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Open Your Mind

Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing sounds easy until you think about how much conditioning has taken place in your life, and how many of your current thoughts were influenced by geography, the religious beliefs of your ancestors, the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes, the political orientation of your parents, your size, your gender, the schools that were selected for you, and the vocation of your great-grandparents, to list only some possibilities. You showed up here as a tiny infant capable of an infinite number of potentialities. Many of your choices remain unexplored because of a hopefully well-intentioned conditioning program designed to make you fit the culture of your caretakers. You probably had next to no opportunity to disagree with the cultural and societal arrangements made for your life.

There may have been some adults who encouraged you to have an open mind, but if you’re honest with yourself, you know that your philosophy of life, your religious beliefs, your manner of dress, and your language are a function of what your tribe (and its heritage) determined was right for you. If you made any fuss about going against this preordained conditioning, you probably heard even stronger voices insisting that you get back in line and do things the way they have “always been done.” Fitting in superseded having a mind that was open to new ideas.

If your parents were Jewish, it’s unlikely that you were raised to honor and respect the Muslim religion, and vice versa. If both your parents were Republicans, it’s improbable that you heard the virtues of the Democratic Party extolled. Whatever the reasons our ancestors may have had for not having open minds, it’s true that they inhabited a much less populated world than we do. In today’s overpopulated world, we simply cannot continue to live with those old styles of closed mindedness. I urge you to open your mind to all possibilities, to resist any efforts to be pigeonholed, and to refuse to allow pessimism into your consciousness. Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing seems to me to be one of the most basic principles that you can adopt to contribute to individual and world peace.

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Matt says:

“Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing..” Our minds should be attached to truth. If we are not attached to truth, then we will be deceived by error. Truth is found in Jesus Christ. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

Kamini says:

I meant Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny.

Kamini says:

Hi Dr. Dyer, I have read all your books, heard all your audio books and watched all your movies including The Shift for the past couple of years and understand it all. I loved Real Magic and Secret of Manifesting Your Life and did put the principals into practice. Thank you!

Alberta says:

Dr. Dyer,
I’m having surgery for Cancer tomorrow. I feel this has to take place for me to grow . Had total neck replacement / had a 50/50 chance of walking.(I’m walking) Had my knee replaced/ open heart surgery at 2 they said I wouldn’t live to be 8. I’m 62 yrs . DR.Dyer I thank you for ALL the inspiration / uplifting words

Jacob says:

We all need to open our minds. It can be difficult when one is open operating in a world that is not. Dr. Dyer has played a part in inspring us to start and exchange of ideas with our group thought the website: awakentoconsciousliving. Check us out and feel free to provide feedback.

Kelly says:

Chuck, I am going through a rough time too. Wayne Dyer’s words helped me in the past and I’m turning to them again. I picked up my old copy of Real Magic and have been listening to Manifest Your Destiny tapes too. I already see a shift within a week.

Kenneth says:

Chuck, my prayers are with you. Hearing you say that you haven’t totally given up is hopeful, for that is the seed which will produce new hope, new challenges and a new life for you. You are not alone in this universe. Please find something in each day worthy of your smile. It’s out there, let it in.

Scott says:

Chuck-Let go and let God. Live with the 7 faces of intention. Be creative in your thoughts to turn them to the light while being kind and loving to both yourself & others. Appreciate the beauty around you in the smallest of things. Open your heart to expand to God and you will have all you need in abundance, as long as you are receptive.

Rafael says:

I want to ask dr Wayne why for some people it is much easier to have an open mind and for some others not.have to do with our Genetics?..or with our deep willing to be open minded?why others are flexible and willing to learn more and to improve their mental and physical life and others are so stubborn.?…

Chuck says:

In the torrent of losing my business, my home, unable to obtain employment, failing a licensing test, a marriage on the brink…I see the wisdom in your words but find it hard to swallow…I meditate, I cry, I pound my fists, I suppose, I have forgotten how to laugh, I suppose not totally giving up is my gift today…I will be thankful for that

Joshua says:

This ancient wisdom rings true for me as well. The only times I am ever at peace is when I am focused only on the here and now rather than thinking about outcomes. Once I think about outcomes, I obsess about them and I can neither focus on achieving the outcome I think I want nor enjoy the process. Love all your works, Dr. Dyer!



Penny says:

Some mornings I go to Macs for a coffee, I tell myself it’s for the coffee, but it could be for the young man behind the counter. He’s 24 and over on a working visa from India. We talk music, one God as apposed to one religion, we marvel at how connected we are. He’s mind and heart are open. It’s great.

Julie says:

Wayne –
The Power of Intention experience has been so utterly pivotal in my life, and the affects have been far reaching to others who have watched my life and attitude toward it change. My cup runneth over with gratitude for your willingness to share your wisdom so completely…

Kenneth says:

A mind open to all experiences which dance their way to us fuels inspiration. A mind ruled by conditioning is predictable and stunted. The open mind takes careful thought. The conditioned mind takes nothing.

Isabelle says:

Thanks you, I just finish reading your book on the power of intention, But I have a question, Wher to stard , I am presently not working and starding my busniss, and are you comming to Montreal Quebec. I would love to see you in a conference
Isabelle QC

Juliette says:

This article is SO refreshing. Reading your blogs & daily affirmations, and watching you has REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. To think differently is one thing, but to have someone actually VALIDATE that it is okay to think differently, to BE different, to not “follow the standards or conditions set by whomever” is GREAT. I thank the Universe for you.

studying says:

without an open mind we can not take on new experiences, new ideas, new thoughts.

Marcia says:

This is so true! One must not look at life in a negative way. There are always ways to accomplish what we set out to do. If one way doesn’t work out, try another and another and another. There is no such thing as can’t! One generally just gives up the fight and the fortitude. Never give up!

Heather says:

I think it is possible to open your mind to other ideas and perspectives if one has the correct attitude and approach. Eldon Taylor, a best selling author, discusses how to use positive self-talk to gain a healthy perspective on life. To view our exclusive interview follow the link and search Eldon Taylor

LivewithFlair says:

This is meaningful to me today because I realized that part of the success of marriage depends upon having a “curious mind” and a “willing heart.” I’m learning to keep an open mind to my husband’s passions and my neighbor’s spiritual beliefs that differ so much from my own. It’s part of my “Live with Flair” project.

parvin says:

Our minds have the potential to confront all odds and solve them, because we believe in God. We consider ourselves as a part of the universe that has surrounded us. We have to be a companion in the way to the others: abstract or tangible. Put yourself among the new situation, then you are a part of it, and you will feel great.

Francesca says:

Grazie from Italia, dottore Weyne ,

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

Zen buddism advises the cultivation of a “beginners mind. ” To have a mind that is open and curious, like a childs’ rather than an “experts” mind which is closed, full of stereotypes and predjudices. The challenge is that these are held in the subconsious, becoming aware is the challenge.

Deborah says:

Dear Wayne, I love this principle and have this in me as a creative person. My dad lived this way open and unattached. I mentioned on the call he was a podiatrist in St Clair Shores. His spirit guides me to live this way. Blessings Deborah

Diana, Fitness & Wellness Coach says:

Open mind set us FREE!!!!! less baggage to carry in our minds…….love it Dr. Dyer. Live is to open to new options so to grow spritually.
Thank you, always

Mucunda says:

I can not use grammatical characters in this blog

Mucunda says:

A waste of time to say you are more than right
as is usless to say that it is a hard work to do at any time
I always try to be open and sometime I said how closed I was the last month