHANCE in LIFE you will see yourself becoming that person you dream yourself to be. Imagination is one of GOD ‘S greatest gifts to us. Thanks Wayne Namaste.

glori says:

Your blog post reminded me of my granddaughter, who became my teacher as I watched her learn to walk. Each time she would take a few steps, fall down, and get right back up. She did this over and over and over. Not once did I see her chastise herself for falling down. She became a role model for me as I learn to “walk” new paths.

Janette says:

As always Wayne — a great lesson at the perfect time. Thank you!

Dennis says:

On taking a chance, perhaps my favorite quote: “One who flows as Life flows, has solved the enigma of human existence, and needs no other power.” – Lao Tsu

Dennis says:

Yes to Mucunda’s suggestion you write an autobiography. I’ve heard you comment against this before – but to let your ego keep you FROM it, is to give power TO your ego.

Mucunda says:

The article things to be written to me
Great indeed
I would you to ask about consider writing your autobiography
It will be a really inspirations for all your readers, I specially have the expectation to have in my hands very soon.
It will be a hit like you E zones.
A big hug to you and Ran dass